5 Ways Life Changes When You Stop Drinking Alcohol

We all know that life is beautiful. We also know that it comes with tones of tricky situations and problems as well. What is it that we give more weight to? Problems, of course! We fail to look at the beauty of this life that we are gifted with and we get more provoked to look at a dreamy life submitting ourselves to a high that we get from alcohol. Drinking surely has proven to provide some health benefits when taken in limited quantity. But, we all know the truth that it does more harm than good to us both mentally and physically. Yet, many are submissive to their drinking habits.

Every New Year’s Eve, you’ll probably find thousands who pledge to not drink alcohol. And a majority of them fail to stick to their pledges and easily give in. Have you ever wondered why that is so? We think that more often than not people are worried about the changes that accompany anything that they stop or start in their life. It is true, many are scared to take the sober route solely because they don’t know what’s in store for them at the altar. It’s always a very unsettling feeling to face the unknown. There can be many concerns when you decide to stop drinking alcohol and it’s very evident that your life is going to change in so many ways. But this difference or change definitely isn’t a bad thing. We know many questions like “How will I be able to relax without drinking?” or “How will I have fun or socialize without alcohol?” may arise. But trust us and lay them all to rest. We know that you must have had several painful experiences in life which made you wove alcohol as a part of your life and now, it’s very hard to be without drinking regularly if not daily. To help you think otherwise, here’s a list of five incredible ways your life will change once you stop drinking alcohol.


Positive Life Changes When You Stop Drinking

  1. Your Relationships Are Happier And Sorted

There is no doubt that drinking alcohol has a negative impact on your near and dear ones. This is because alcohol leaves a numbing effect on you, it totally disconnects you from your roles in your marriage, or as a sibling, as a parent, as a child, etc. Because of alcohol, you’re missing being with them and making memories with them. When you decide to put a stop to drinking, you will end up being more present at the moment. You begin to value the bonds that you have with everybody else.

Also, you will end up recognizing who your real friends are. If you lose out on some of your friends when you stopped drinking, that isn’t a bad thing at all. You don’t need peeps with which you share only one common bond which is that of alcohol. It’s better to focus on friendships that have a much deeper connection, they are your true-blue friends for life.

You also begin to enjoy a much better intimacy bond with your partner. This intimacy is surreal as you are fully aware of the way your body feels and reacts with your partner. Under the influence of alcohol, you must have had a very numbing intimacy experience with your partner. Cut the alcohol off and you’ll experience fireworks in your bedroom with your partner.

Many claim to have met new people and improved their socializing skills after having quit alcohol. They say that they’ve learned so much from socializing soberly. Their way of thinking too has broadened. Also, people claim that after stopping drinking, they’ve understood how to balance their friendships with their personal life. They’ve learned how it feels to help your friends out and how to ask for help from friends when something is very disturbing in life. Learning the balance of giving and take will make you an amazing person.

  1. Your Finance Sector Changes Positively

Yes, it’s the obvious change that you end up saving money when you aren’t spending on your alcohol bottles. You’re not hitting the pubs anymore, and that too saves money instantly. Your restaurant bills show a reasonable number because of the absence of alcohol in it.

Alcohol is known to impair your judgment skills. Therefore, since you are in your senses, you are aware of your money flows, and you are become less impulsive in spending money as well. You will also end up making more money because you don’t have any hangover Mondays when you decide to skip work. You perform better in your work duties which might end up giving you a promotion.

  1. You Begin To Love Yourself And Feel Good

Your self-worth and self-esteem take a beating when you decide to stop drinking. You no longer indulge in berating yourself, rather you begin to feel proud about who you are. You take pride in existing. On a physical note, you feel exceptionally better. You have more energy, you sleep well, you have lesser health issues. In short, not drinking will make you feel amazing!

You begin to live in the real-world without alcohol. Many of us know that we become somebody else under the influence of alcohol. Many also agree that alcohol has a reputation for making a person feel dumb, for breaking dreams and passion. Without alcohol, you are on the road to discover yourself again. You feel happier, you feel smarter. That mental fog doesn’t exist anymore. Oh and let’s not forget how wonderful your skin feels and glows making you look a lot more healthy.

  1. You Are Spiritually Aware

An entirely new realm opens up in your life when you quit drinking. You begin to be aware of so many things that must have not crossed your sight or mind before. You start appreciating how you talk, how others talk, how you treat others, and how others treat you. You feel a sense of enlightenment and empowerment. You develop feelings of compassion and empathy which are very important virtues to be a good human being.

  1. You Become More Passionate

Drinking kills your present time and can lessen your overall life’s time as well. Your thought process isn’t free when you drink. But when you put a stop to it, you become more aware of all the choices you’ve made. You realize you’re not passionate about your dreams like before and start working towards them. Being sober helps open up the creative side of yourself. You become more disciplined towards what you always wanted to become. You start putting the focus on what your personal goals, you become to schedule your every day to reach those goals or at least step towards it.

In the end, all we can say is that it boils to the choice you make in your life. The choice of being a better person. The choice of being a healthier person. The choice of being a happier person. The choice of being closer to your loved ones. The choices of finding pride in what you do. We know that in the beginning, it will be a little hard for you to give up alcohol. Being consistent with your efforts to give it up will bring success and make you lead an alcohol-free life.

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