5 Benefits of Buying Vegan Beauty and Skincare Products

Vegan beauty and skincare products are free from any animal-derived ingredients and use only natural and organic ingredients to process their products.

Veganism is not just adopting a plant-based diet, it also includes abstaining from usage of animal-based products. Many beauty and skincare brands are promoting vegan products and introduced a range of products that are vegan.

Skin Type

Understanding the difference between the terms Vegan and Cruelty-Free

These terms are often confused for one another however both have different meanings.

Vegan – Vegan is used in defining a product that does not contain any animal product or any by-product of animals like gelatin, collagen, glycerine or any other product that is derived from animals.

For some people vegan also means that the product is not tested on any animal, however this may or may not be true as a vegan product doesn’t guarantee animal tested products.

Cruelty-Free – The products that aren’t tested on animals are referred to as cruelty-free. However, it is not necessary that all cruelty-free products are vegan as well. It only means that neither the components nor the product is tested on animals.

5 Benefits of Vegan Beauty and Skincare Products

  1. It is easier for the body to Absorb Natural Ingredients

Many products like beeswax, gelatin, elastin, stearic acid, and many more animal-based products are commonly used in the processing of beauty and skincare products which make it difficult for the product to absorb and can sometimes cause rashes, skin inflammation, or allergy. Excess use of anima- based products can clog pores and makes it difficult for the skin to breathe Moreover, it is not suitable for the people who are vegan. However, a product that is made with organic and natural ingredients that are free from extra chemicals and toxins is suitable for the skin and prevents further skin complications. It ensures better absorption of the product due to which skin reacts positively. Natural ingredients also help in tackling many skin issues such as acne, rashes and many more.

  1. These Products are rich in Minerals and Nutrients

When you choose vegan products you not only help the environment but also help your skin to stay away from many preservatives and chemical loaded products. Plant-based products use minimum chemicals and help the skin stay young and vibrant. Ingredients like seaweed, coconut, banana, tea tree oil, and aloe vera are rich in many minerals and also contain antioxidants that reduce the aging process and keep the skin hydrated. A certain amount of product that you apply is absorbed by the body and when you use vegan products absorption of harmful animal products is prevented. Therefore, instead of using products with harsh chemicals, use products with natural ingredients to prevent any internal issues and other skin problems.

  1. Such Products are Ideal for Sensitive Skin

Harsh chemicals disrupt the pH level of the skin especially in the case of sensitive skin. Vegan products are made from minimum chemicals and allow the skin to adapt to such products easily. Skin type also affects the choice of your beauty products, if your skin is too dry or too oily is better to use natural products to ensure an even skin tone and smooth skin. In some cases, sensitive skin may develop allergy due to which you have to avoid using any product. Hence, it is better to practice some prevention beforehand. Many ingredients like cucumber, mint and, aloe vera are known for their soothing properties which make these products ideal for people with sensitive skin.

  1. These Products are Safer as Compared to Non-Vegan Products

Vegan products use less toxic chemicals which makes it safer as compared to non-vegan products. Your body absorbs a certain amount of product that you apply. Repeated use of chemical products can cause internal issues as the amount of product absorbed gets into the bloodstream and can cause harm inside the body if there is a high level of toxic substance in it. Hence the application of vegan products on the outside of the body also affects the inside of the body. The ingredients used in vegan products help the skin to heal and prevent many skin diseases as well.

  1. Usage of these Products Generates a Feeling of Empathy

When you use vegan products you support the thought of being cruelty-free and minimizing suffering for animals. Supporting a good cause brings a feeling of empathy and helps you to feel more connected to nature. It brings a positive feeling and helps you to support other ideas of good cause. Many animals are kept in small cages for lab tests and all they feel is fear. Similarly, using animal products involve killing the animals or giving the animals pain to extract the needed ingredients. It not only gives rise to violence but also takes away the life of many animals which is not necessary as there are vegan substitutes available.

Benefits of Buying Vegan Beauty and Skincare Products to the Environment

  • Vegan Products ensure Eco-friendly packaging

Using recycled plastic and environmentally friendly packaging is also necessary when it comes to veganism. As it is all about supporting the environment and sustainable living. Millions of plastic bottles are discarded every year by hotels out of which maximum are of skincare and beauty products. This outlines the need to have eco-friendly packaging. Since plastic is non-biodegradable it can have adverse effects on nature. Aquatic life is also disturbed as the rise in plastic waste has reached in the oceans as well.

  • It Promotes Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is a lifestyle that aims to reduce waste and promotes the recycling of products. Waste can be reduced in many ways like buying only necessary products, purchasing a big bottle of the product rather than many small ones, etc. Vegan products promote a sustainable lifestyle by using degradable ingredients and creating nature-friendly packaging. It not only helps to preserve nature but also helps to save those animals that would have been harmed.

  • Saves Clinical Testing Cost

When the products are to be tested on animals it leads to huge expenditure on the maintenance of labs and those animals. Also, the extraction of animal products is an expensive procedure. These steps add to the cost of the product due to which the skincare and the beauty products are costly. By switching to vegan products you help to reduce the demand for non-vegan products which in turn can save these costs. As the trend for vegan products rises, many skincare and cosmetics brands also favor vegan products and work to produce them. 

Common Misconceptions about Vegan Beauty and Skincare Products

  • Expensive

The most common misconception about vegan beauty and skincare products is that the products are costly. People think that just because the products are eco-friendly and use natural and organic ingredients they are expensive. Other factor contributing to this misconception can be the policy to use environment-friendly packaging and recyclable plastic. However, the reality is that while you may not find these products incredibly cheap they are still budget-friendly, and if the cost is compared to the benefits of the product you may feel that the product is worth your money.

  • Unavailability

Another common misconception being the unavailability of vegan beauty and skincare products. People think that vegan products are not easily available in the market. Although you may not find these products in the market they are easily available online. Many sites offer special offers and discount on the purchase of vegan products as well. If you spend some time searching for a suitable vegan brand it will be easy for you to order the required products. With the rise in trend for vegan beauty products many brands are now switching to vegan products as well.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is, vegan products are amazing for the skin and provides many benefits. They are worth a try if you haven’t tried yet. Choosing vegan products is a good step toward a sustainable nature and a flawless, glowing skin. Take a break from your chemical loaded products and work on making it a permanent one.

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