How To Cope With Stress And Anxiety Caused By The War In Ukraine

As much as the world right now might root for world peace and prosperity, we all know that the underlying truth is that in some or the other corner of the world there still exists a new war zone. We thought that we had long forgotten the world of invasion. It is only on February … Read more

Long COVID Could Be Linked To The Effects Of SARS-CoV-2 On The Vagus Nerve

Many symptoms of PCC, long Covid 19 or post-Covid syndrome may be connected to the virus’s effect on the vagus nerve. This nerve is an important multi-functional nerve in the body, say researchers in Spain. The study is going to be submitted at the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, which will be … Read more

Nasal Spray Coronavirus Vaccine Booster Keeps COVID-19 At Bay

In mice, a vaccination strategy that uses an mRNA coronavirus vaccine injection followed by a nasal spray booster generates immune protection in the airways. A new coronavirus vaccine protects one part of the body, the nose, that is especially vulnerable. This is what scientists found after giving lab mice a booster of nasal spray. The … Read more

Weight-loss Maintainers Share Strategies For Success

There are secrets to losing weight and then keeping it off, according to a study that used machine learning. People who keep going even when they have setbacks, look back on their lives before they lost weight, and keep their focus on their health. The findings were published on Feb. 9 in “Obesity: The Journal … Read more

Gene Therapy For The Treatment Of Huntington’s Disease

Gene therapy has been used to target the mRNA (messenger RNA), a gene present in the mutated huntington gene (HTT). It has been discovered that a single administration of this therapy offers long-lasting medical benefits in Huntington’s disease. AAV, an adeno-associated virus gene therapy which contains a key artificial microRNA (pri-amiRNA) to target the mutated … Read more

How The Brain Knows When To Take Out Trash

The brain has a complex system that removes waste left after cell activity. However, scientists have had difficulty determining how the brain decides when to conduct this “trash pickup.” A group of scientists from Yale discovered a protein essential to this process, known as autophagy or ATG-9. It regulates the neural activity and signals its … Read more

Social Isolation Among Older Adults Linked To Having Fewer Teeth

According to research findings published in Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology, socially isolated older persons have more chances of missing teeth or lose their teeth faster than those who are more social. Loneliness and social isolation in older individuals are serious health concerns worldwide, as they can result in heart disease, cognitive decline, mental health … Read more

Lung Abnormalities Found In Long COVID Patients

The EXPLAIN study, Sheffield, Oxford, Cardiff, and Manchester teams is using hyperpolarized xenon MRI scans to check for probable damage of lungs in patients with Long COVID not requiring hospitalization but still having wheezing symptoms. Researchers have discovered anomalies in Long COVID patients’ lungs suffering from wheezing not detectable with regular diagnostics. The EXPLAIN study, … Read more