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Fungal infection is serious. They can occur anywhere in the body. Although fungi are present in the body, existing along with bacteria, they become troublesome when they multiply, causing an infection. Fungal infection of the toenails or fingernails is called Onychomycosis. The infection develops over time, and so you will not notice the difference in how your nail feels or looks. The change is very subtle initially. Fungi need a warm place to thrive. The environment has to be moist for the fungus to grow. The same fungus, which causes toenail infection also causes athlete’s foot and jock itch.

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About Funginix

Funginix is one of the best products that help treat toenail fungal infection. It is popular because of how effective it is. Although no fungal treatment is perfect, Funginix is as close to perfection as it can get. Siquoc Healthcare Solutions manufactures Funginix. It is available in the form of a fluid that is to be applied topically.

It takes about a couple of weeks of regular use to see any results. Funginix is a natural product without any side effects and is available in the following 3 forms:

  • Funginix Soap
  • Funginix Solution
  • Funginix Foot Soak

What Sets Fungix Apart From Other Fungal Infection Products?

Ingredient Quality

Funginix is a blend of natural ingredients that are potently effective in treating Onychomycosis. These ingredients are perfectly safe to use and counteract the fungus effectively. The quality of ingredients used in the formulation of this product sets it apart from its contemporaries.

Funginix Ingredients


Given below is the list of ingredients used in Funginix:

  • Undecylenic Acid 10% – This is the active ingredient in the product. It has the property to destroy the fungus. Also, it reduces the itching and burning that occurs in the infected area. The acid is a derivative of castor oil. The precaution to be taken when applying products containing this ingredient is that it should not be used on children.
  • Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil of Sweet Almond Oil – Sweet almond oil is the base of many traditional medicines. The primary function of this oil is to help the affected tissue absorb the ingredients, to relieve it of burning and itching. It is rich in Vitamin A, B and E, which are essential for treating fungal infections.
  • Triethanolamine – The key function of this ingredient is to improve the texture of the product.
  • Oleth-10 Phosphate – It is an emulsifier that binds the ingredients together.
  • Polysorbate 20 – Like Oleth-10 Phosphate, it is also an emulsifier.
  • Camphor – An anti-oxidant, this ingredient is derived from wood and mint leaves. It contains anesthetic properties and is the crucial ingredient in ancient medicine.
  • Menthol – Menthol combines with Camphor to cool down the affected area.
  • Vitamin E – It is an anti-oxidant that promotes healing.
  • Cocoa Butter – Cocoa Butter is a popular moisturizer that also has soothing properties.
  • Essential Oils:
    • Tea-tree Oil – This oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help treat skin infections.
    • Lavender Oil – It prevents microbial growth.
    • Jasmine Oil – It helps reduce itching, peeling, and sensitivity.
    • Rosehip Flower Oil – Rich in fatty acids, Retinol and Vitamin C, it strengthens the nails and improves texture.

Recovery Rate

Funginix enhances recovery from toenail infections. It is, perhaps, the only product that promotes quick recovery. Even though the manufacturer is not a big name, they are known for using high-quality ingredients in their products. Since Funginix does not contain any fillers, the product is safe to use. It treats the problems from the root.

How Does Funginix Work?

When fungus makes home beneath the nail or toe bed, you get infected with a condition called Onychomycosis. The place where the fungus gets into is hard to reach. Since the medicine does not really penetrate so deep beneath the nail bed, the fungus is hard to kill. The area is a perfect breeding place for all dermatophytes. You should, therefore, ensure that you cover the infected area as deeply as possible with the solution using the applicator brush or cotton buds.

Funginix is a blend of anti-fungal ingredients – a combination of the best ingredients used in ancient and modern medicine – that attacks the problem from the root, killing the fungus. This unique blend works like no other.

The product is effective. Users have reported that it provides relief from brittle, thickened, yellow, enlarged, distorted and foul-smelling nails.

How To Use Funginix

To use Funginix, ensure that the affected area and that surrounding it is clean and completely dry. Remember that fungus multiplies in a moist environment and hence the affected area has to dry before you apply anything. The product comes with an applicator brush, similar to a nail paint bottle. Apply the liquid using the brush in the affected area. Ensure that the solution gets into all the crevices.


Apply the solution twice a day. Use it in the morning before you put on your socks and once at bedtime.

Is Funginix Safe To Use?

The product does not contain any fillers or harmful ingredients. It is a unique blend of ingredients used in both ancient and modern medicine. Hence, it is completely safe to use. A word of caution, though! Do not use this anti-fungal solution for children.

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Benefits of Funginix

Funginix comes with several advantages that make it stand out among other topical anti-fungal solutions. It has been seen as a safe and go-to solution to get rid of nail fungus across all age groups. Here are the reasons why:

  • Safe: This topical is safe because it uses ingredients that have been checked across various tests and found to be safe. It is made using herbs and natural ingredients that have been proven as useful anti-fungal treatments over centuries.
  • Fast Acting: The solution is found to be fast-acting. You start to experience the excellent benefits of the anti-fungal treatment 2 weeks after you begin using it. You need to go through a six-month course of therapy to entirely rid your nails of the fungus.
  • Affordable: This fungus treatment is also well within reach of a majority of the population. You have a month’s supply of Funginix for less than $50. You can easily access this solution for much less than this when you purchase the product in bulk.

Purchase & Price

The company has a breakdown of how much it will cost you to ship their products to you. They have 3 classes, namely:

  • Standard shipping
  • Expedited shipping
  • International shipping

The cost of shipping depends on these classes and the amount you are going to spend on the products. You are made aware that shipping charges are non-refundable even when you return a product.

The company will notify you the moment your order has been processed and is shipped. They accept payment via Visa, Master Card, and American Express. You can order these products from almost any corner of the world and have them delivered to you.

The company has 3 main product batches of Funginix. It comes either as a single bottle, 3 bottle batch, or a 5 bottle batch. The single bottle is priced at $49.95 and is adequate for a month’s supply. The 3 bottle batch is a package where you buy 2 bottles and get one free. It is priced at $99.95. It is adequate to take you through 3 months of your treatment course.

Finally, we have the 5 bottle batch, which is priced at $139.95. You are buying 3 bottles in essence and getting 2 free. This batch purchase saves you a ton of money.

The company also has 3 other products that treat fungus:

  • Funginix Foot Soak
  • Funginix Soap
  • Funginix Bottle, Soak, and Soap.

This batch combines all the products of the company into one batch. You can get the foot soak for just $15.99, while the soap can be got at the same price of $15.99. The Funginix total care is priced at $75.99, allowing you savings of $5.94. Shipping is charged separately for these purchases, and the breakdown can be accessed on the official website.


Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Funginix offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. It provides a refund policy if you feel that the product you are using has not done any good for you. You can return the unopened bottles and even the portion you have remaining. You will then be refunded the full amount minus shipping charges. Remember to include your email address and phone number in your return so that the company can contact you. It takes about 30 days to process a refund.

The company will exchange any damaged goods that have been destroyed during shipping at no extra cost to you. No returns are accepted or refunded once the 60 days have elapsed. The company has a desire to better their products and so asks you to return all the containers and a detailed letter if you do not get the results that you wanted; this is even after 60 days have elapsed. These returns will not have a refund, though.

Also, note that you are required to return any freebies that you get along with a product. Failure to replace them will result in a small fee being deducted from your refund.


How Soon Can I Expect to See Results?

You should expect to see results within the first 2 weeks of using the product. Funginix works fast to remove any fungal growth that has been affecting your nails and toes. It gives quick results because of the ingredients and organic minerals that have been used to make it. You should, however, keep the treatment up for up to 6 months since it takes adequate time for the topical solution to destroy all the fungus infestation.

Should I Be Worried About Any Bad Side Effects?

The ingredients that have been used to make this fungal treatment have been tested over time and proven to cure fungal infections without causing any ill side effects to you. It is a safe treatment that can even be used by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. It is also safe to be used on children.

Is the Use of the Fungicide Restricted to Any Age?

The use of Funginix is not restricted to any age. It is made using safe and organic elements that have been tested and proven to risk-free no matter who is using it. The only caution to you is to use it on children who you can control so that they do not ingest the treatment by licking and sucking their fingers.

How Soon Can I Get My Shipment?

You should expect to receive your order between 2 to 6 business days if you are within the United States of America. The time for international shipping varies based on the distance that is covered and how interior it is.

Buy 2 Bottles Now & Get 1 Free


  • Fast-acting formula.
  • Uses a combination of ingredients that are safe for use.
  • It has no side effects.
  • Anyone can use it, whether a child or pregnant.
  • It has a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • It has a simple application procedure.


Before and After Pic

Funginix before and after

Customer Testimonials

“I never thought much about my yellowing nails. I thought I was deficient in some nutrients and that it would restore itself. It only got worse. I struggled with acceptance as people used to find my hands weird and think I might infect them with whatever was going on with me. I tried a couple of treatments to no avail.

But then I read about Funginix and how it is a safe and quick solution. I had to try it to see if I would get relief. Two months on and I can say I’ve never been happier. My nails have got their health restored. I am going on with the treatment until my 6 months are up as advised. Now I can walk around with confidence.” Amy D.

“Working out on the farm has its drawbacks. I realized that when I got a recurring fungal infection in my nails. I had the infection a straight 6 years with no fail. People got so used to me in this way they thought that’s how I was born. But I was miserable inside as I wanted to have good looking hands too, just like everyone else.

My doctor one day suggested I take Funginix as he saw the condition was lowering my self-esteem. I am thankful to this doctor for not just helping me get rid of my fungal infection, but for indirectly being responsible for my getting a fiancée.” Rick A.

“Working the paper mills has always been something that my family has done. I never really thought about it, but fungal infections were also pretty common in my family. I thought it had something to do with our genetic makeup, only to find out we were being infected by fungus.

I decided to change our narration and found Funginix online. It looked like something that would work on the condition that plagued our family. And sure enough we now look great from my dad right up to me. Thank you!” Billy O.


Nail fungus is an unsightly affair. It can discolor your nails and break them down, making them crumble. It can cause you pain that will make you quite uncomfortable. You may also suffer from a foul smell coming off the nails which will make wearing closed shoes or being around people a tall order. While it may have started as simple discoloration of the nails, it has become a fully-fledged infection. Take the steps now to stop it in its tracks. It is time to live in freedom using Funginix.

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