Are Your Hormones Aging You?

If there is anything at all that we are scared for the most part of our lives would be of us aging way sooner than we had imagined, isn’t it? Aging is certainly a very natural process but the lifestyle choices that we make have an impact on the speed of aging in our life. People always say that the healthier your lifestyle is the more active you are, the more young and energetic your body will be and this will slow down your body’s aging process. There are a lot of perceptions when it comes to what causes aging way sooner than it should start.

If you think in your head as to what all can cause aging in our body, a lot of options a lot of thoughts might come into your head, however, have you ever wondered if hormones also play a role in the aging process of a body?

Most of us might think that no, hormones don’t really interfere with aging and that hormones are largely responsible for the way we emote and the way we behave. There are a lot of perceptions and myths when it comes to hormones and most of these cases focus only on teenagers who are in a constant struggle to understand that evolving body. They try to figure out why they have attitude issues or the sudden change in their behavior. And of course, hormones and women seem to be very interconnected because of their monthly periodic cycles and the menopause stage as well. However, hormones exist in both men and women and they are certainly very much more responsible than just behavior or attitude. In fact, hormones have control over the development and growth of a body and are also responsible for the healthy and normal functioning of the human body. It is also accountable for the aging process that our human body undergoes. In this article, we will try and explore how the lack of hormones or the presence of hormones in our bodies reflect on our emotions, mental stability, and overall health. But first, let us get into the hormone basics. Read on.


What Is An Endocrine System?

We can say that the endocrine system in our body is responsible for controlling and secreting the different kinds of hormones that regulate several body processes including using nutrients, metabolism, excretion, and also reproduction. And as we age, this endocrine system becomes less efficient which leads to a lot of changes in our human body and that can be namely called menopause. There is something called as the hormone theory of aging which says that any change in the N2 crying system translates a change into our hormones and this affects the aging process of the body.

Understanding The Different Hormones Of Our Body

Hormones are responsible for a lot of other things other than just making us feel sad or happy. It is the pituitary gland of the Indo crying system that is largely responsible for production and control of the hormones in our body. It is these glands that produce hormones which play a major role in our aging process. So, let us all become a little more familiar with hormones that are especially associated with the aging process.


Melatonin is the hormone that is responsible for locating free radicals and destroying them and decreasing the chances of developing heart disease or any form of cancer. It is the pineal gland that understands when we start getting older and by the time we hit see around mid 40s, it understands and starts to produce lower levels of melatonin.

Estrogen: This is one of the hormones that gets formed in a woman’s Ovary in adequate levels — it helps to prevent any bone loss, heart disease, and breast cancer. Estrogen is also a very important component when it comes to monthly cycles as well as fertility levels of the woman’s body. This hormone is considered to be one of the strongest for months of the human body. ESTROGEN levels have the capability of affecting organ systems, multiple tissues, reproductive organs, and blood vessels and also the brain of the body. It is these hormones that helps blood vessels, reproductive organs etc. maintain their flexibility and strength during a woman’s childbearing years!

Endorphins: These are the hormones that are released by the brain whenever we indulge in any physical activity like exercise. While performing exercise, there is an increase in the production and distribution of this particular chemical hormone — this makes people feel very happy and good. Several studies have proved that higher levels of endorphins helps people to stay active and remain positive whilst reducing stress and any kind of damage that stress can cause to the human body.

Testosterone: For those who don’t know, this is a hormone related to male sex. It is the women’s endocrine system also that creates testosterone however only 1/10 of what the men produce. This hormone has the ability to use protein from the body which exists in formations like muscles, bone, and skin. Men who are in the age of say 40 to 70 years old are likely to experience a decrease in the levels of testosterone produced by their own bodies.

DHEA: This hormone can literally be known as the “Fountain of youth”. This is the hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands which are situated right on top of our kidneys and this hormone is directly linked to our memory, energy levels, and immunity capacity. It also plays a vital role in the bone density and our capability of handling stress as an individual. The DHEA hormone is available in the form of supplements and also in certain hormone replacement therapy.

Aging Process And Role Of Hormones

There are several anti-aging techniques and the need for living longer by maintaining certain adequate hormone levels throughout the system of a body. Hormones play a great role as it also has produced certain vital nutrients and also takes care of certain functioning for our overall mental and physical well-being of our body. If we have to put it down in basic words, it is hormones indeed that control the speed at which our body begins to age. Any decrease in the quantity of hormones that is produced by various lands in our body can cause depression, bone loss, lots of slowing down in general and might minus the sex drive of adults.

While reduction in hormone production is something that is very natural and inevitable, the ability to restore certain hormones and balance the level of hormones in our body to benefit the bone strength and also prevent certain diseases like dementia and other medical conditions can be controlled. Hormones are also responsible for the elasticity of our skin. And any loss in the last city directly leads to wrinkles. It is the collagen levels of the skin that could be stabilised through hormone supplementation.

The Academy of anti-aging medicine in America strongly believes that amongst humans physical aging can definitely be stopped, slowed down or even reversed through certain scientific interventions and existing medical treatments. In fact this Academy recognises aging to be a treatable condition rather than a reality of human existence.

Aging Gracefully

The truth is that none of us, absolutely none of us want to grow old. Everybody wants to look their best, have those youthful looks and maintain their bodies at their premium condition. However, dear people aging is a very natural process for us humans and by aging gracefully we can still attend longevity. And still look healthy and youthful beyond our wildest dreams. It has become a rage these days that by the time we are in our 40s, most of us tend to start grappling with the concepts of mortality and aging. We find ourselves paying more attention to what our body requires in order to prevent aging and slow its process down. Some of us prefer running to the drug store to buy ourselves a hair dye while some of us might invest in expensive anti-aging creams, vitamins, lotions, and supplements. Well it’s not really wrong to pick at these methods to feel young, always ensure that at least when it comes to supplements you do all the background homework, read the facts and the ingredient label of the supplement and then opt for it. There is no quick fix solution to slowing down aging; however, if we lead a healthy lifestyle and practice all things good in our life, we are bound to look happier and healthier naturally irrespective of our age.