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The present lifestyle that we all are accustomed to and live in is proof of the famous saying that goes — “Change is the only constant.” We are all living a very fickle life, isn’t it? Everything that we believe in or do today becomes an outdated idea tomorrow. This holds especially true in the world of inventions. Every single invention that mankind has made no matter how much of a sense or senseless it appears—it’s still worthy of shocking us with its ability to do something which we’ve never done before, isn’t it? And this holds especially true in the world of smart devices which are a major obsession these days. There’s a smart TV, a smart monitor, a smart LED light, a smart tracker, a smart lift, a smart sunglass, a smart lens, a smart kitchen appliance, a smart door, etc. etc. Now, are we missing any major mention here? Of course, we forgot to mention the most amazing invention which the millennials love to hold on to and that is the smartwatches!

Almost everybody around us use a smartwatch these days, isn’t it? We must have started using phones for everything right from talking about our financial conditions to communicating with our loved ones who live in another corner of the world. We could have also been using our smartphones for navigating around the world in the most alien streets too. But when it comes to keeping a check on our health and physical activities, we no longer go visit the doctor. This is because a smartwatch these days is capable of reading our heart beats every single minute. It is capable of letting us know about our resting heart rates as well. And just a mere look at these numbers is enough to roughly analyze how well our heart’s health condition is, isn’t it?


Now coming to the most important aspect in our lives that we all work so hard for right from when we’re born — earning good enough money! Well, we all are aware of the fact that technology always comes with a price, and the price is on a higher end when it’s giving you personal information and comes in a compact size like that of a watch. And this might be one reason why many of us don’t really think about investing in a smartwatch which is nothing but like the need of the hour these days. We want to provide you some relief on that; because we’re introducing you to the most cost-effective smartwatch ever that hasn’t been given the limelight it deserves—the eWatch! Now, allow us to introduce you to it in a much more detailed manner, you just have to read on!

A Brief Introduction About eWatch

A European start-up launched this eWatch smartwatch recently in the tech market and let us tell you that it has already started giving all the expensive and the smartwatches of this era a run for their existence! It has already garnered a fanbase which is only multiplying by thousands in number because all of these fans are convinced that eWatch smartwatch is the only smart device that is costing three times (yes you read that right) lesser than its counterpart smartwatches in the market. This special smartwatch is considered to be your best companion in leading and recording your active lifestyle. The best part apart from its price is its compatibility feature which makes this watch compatible with the two leading operating systems in this world—the iOS and the Android systems. All that you wanted to take into account right from your heart rate, your pulse rate, your physical activities for the day—everything can be done with the help of this eWatch smartwatch.

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How Does eWatch Smartwatch Work?

At first, when we are boasting so much about this watch, it is certain for you to feel like it is a lot of whistles and bells ringing for you, isn’t it? But trust us, this watch is worth much more than all of this hype. This watch helps you keep an eye on your overall physical activities. And it also helps you train along with the information that the watch provides you with. The eWatch smartwatch boasts of smart navigation positioning with the help of its GPS tracker as well. It also has other features like wi-fi, alerts for your reminders, other important events, and also a weather forecast application as well. It also helps in sleep monitoring as well. If you are a sports enthusiast or someone who fancies being active forever, then this eWatch smartwatch is the watch for you. The affordable price, the great quality, and the information which is provided in the most precise way is all that you need to lead a healthy life and keep track of everything apt that sparks only health and prosperity in your life.

Some Technical Facts About The eWatch Smartwatch

This special smartwatch provides you with the following features, read on:

  • Activity Tracker: It displays the time which is an obvious feature in these smartwatches. Apart from that, you can also keep a track on the number of steps taken in a day and you can access the data for the entire week or month on your cellular mobile display as well. It also gives you a heads up about the number of calories eaten and burnt. And it also lets you know about the distance that you’ve covered on a day to day basis.
  • It comes with a remote camera.
  • When you’re sitting at a stationary position for too long, this eWatch smartwatch reminds you to get up and move.
  • If you are receiving any call or have received a message, the eWatch smartwatch lets you know about it by providing you with the notification regarding the same.
  • The eWatch smartwatch comes with Bluetooth facility as well for your phone calls as well as music indulgence.
  • This eWatch smartwatch is compatible with both the best-operating systems in the world currently, the android OS and the iOS systems.
  • This watch will not harm your eyes as it comes with a Retina HD Screen.
  • This eWatch smartwatch also has a long battery life as it comes with a lithium polymer battery.
  • The size specifications of this eWatch smartwatch are as follows: 100.000, 1X30, 5X30, 5cm.
  • The weight of this eWatch smartwatch is just 99.8 grams.
  • The best thing about this watch is also waterproof.
  • This watch also helps to find your phone with its Bluetooth facility.
  • The glass on this watch is double-sided and it also has an ultra-resistant case that is made up of aluminum.

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What Are The Other Premium Features Of eWatch Smartwatch?

  • This eWatch smartwatch comes with a personal voice assistant. It helps you take and make calls and also helps you to set reminders as well.
  • The fact that eWatch smartwatch is water-resistant could not be very shocking as a feature for you. Allow us to tell you that this watch also helps you track the menstrual cycles for women, and it also comes with an inbuilt sleep monitoring system. Now, isn’t this a pleasant surprise for you?
  • Another unique and the most useful feature that helps people having cardiovascular issues is that this watch has heart sensors built within it that help people with anxiety conditions or other heart conditions know that they might need to breathe easy and take some necessary rest.
  • The 4.0 Bluetooth protocol that this eWatch smartwatch follows is very apt for the usage of a smartwatch.

Price And Purchase Of eWatch

If you mention these features to anybody and ask them how much this watch would cost, you’ll be shocked at their answers! We asked a couple of them and everybody guessed the price of this watch to be somewhere around $300 to $500. And we considered $400 as the average answer here. But do you want to know how much this gadget costs? The watch will cost you just $79 right now because there’s a 50 percent discount code that you can apply now to avail the discount. Isn’t this a mind-blowing price for a watch that offers so many features?

We recommend that you buy this watch from the official website only so that you can get the most authentic product with the most authentic discount as well. For more information, we request you read all the information presented on their official website.

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Return Policy

If you have received a defective watch piece you can file for a return and refund or a return and exchange request 14 days from the day the product was delivered to you. Please note that used watches cannot be returned.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the delivery time for this eWatch smartwatch?
The normal delivery time is 10-15 days and the maximum time in case of delays is 21 days.

Can we change the delivery address after placing the order?
Yes, you can do that but conditions apply. Withing 12 hours of placing the order you can edit the delivery address and change it.

Does this eWatch smartwatch come with a guarantee?
Yes, the eWatch smartwatch comes with a 1 year guarantee from the day it’s delivered to you.

How to set up the eWatch smartwatch?
The watch comes with an easy to use user manual. In case you are not able to set it up on your own. You can always call or write to the customer care and ask for assistance.

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Pros of Using eWatch Smartwatch

  • High-quality watch
  • Affordable price
  • Unique features
  • Latest technology driven
  • Easy to use and very stylish

Cons of Using eWatch Smartwatch

  • The stock is very limited

Customer Reviews

Tom: At least from the past couple of years I have only been putting on a lot of weight. One fine day, the light struck me and I felt enlightened about the fact that I should not be doing this to myself—you know, stocking up on junk food all day long and every single day of the year. I pledged to eat healthy and soon began to lose weight slowly but in a steady manner. Now, when you start losing weight there are a lot of changes that your body goes through, right? Which is why I always wanted to go to the doctor to check my heart beat, my sleeping time, REM sleep times, etc. But visiting a doctor every now and then was burning a hole in my pocket. I always wished if I could find affordable assistance that could help me monitor my health and workout regimes so that I don’t end up over-working out or overeating as well. I had definitely heard about this boon called smartwatch, but this gadget’s price was like a bane for me!

My friend suggested to me and explained to me about this eWatch smartwatch. I was so elated at its pricing and features and that I immediately ordered it. The watch has become my best friend right now. It helps me monitor my sleep, my calorie consumption, distance walked, and also gives me my heart’s pulse ratings. So happy with this!

Arthur: I ended up buying this watch only to test it. Because how on earth can a company give you a watch that has the same features of an Apple watch or a FitBit watch for this less a price? And I’m blown away with this watch’s performance! An incredible tech beauty is what I’d like to call it.

Conclusion—The Final Verdict

So, if you’ve always been stopping yourself in investing in a smartwatch only because of the costly price tag that it comes with. Think no more and go get yourself this eWatch smartwatch. This watch is bound to give your active lifestyle a healthy boost and will help you become a disciplined and healthier person like never before. Now that it’s available at a 50 percent discount on the official website, go grab the chance now!

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