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Gaining bulk or building muscles is not an easy job. You have to workout for hours, measure the food you eat throughout the day to get the desired protein and calcium. But, this does not suffice. You will need a testosterone supplement to sustain your energy throughout this muscle-building program. And the available steroids can boost your testosterone levels but it does more harm. It leads to psychological and physical changes and also gives rise to serious medical conditions like prostate cancer.

The alternative is Dbulk, a natural testosterone booster. It contains 38% Vitamin D3 that helps to build strength and bulk. This muscle bulking supplement gives you all the advantages of Dianabol, the best steroid without any side effects.

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BrutalForce DBULK

About Dbulk

This muscle-building supplement is from a well-known health supplement company concerned with the long term health problems associated with steroids and has formulated this safe product. This is the main reason behind the popularity of this bulking supplement. It mimics the action of the most effective steroid, Dianabol. The ingredients of this formulation give you all the benefits of the steroid without its side effects. It promotes an athletic and muscular body without any side effects. It also heals your muscles and helps in the production of fresh muscle cells.


  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane – Also known as MSM, this a chemical found in animals and plants. It is an important role in muscle recovery and the elimination of inflammation, so it is necessary for all athletes and bodybuilders. Dbulk contains a high amount of Methyl Sulfonyl Methane to replenish this essential nutrient in your body that aids muscle repair.  
  • Ashwagandha – This is the most useful herb that has multiple benefits. It enhances the natural production of testosterone and also makes this hormone available to the body cells. Testosterone increases your strength and stamina that is required for lifting weights and gaining muscle mass. It reduces body fat and increases muscle mass.
  • L-Leucine – L-Leucine is the most popular Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAA that is a very important amino acid for muscle building. It also activates a protein called mTOR that facilitates protein synthesis by the tissues of your muscle so that the muscles increase in bulk and become stronger.
  • Vitamin D3 – This is the most useful vitamin that protects your body from many life-threatening diseases. It also facilitates the absorption of calcium making the bones and muscles stronger. Maximized blood serum levels of Vitamin D3 ensures recovery of muscles from injury and improved workout/sports performance.
  • Tribulus Terrestris – This medicinal plant extract increases the production of testosterone that improves athletic performance and helps build muscles. It also increases your muscle strength and decreases the mental stress associated with sports and bodybuilding. This can increase muscle bulk from 5 to 28.

Brutal Force DBULK

How Does Dbulk Work?

This dietary supplement contains all-natural ingredients and supports the gain of muscles. It does not contain any type of steroids, but the natural components give much better and faster effects. After you take the capsules, the ingredients reach the body cells very fast, and the ingredients like Ashwagandha and L-Leucine improves your workout power by boosting up your strength and stamina. So, you can lift more weight to get a leaner muscle. Ashwagandha also works to increase the natural production of the hormone testosterone that is responsible for muscle development. The very active ingredient, Tribulus Terrestris, also boosts up testosterone in the blood so that your muscles size increases and fat content in the muscle decreases.

It also contains the very powerful Methyl sulphonyl Methane (MSM) that also reduces the soreness of muscles and promotes a healthy sleep cycle that is very beneficial for muscle growth. Finally, substances like Hyaluronic Acid help heal the bones and tendons affected by the workout and muscle growth.  

How to Use Dbulk?

Your bottle of Dbulk contains 90 capsules that will last for a month. It is advised to take three capsules daily to improve your stamina for workouts and develop leaner muscle mass. You have to take the three capsules in two different doses, one before a workout to get a boost in energy for your workout session and the other two at bedtime before sleeping to develop muscle. 

Is it Safe to use Dbulk?

This muscle building supplement contains only natural ingredients and does not contain any steroid. The organic combination mirrors the performance of Dianabol, the most beneficial steroid for muscle building, without any harmful effects. So, you can safely take a daily dose of Dbulk to get a muscular and athletic body.

Is Dbulk Addictive?

The manufacturers of Dbulk have ensured that this formula does not contain any steroids or artificial chemicals or banned substances. So, it is a harmless and non-addictive supplement.

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Benefits of Dbulk

Gain Muscle Mass 

This natural supplement is as powerful as Dianabol or Methandrostenolone, an anabolic steroid that supports faster muscle development. Though it is not a steroid, it has all its functionalities but without any harmful effects.

Boosts Testosterone Production

This muscle building supplement has components such as Tribulus Terrestris and Ashwagandha that increase testosterone production by the body. This is the main hormone that aids building of muscles.

Harmless and Without any Side Effects

Dbulk contains only natural ingredients and is a risk-free and safe supplement. This is like a natural steroid that improves your energy and strength required for the workout sessions and boosts muscle mass building.

Provides Extra Energy

It contains the essential amino acid, L-Leucine, which provides you an extra dose of energy so that you can work out more in the gym and pump more weights. It also builds strength and improves your athletic performance.

Facilitates Recovery of Muscles

The formulators of Dbulk have included MSM in the supplement to facilitate recovery of the sore and damaged muscles. As you know, the muscles get sore when you work out to gain mass. This supplement will never let you feel the pain of muscle growth.

Promotes Healthy Sleep

Sleeping well is very important for growing muscles. When you sleep then the muscles grow faster. Dbulk contains effective ingredients that promote a healthy sleep cycle so that your muscles can gain mass by taking daily doses.

Purchase & Price

You will get the best discount offer if you buy Dbulk from the official website. You have to check the best package as per your requirements.

One bottle containing 90 capsules is a month’s supply and will cost $54.99. The actual price of one bottle of Dbulk is $79.99 and you will get a discount of $25.

You will get the best offer when you buy 3 bottles from the official website. You are charged for only two bottles and you get one free. This pack of three bottles will cost you $109.98

When you order a six-unit pack, the company charges you for bottles and you can get two bottles free.

There is an additional coupon discount available for the time being. You can put the code and avail of this discount during checkout.

The company is also shipping your order free of cost. It charges no shipping and handling charges from the buyers.


 Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company is very sure about the effectiveness of their best selling supplement and offering all its buyers a 100-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the benefits that the product gives, you can contact customer care and inform them about your refund claim.

The customer service will register your request and then provide you the return address. You have to ship the unopened bottles in their original packing to the company. If the return packet is opened or tampered your refund request will be declined. After the company receives the package, they inspect it to check if the bottles have been opened or tampered with. After approval from the inspecting team, your refund is processed within a few days. The money you have spent on buying this product will be refunded to your account.  


Who can use Dbulk to gain muscle mass?

Anyone above 18 years of age can use this natural supplement for bulking muscles and gaining mass. As it is a natural supplement, you can use it without worrying about the side effects.

Are there chances of impotence or infertility if you use Dbulk?

No, there are no chances of becoming impotent or developing infertility when you use Dbulk. This is a natural supplement that contains all organic extracts and helps you build muscles without harming your body. It has no harmful effects and will not affect your potency or fertility.

Is a doctor’s prescription needed before ordering Dbulk from the company’s website?

No, this is a natural product, so you need not consult a doctor before ordering it. If you are bulking, it is always good to take the views of a nutritionist who can help you with the doses of Dbulk. Even your gym instructor can guide you manage the doses of Dbulk.   

Does Dbulk show in the drug tests that are compulsory for athletes?

No, Dbulk is an organic product and does not contain any chemicals or steroids so it does not show in drug tests.

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  • Get the energy to push more weights.
  • Lose fat from the muscles.
  • Build leaner muscles very fast.
  • Increase the production of testosterone.
  • No side-effects, totally natural products.
  • Fast muscle recovery.
  • One bottle free with every two bottles.
  • No needles or prescriptions. Fully legal.
  • Free shipping of your order.
  • Get results or claim 100% money-back from the company.
  • 24 by 7 customer support from the company.


  • You have to order online to get discounts.
  • It is a fast-selling product so stocks may be exhausted if you don’t order now.

Customer Testimonials

As a gym instructor, my clients ask me about the diet and supplements they have to take for building muscles quickly and easily. I tell them that there is no easy way. They have to work out hard and also take 3 capsules of Dbulk daily, one before a workout and the other two at bedtime. Dbulk will increase the energy and strength for a long session of lifting weights and give a sound sleep at night to aid muscle bulking. As it is a natural supplement, it has no harmful effects and can be taken by everyone. Linda, 32, Chicago.

I worked out daily in the gym and had a very protein-rich diet with regular doses of Dianabol steroid injections to develop an athletic body. Within a month, I started getting severe acne and insomnia. I was having phases of uncontrollable anger aggression and ended up beating my best friend. That day, my friends took me to a medical specialist who immediately asked me to stop the steroid injection. He also recommended Dbulk and said it was as effective as Dianabol but without any side-effects. Christopher, 27, New York.

When my son was in school, we knew that he was a born sportsman. We gave him all the exposure he needed with his school and when he was 18, he got selected for his high school baseball team. Then his coach recommended Dbulk for developing his muscles and improving his athletic performance. He said this was a natural supplement that does not contain any steroids and being organic it is harmless and does not show in any drug tests. I was surprised when my son gained muscle mass within two months. Sarah, 45, Philadelphia. 


Dbulk is one of the efficacious muscle-building supplements that boosts testosterone production naturally. Unlike other supplements, it contains a high percentage of Vitamin D3, strengthening your bones and muscles. So, you can work out in the gym for a longer duration and get a faster bulking. It also helps in a faster recovery of muscles and provides a better sleep cycle that quickens muscle development. You can notice the changes in your body within a few weeks of supplementation with Dbulk. The best part is, being a natural product, it is harmless, but the effects are better than steroid injections.