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Inadequate sleeping can impact your life drastically. Even the quality of life may deteriorate due to improper sleep. Snoring can not only impact your own life, but your partner may also get disturbed. In short, it can be said that inadequate sleep due to snoring heavily impacts your personal life and health.

So far a number of people are living such a life that results due to lack of sleep and snoring. Many snorers are not aware of their habits until their partner tells them. Snoring has also been the cause of strained relationships.

If you want to know the real cause of snoring and how to treat this read on below.

silentsnore review

Real Causes of Snoring

As we know, a number of people snore. However, some people snore louder than others. Usually, snoring occurs when the air does not flow smoothly through the lungs or the flow is partially obstructed. Some of the main reasons for snoring are listed below:

  • Obesity – Overweight can be a major reason for a number of problems including diabetes, snoring, and heart disease. It can be a major reason for snoring. Extra weight basically puts extra pressure on your body and airways. Due to this, there can be an obstruction in breathing, while sleeping. The vibrations caused due to interrupted airflow can cause loud snoring.
  • Excess Consumption of Alcohol – Drinking too much alcohol may also cause snoring. Just like heavy body weight, too much consumption of alcohol can relax the muscles of the airways along with the jaw and throat muscles. It can block the path of airways either partially or fully.
  • Physical Problems – People suffering from a deviated septum or any other physical problems can also suffer from snoring. They may snore more than normal people. The ultimate treatment for such a problem is surgery.
  • Allergies – Some people who are allergenic may have a swollen throat or nasal path. Excess amounts of mucus due to too much histamine that is produced in the body can also cause breathing problems resulting in frequent and loud snoring.

You might be aware of the term sleep apnea which is associated with the sleeping disorder. It affects millions of people up to a varying degree. One of the commonly seen symptoms of this problem is snoring. You can notice that people suffering from the disease may also have a snoring problem.

How Snoring is Harmful?

Snoring prevents you from getting a decent sleep; it can be problematic for others in the same room. You may have to spend restless nights and can even disturb your everyday schedule. As per experts, sleepless nights may cause the following problems: –

Lack of Concentration – Lack of sleep can affect your concentrating power or ability to concentrate. Children suffering from the problem have a concentration problem in the school, while adults may have a problem in focusing on their office work. Eventually, it can affect the performance of the person in the workplace.

Some studies have proven that if you are unable to sleep at night, then during the day, you may feel the need to have small naps, known as micro-sleep. However, these tiny naps maybe just for 2 or 3 seconds, but can cause damage and harm your work. The best example of a person with microsleep can be a truck driver who may meet with an accident due to micro-sleeps.

Fatigue and Tiredness – Snoring can cause you may have to go through a sleepless night. A lot of sleepless nights may cause fatigue and deprivation. This may eventually make the person lethargic. Some people do not understand the real reason behind this and blame stress and modern lifestyle.

Mood Swings – We all may have experienced at some point in time in our life. Mood swings may be an everyday problem that may be due to sleepless, snoring nights. One of the side effects of a sleepless night is anger and irritation.

Bad Reflexes – People who suffer from sleep deprivation do not perform well when they drive. It is observed that an alcoholic and a sleep-deprived person behave in the same manner.

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What is the Solution to Snoring?

Many people are living with this situation that causes a lot of problems, not only physically but also in their personal lives. Many of them are not even aware of the effect of sleepless nights. As a solution, some people prefer to undergo surgery that may be either painful or ineffective and expensive.

In some other cases, people are also recommended to use CPAP machines. This machine is quite expensive and also noisy. The noise made by the machine can awake other people in the room.

Many couples prefer to sleep in separate rooms if the partner is a terrible snorer. This results in strained relationships and disrupted home-life. Snoring not only affects you but other family members as well.

Silent Snore is a product that can stop your snoring. It is neither painful like surgery, nor is it expensive like CPAP machine.

Is Silent Snore Effective?

Some people find Silent Snore very much effective, while others do not. The only reason for not liking the product is that wearing external attachment while sleeping is uncomfortable. Some anti-snoring devices need to be molded inside the mouth, while Silent Snore has to be placed inside the nose. This snoring device works perfectly and can provide you with sound sleep.


How Does the Device Works?

Silent Snore is just a wearable device that will stop your snoring. It can easily fit in the nostrils. It is quite easy to clean and use. It fits all shapes of nostrils. Wear it at night for a good sleep.

Silent Snore is manufactured by a Hongkong based company.

The device basically opens the narrow airways and you can, therefore, breathe properly, even while sleeping. This anti-snoring device is easily available in the market and can open the blocked airways of the nasal area. Unblocked airways decrease snoring.

How can You Use Silent Snore?

Wearing Silent Snore is like having your nose pierced and wearing a nasal ring. You just have to pinch the device inside your nose. There are two magnets in the device that open the blocked ways. As Silent Snore is made up of silicone, it is quite flexible and can fit into any shape and size of the nose. The small device can easily fix your snoring problem and you can get good sleep. You have to just place the device inside your nose to get rid of your snoring problem easily.

The SilentSnore is pushed into the nasal opening before going to sleep.
Breathe deeply again – SilentSnore promotes nasal breathing and combats disagreeable snoring.

Benefits of Silent Snore

Silent Snore can help you get a good sleep. If you are unable to sleep at night, then you may suffer from many health problems. Proper sleep at night can help avoid all health problems. Moreover, your partner can also have a better and peaceful sleep. Given below are the main benefits of using Silent Snore: –

  • Adequate and deep sleep in the night
  • Better relations with your partner
  • Reduced tiredness
  • It can provide sufficient oxygen to your body, due to which your body will feel more energetic
  • Prevention of harmful diseases like cardiovascular diseases and sleep apnea can be avoided

Disadvantages of Silent Snore

The biggest disadvantage of the device is that you will have to wear it inside your nose. If you are not used to using any external device t in your nose, then you will have to get used to it.

The product cannot be purchased from the open market. This is another disadvantage of the product. You will have to buy it from the official website.

Maintenance of Silent Snore

After every use of the device, you will have to clean it. You get a small pot along with the device that can be used to store it. After cleaning the device you can use it as many times as you need. The device is lightweight and flexible. You can easily wear the device in your nostril and this will prevent the vibrations caused due to inadequate airflow in the nasal passage. When you get into a state of a deep sleep, the smooth airflow will help you get a night of better sleep.

Purchase and Price of Silent Snore

Silent Snore can be purchased easily from the official website.

silentsnore reviews

Side Effect of Using Silent Snore

There is no such side effect after using the device. As it is an external device, so it will not cause any internal or external damage to the body.


Customer Reviews

Stephe ~ I found the product when I was surfing the internet. I checked the reviews and user experiences. They all looked good and so I decided to buy the device. When I started using it, my partner who sleeps next to me, told that he had a sound sleep. I was shocked, as he keeps on complaining about my snoring habit that makes him unable to sleep.

I never thought that such a small device can really solve one of the major problems of my life. Snoring was a major problem for me as it was ruining my relationship. Well, I am quite happy about buying such a great tiny device.

Kathy ~ All my friends and hostel-mates are aware of my snoring problem. They just asked me to use Silent Snore to stop the snoring. Initially, I used to be afraid of using the device, as I thought that it can make me uncomfortable while sleeping. But its silicon base material makes it really comfortable. Initially, while using it I felt quite uncomfortable, but in just 4-5 days I become used to of it. I am happy and satisfied with the device.

Joseph ~ I weigh quite a lot. Being overweight, I have a snoring problem. I ordered the nasal device to stop snoring and really felt that at least one problem has been resolved. Many of my friends advised surgery, but I preferred using Silent Snore. To cut it short, it really works well and gives good results. I also advised one of my relatives to buy the same and on my recommendation, he bought the same. I am quite happy with my purchase.



A number of people suffer from snoring problems. However, as it is not a disease so no medications can be taken to resolve it. Snoring may cause many health issues as you may not have adequate sleep. Some of the most common diseases caused due to inadequate sleep are heart problems, blood pressure, stroke, and many others. Insufficient sleep may lead to these and many other diseases.

The device is made up of silicone and is small in size. Anyone can easily place the device in the nostril. Just attach the device to the nasal partition. The nostrils can remain open and air can easily pass through the nasal airways properly. It, as a result, gives you better and deep sleep.

If you want to save your relationship with your partner and family members who are sick of your snoring, then Silent Snore can help you. By using the device, you can not only make yourself but also your partner happier.

silentsnore reviews

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