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Sexual performance drives a relationship to where it needs to be. It is what creates a solid connection between the two partners. Having hots for each other can only be satisfied when you are physically together. Being able to satisfy your woman gives her confidence in your manliness. The vice versa is also true. If you have always been a champ in bed and suddenly you are not able to perform the way she was used to you can bear witness to this.

But that does not have to be the end of your relationship. There is a solution out there for you if only you are willing to try it out. It comes in the form of Vixea Man Plus. If you want to get back your strength from when you were youthful so your partner can look at you in awe once again get to learn what this supplement has in store for you.

vixea man plus review

About Vixea Man Plus

Vixea Man Plus is a supplement made from all natural ingredients that are put together to create a powerful blend. This blend gives you the power you have been craving by powering your penis with blood directed there by these ingredients. They work together to enable you to have a long-lasting boner that will push your woman to the end of her desires. The supplement is able to cause your penis to grow over time by expanding its tissues so they are able to absorb more blood.

The powerful supplement gets you raving for your woman because it has a herb that rouses you and enhances your libido and sex drive. You are able to drive your woman over the edge by getting the supplements to give you lasting power.


vixea ingredients

Vixea Man Plus has five ingredients that work together to create a powerful blend of restoring and empowering supplements. Its very first ingredient is L-Arginine. This is a chemical that encourages the production of nitric oxide in the body. This facilitates the flow of blood to the penis creating a massive erection that is rock hard.

The next ingredient is Tongkat Ali extract which is a herb that promotes your relaxation and alleviates stress. By so doing, this herb is able to help you perform at your best.

Another powerful ingredient is Saw Palmetto Berry that gives you the ability to stay longer without getting to your peak. Peaking after a long duration ensures that you get your woman to her edge and you get there together in a burst of colors.

Horny Goat Weed extract is yet another powerful herb that helps direct blood to the penile tissues for a harder and bigger erection. This herb is also able to help you by expanding the penis tissues capacity to hold blood. When this happens you get an added benefit of having greater staying power.

Finally, you have Bioperine which gives the supplement ingredients a faster absorption rate into the bloodstream. This gives the supplement fast-acting power the moment it gets into your body giving you access to the beast within you.

How Does Vixea Man Plus work?

Vixea Man Plus works by creating adequate blood flow to your penis. It is made using natural ingredients that ensure you have a free flow of blood to your penile region. The supplement also promotes the growth of your penis by expanding the tissues in your penis. This expansion helps them to be able to absorb more blood allowing for the penis to be rock hard as well as grow larger.

Through the blend of nutrients that make Vixea Man Plus what it is the supplement is able to bring you to instant excitement when you need it. It enables you to have lasting power that will help you please your partner for a long time. The lasting power is made possible by the penis having a bigger holding capacity of the blood. The supplement enables you to get there by helping your penis tissue to expand.

The supplement also encourages the production of nitric oxide which drives blood to the penis region. This blood flow is what gives the penis its firm erections and large appearance. The added flow of blood to the penis causes the tissues to expand and grow a little more, therefore, adding size to your penis.

The supplement is able to enter through your body through the help of bioperine which aids in its fast absorption. This ensures that you get quick action to your penis allowing you to please your woman the moment you choose to. It raises your libido rapidly and charges you for sexual performance. The fast action starting you up does not mean you will be quickly depleted of energy. The supplement is bundled with nanotechnology that allows you to have greater lasting power as the ingredients are released slowly over a long time. This means you last longer in the sex drive.

How to Use

Vixea Man Plus is a pill that is meant to be swallowed. It is meant to be swallowed an hour before your intended performance to enable it to get into the system and get you ready.


This supplement should be taken as directed by the manufacturer. It comes in 30 capsule bottles and is directed for one capsule to be taken at least one hour before you desire to get it on with your partner.

Is Vixea Man Plus Safe to Use?

The supplement has not been known to have any adverse side effects in the subjects that have been using it. It is known to be safe as it goes through strict manufacturing measures. It ensures it uses all natural ingredients to create a perfect blend of sexual boost. You should be cautious if you are under medication and should talk to your doctor before you begin using this supplement.

There are a few mild side effects that have been reported by a few cases. These include headaches, stuffy nose, being flushed, dizziness, and an upset stomach. Note that these are far between and are not a steady example of how the supplement interacts with the majority of people.

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Benefits of Vixea Man Plus

Vixea Man Plus offers you an unparalleled way to get you performing great in the sack. It is formulated to give your libido a power boost and enhance your sex drive making you a youthful stud once more. You are able to get turned on as fast as you used to when you were in your 20s. You will then have the ability to last through sexual encounters with the strength of a stallion, driving her to ecstasy multiple times over.

The all-natural supplement is able to get you to achieve steel-hard erections that last as long as you want them to. You will be able to get bigger with this formulation giving you the ability to dazzle your partner with your tool. This will allow you to be able to sex her whenever you desire.

Another wonderful benefit of this supplement is its ability to fill your penis with blood. When your penis is gorged with blood it is given the ability to last up to five times longer than normal. This lets you pleasure her to her climax without letting up. You stay in control to the end of the ride and beyond.

The supplement has ingredients that enable your penis to grow in size. This is made possible by increasing the capacity of the blood vessels in the penis. The more blood they are able to absorb the bigger they make the penis grow. You are able to get a bigger member of length and thickness. This translates to you making her scream in pleasure during your steamy sessions.

There is also the benefit of having your confidence improve after all the above benefits. When you are able to perform in bed you become a better, all rounded man. You are able to perform better even at work and exude more confidence when interacting with people because you know you have great controlled power.

Purchase & Price

The purchase of Vixea Man Plus can be done from the official website where all transactions are secure. One bottle is going for $49.99 but the more you buy the less you spend. When you buy two bottles the price goes down to $33.33 while three bottles bring down the price to $29.99 per bottle. You end up saving much more when you buy in bulk. It is however recommended that you start with one bottle so that you see how it will work out for you. You can then buy the bigger packages which save you more.

Vixea ManPlus Male Enhancement

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company gives a money back guarantee but gives a number of conditions that go with it. You first have to call the customer service line and alert them that you want to return the product. You then get a return merchandise authorization number that you attach to the package and send it back to the company. You will have to undertake the cost of shipping.

Another condition that you must adhere to is that the package is returned in the same condition that it was received. It must be unopened and in perfect condition. The company ensures that the product has satisfied all the requirements then sends a refund back to you. That will be minus $5 for what is called the restocking fee. You should give it 3-7 days for it to reflect in your account.


Can I use this supplement with prescribed medication?
It is wise to consult with your doctor when you want to take this supplement in collaboration with other medications. It, however, does not have any counteractive reactions to any drugs but it is always wise to pass it through a doctor.

Will I face any severe side effects from the supplement?
This supplement is known to benefit your sexual health without the ill side effects that accompany many sex boosters in the market.

How often should I take this supplement in a day?
You are advised to take this supplement at least one hour before you engage in sex with your partner.

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  • It increases your libido.
  • It gives you harder erections.
  • It enhances your staying power.
  • It increases your penis size in length and thickness.
  • It boosts your sexual performance.
  • It is made from all-natural ingredients.
  • It has a money-back guarantee.


  • It exhibits a few side effects like getting flushed and having a blocked nose in a few rare cases.

Customer Testimonials

vixea testimonials

“I have had a tough time getting it on with my wife for eight months now. I really needed to get back to the way we used to groove because I had been a man before. I felt like a useless person. But I didn’t give up. I couldn’t give up on my intimate relationship with my wife. I really had to get a solution.

On one of my many visits online I came onto a site that offered me a new lease of life. It promised me a renewed energy where I could give my wife what she had been missing for so long. I finally decided to try it because I had nothing to lose. Plus, they had a money back guarantee. And I’m not glad I did. My life has been restored back to me. I can now please my wife and take her to higher heights.” Mark Raid

“I didn’t believe that such a solution existed. I thought I was stuck never being able to perform ever again. I lived such a lonely life and never knew there was anything beyond being alone because I couldn’t deliver some good sex. But that all changed when I took a chance with Vixea Man Plus. Now I have a strong, pulsing organ that drives anyone I choose crazy. I am now in control and feel like a man.” Edward Skillet.

I have found a friend who is with me every time I need to sex my woman. I had been feeling so drained as my member had stopped performing as it used to. But I later realized that I could have a second chance of getting my manhood restored. I have Vixea Man Plus to thank for that. I now have my strength back and I’m so glad about it.” Richard Reggy.


For you who have had a struggle in sexual performance, you know how frustrating it can be. When you see that look on your woman’s face and have to look away you understand it can be a miserable place. If you have had enough of being looked down upon for underperforming or not performing at all then it is time to make a change. Try Vixea Man Plus today and see your life taking a turn for the better.

vixea manplus