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There are lots of questions that crop up when yet another advertisement promises to change your life. “Is this workable?” “Can you trust the product to bring tangible outcomes?” Thinking of fast results, is that realistic? The temptation would be to dismiss the program without trying it out.

Ange was overweight. She was always tired and her relationship was going south because of her low libido. Her doctor dismissed everything as normal. After many blood tests with negative results, and doing everything prescribed, she tried the Power of Hormones program, which finally worked. It required long hours of research and learning how hormones are vital to proper body functions.

Ange was the first to prove that the system works. Many women who witnessed the amazing transformation kept asking about the secret to the sudden turn-around. It was exhausting and time-consuming keeping up with everyone. To make things bearable, she decided to set up this program, pointing as many women as possible in the right direction.

Every little detail has been dealt with. From hair to skin, excess weight gain, menopause, you name it, has all been catered for. The secret is getting the hormones right. This is important to get the reproductive system to function properly.

The good news is that the body functions wholesomely when these hormones are perfectly balanced. There is no designated formula to fit all. Get the Power of Hormones, a compilation of everything that brings harmony to your body.

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About Power of Hormones

Power of Hormones is a program that guides women on how to achieve the perfect balance in their hormones. This information is compiled into an e-book and physical books available for purchase on the website. The guide contains extensively researched information that promises to give fast results. This equips the user with the ability to understand hormonal test results. The program is easy to follow. It has been tested and proven to work.

The following is included in the program:

  • “Daily Reenergizer Technique” – This teaches you techniques that leave you refreshed and energized whenever you wake up.
  • “Love Handle Minimizer” -This helps to help you get rid of the belly fat and give you that enviable waistline you thought was gone for good.
  • “Crystal Clear Solution” – This helps to revitalizes the skin, rejuvenating it from within, restoring a youthful glow.
  • “Libido Maximizer” – This helps to increase your sex drive and get things R-rated in the bedroom.
  • “Volume Solution” – This helps to bring back the shine and volume to your lifeless hair. Hair breakage and brittleness will be a thing of the past. You can finally manipulate your hair to the hairstyles that you have always wanted.
  • “Dark Cloud Destroyer” – This keeps moodiness at bay. Herein, is a secret hidden away by the doctors that will end depression, moodiness, and stress for good.
  • “Energy Restoring Tips” – This ensures that you fall asleep immediately without tossing and turning in bed. These tips will ensure that you experience a night of uninterrupted sleep.
  • “Career Elevation Secret” –This helps to get rid of the brain fog, bringing mental clarity and the ability to deliver excellence at the workplace.
  • “Hormone Equalizing Diet” – Gives you knowledge of food. This does not restrict from eating favorite foods. Instead, this includes food that helps in losing weight while maintaining a healthy body.
  • “Optimal Zone Determinizer” – this is a very important part of the program that will help track any hormonal imbalances.
  • “Hormone Reset Solution.”- This helps to restore hormonal balance and eliminate all symptoms caused.
  • “Hormone Revelation” – This ensures that playing with your children is no longer a chore.
  • “Serenity Solution” is to bring in emotional balance that keeps you unperturbed even when it is all chaos around you.
  • “Demystifying Menopause Solution” – This demystifies menopause and deals with the fear that the onset of menopause brings. You are not bound to deal with the depressive symptoms of this stage of life. On the same thread, therefore, the “6 Keys to Naturally Treating Menopause” will see you through gracefully.
  • To help you avoid the mistakes that other women have made while trying to get rid of the symptoms, the “Health Hurdle Tips” have been compiled. You not only save money by avoiding these, but you preserve your health and well-being.
  • “Thyroid Saviours,” helps prevent fatigue, encouraging you to lead an active lifestyle.
  • “Adrenal Saviours,” assists in melting away tummy fat effortlessly.
  • “No Gimmick Adrenal Lifestyle Plan,” improves health and keeps the doctor away.

The above is only a small part of what you get from the program. This list is barely exhaustive. Purchase the program to find out more about what encompasses the Power of Hormones.

Super bonuses audio and books include:

  • “Power of Hormones Workbook”
  • “Power of Hormones Complete Audio Edition”
  • “The Bloat Banishing Solution”
  • “Double Your Energy”
  • “Eating For Hormone Health”

power of hormones review

How Does Power of Hormones Work?

The power of Hormones aims to help you in hormonal balancing. A healthy diet targets the endocrine system. Lifestyle changes are incorporated and new habits are cultivated. With the new techniques, hormonal-related conditions and symptoms are reversed.

How to Use the Power of Hormones

Power of Hormones is an easy to use E-book. You just need to download it and start reading it. The knowledge gained aids in naturally balancing the hormones.

Is it Safe to Use the Power of Hormones?

The product is safe to use since only it gives only natural ways to get hormones into correct proportions in the body. The principles incorporated are meant to cultivate beneficial tendencies. Everything observed is out of conscionable choices.

Benefits of the Power of Hormones

Given below are the benefits of this program:

  • Energy increases, enabling you to adopt a more active lifestyle. Playing with your children or grandchildren will no longer seem redundant.
  • Stress, depression, and moodiness will diminish. Resilience against anger and a short-temper will increase.
  • Your performance at work will improve as mental acuity increases.
  • You lose weight naturally without having to starve yourself or follow strict diet plans.
  • Youthful hair and skin will be restored, making for a younger and more attractive look.
  • Personal relationships with friends, family, and spouse will improve.
  • Love will thrive as your sex-drive shoots up, making intimacy appealing and a daily healthy habit.
  • As the internal body environment improves, a boost in your confidence automatically comes about. This will see you achieving feats you could not be able to achieve before.

Purchase and Price

The regular price is $99. However, the author has decided to make the guide available to as many women as possible. For a limited time, you can purchase it at an extremely discounted price of $39.95. This price is for the digital version that can be downloaded from the website.

Own the physical and digital version of the guide, at a discounted price of $99.95, instead of the regular price of $249. This is the best-value package. The physical package is available at a discount of $99.95 instead of the regular price of $199. You should take advantage of this offer today.

There are 5 super bonuses thrown in that go with these packages. They are accumulatively worth $171. The quoted prices are inclusive of the shipping and handling charges.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

This is a risk-free venture that comes with a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Whatever the reason for dissatisfaction, you are assured of getting a full refund with no further queries.

Side Effects of the Power of Hormones

The program promises only benefits. No one, who has been on the program or has been using it regularly, has observed or reported any adverse effects.


How safe is the program?

The program is safe. The guidelines involve 100% of natural processes and products. They are designed for women of all ages.

How effective is the program?

The author of the program promises immediate results if you follow the guidelines. You will get the best results then.

How long should I stay on the program?

There is no stringent timeline and this is not a strict program. The guidelines are designed to enable you to cultivate a new lifestyle that will enable you to adopt a healthy way of life.


  • Getting to balance your hormones naturally.
  • Losing weight without getting starved.
  • Your skin will get rejuvenated and youthful.
  • The hair becomes luscious and strong.
  • You become more energized.
  • Depressive mood-swings disappear.
  • You start mastering your emotions.
  • Relationships improve.
  • Your libido gets boosted.
  • The stomach and thigh fat get melted.
  • Confidence and self-esteem get restored.


  • Discounted offers are for a limited time.
  • You have to read and follow the guidelines to get results.

Customer Testimonials

I am a mother of four and into my forties. I own a ranch where I have always expended my energy enthusiastically. However, my forties came with a stroke of bad luck because my body started suffering from phantom ailments. I made many visits to the doctor and the numerous tests conducted came back negative. Frustration started to set in to the point that I felt like I had to seek psychiatric help. My husband and children have always been supportive. This made matters worse as I started feeling like I failed them. Help came in the form of a book a friend of mine lent me during a visit. As the truth began to dawn on me of the root cause of my suffering, hope came alive. I purchased my copy and started to change my way of life. Life is getting back to what it used to be before. My husband is well pleased with the results as I cannot seem to keep my hands off of him. Joyce Brown, 45, Nashville, Tennessee.

Since I hit puberty I suffered from bad acne. I kept changing dermatologists, but soon my hopes would be crushed as yet another regimen failed. It was a happy accident that brought me to the website on the Power of Hormones. I did not have to be persuaded much to get a copy for myself. It has been six months now adhering to the guidelines and applying them to the letter. My skin is blemish-free and my mood and confidence are great. Sandra White, 21, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Even before I came across the website on the Power of Hormones, I knew I suffered from a serious case of hormonal imbalance. I was diagnosed with the polycystic ovarian syndrome at 20 years of age. At 21 years, I underwent surgery and they removed several cysts. I monitored the situation and recently discovered that they were multiplying again. The nightmare of the surgery was still fresh and I dreaded having to go through another. It was obvious that the supplements and treatment plans were not working. With no other way out, I followed the guideline faithfully. This natural restoration process is steady and sure. My menses are no longer abnormally heavy and painful. The excess body hair is reducing fast. My face is smoother and more appealing. I am so grateful for this program. Grace Smith, 25, Suffolk, Virginia.


If you are a woman suffering from depression, low self-esteem, diminished libido and a myriad of symptoms with no specific diagnosis, it is possible that you are suffering from hormonal imbalance. If so, consider following the Power of Hormones program. Therein you will be guided on how to get your hormones back to healthy levels.

In doing so, your overall health and relationships will improve as you take charge of the situation. Your significant other will be thankful for the effort you make as your sex-drive will skyrocket. Menopause will no longer be a threat to your peace of mind or normal participation in life.

The packages are reasonably priced and have been designed with due consideration for those who cannot afford anything very expensive. Besides, there are super bonuses included for your benefit and you are guaranteed your money back in the event you are not happy in any way with the package.

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