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A little bag that contains a hundred percent activated carbon in it, that’s what the Breathe green charcoal bag is. If ever you are suffering from an unpleasant smell or allergens in your space, just keep some of these eco-friendly bags. In no doubt, these highly undesirable odors and substances can disappear within a couple of minutes. These charcoal filled bags are capable of removing any kinds of unpleasant odors within a short period. Activated charcoal is well known for its adsorptive power and is used up efficiently in the likely applications. In the Breathe green charcoal bags, the same mechanism is used up to get rid of the irksome niff in and around your space.

Even the most discomforting stench can be gotten rid of using these small eco-friendly bags. The more exciting thing is that this removal will not take much longer. After a few minutes of placing or hanging of these bags, even the trace of the smell cannot be sensed. Wherever it is placed, inside your car, bathroom, closet, or anywhere in your home or office, the Breathe green charcoal bags works in your favor and get things back to action by removing the highly unpleasant stanching smell from your spaces.

Breathe green charcoal bags are useful not only in the removal of unpleasant stenches but also the different allergens as well as micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi, and many more.

breathe green charcoal bags

How do Charcoal bags works?

Activated carbon! That is the secret behind the working of charcoal bags. The air, which contains the smell, micro-organisms, and the allergens as passes through the apertures in the coal, they get trapped. Thus the air gets filtered as it moves along the charcoal bags. Thus, the Breathe green charcoal bags restore air in its pure form, thereby purifying it.

It is a scientifically proven fact that Bamboo can lessen the concentration of detrimental chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, etc. which poses dangerous effects to the animal and plant health. But these chemicals are prevalent in the commonly used items like air fresheners, floor coverings, paints, dry cleaning agents, plastics, rubber, and many others.

As the number of charcoal bags used increases, the speed of response also increases. Implies, you are likely to get better and quicker effects with more number of bags.

Breathe Green Charcoal Bag review

Benefits of using Breathe green charcoal bags

Breathe green charcoal bags helps you fight even the most unpleasant smell, the harmful microbes, and the irritating allergens. There are numerous benefits to using Breathe green charcoal bags. Some of these are listed below and detailed in the following excerpts.

Effectively eliminates odors, microbes, and allergens

Breathe Green Charcoal Bags with the aid of activated charcoal can filter the air. It can remove even the most irritating stenches. These charcoal bags also help in the elimination of allergens from the air. Often, the allergens inside the homes are much more in concentration than in what is found outside. Thus, it is necessary to employ some means to get away these hazardous allergic substances from the air inside your spaces. These are also effective means for the removal of microbes like fungus and bacteria from the air. Thus, it frees the surroundings from any form of foreign matter and restores the air in its real sense. The atmosphere is, therefore, eligible for comfortable and relaxed breathing.

Sucks up moisture

Another feature of charcoal is that it is capable of sucking water content and thereby eliminating moisture from the surfaces. So, once the charcoal bags are placed in shoes, it can effectively suck up the moisture in it. This, in turn, can bring back the old form of shoes and, thus, preserves its shape.

Prevents chances of formation of mold and mildew

As said before, charcoal is capable of eliminating moisture from the space it is placed. Hence, it inhibits the creation of any kind of molds or mildew in your surroundings.

Maintains the freshness of food for a longer time

As the Breathe green charcoal bags remove even the traces of moisture in the air, food is preserved, and it stays fresher for a longer duration of time. You need not get away with the frustration of the funky smell from the refrigerator.

Eco-friendly in nature

One of the significant benefits of Breathe green charcoal bags is it does not pose any harm to the environment above and beneath. Since the bags are entirely made of activated charcoal, which in turn is an eco-friendly substance, neither its use nor disposal poses any danger to the environment. Thus, the issue of sustainability is very well solved.

Simple in usage

Even the funkiest smell in your home or surroundings can be removed with the placement of a few numbers of Breathe green charcoal bags. It also eliminates pollutants and allergens from your surroundings. You just need to place the charcoal bags wherever you feel that there is a need. These can be placed in places wherever there are chances of formation or existence of mildew, mold, allergens, or odors. Let it alone in that place and get ready to see the magic in a few minutes.

Two-year life span

The product, Breathe green charcoal bags are worthwhile as it has an average life span of two years. So, with a single container, you can freshen up a portion of your space for all through two years.

Easy to maintain

These small bags can be kept up easily. You need not have to worry about its maintenance. The only care required is that you have to place these bags in sunlight for about an hour. This procedure can be done once every month. That’s its maintenance, and you can see the bags refreshing and soothing the air back once again.

Can be disposed easily and effectively

You need not fear the disposal issue once the lifespan of the charcoal bags gets over. The average design period of Breathe green charcoal bags is two years. After this period, you can conveniently dump the charcoal in the soil. Not only does the disposal of these bags take place, but also it enriches the soil and enhances the quality of the ground.

Breathe Green Charcoal Bags Pricing

To get some of these efficient odors-remover Breathe green charcoal bags your home, directly visit the official website of the manufacturer. The manufacturers offer a discount some time or the other. See if you are fortunate enough to avail of some of the most exciting offers. The general Breathe green charcoal bag pricing and the discount pricing is detailed in the excerpt below.

If you buy five of the products, you will get another five for free. Each of the five bought is charged a rate of $19.99. You are also free of paying shipping charges. Thus, the entire package would cost you a sum of $200.00. But for a fifty percent discount, you can get the package by just paying $99.95.

If you intend to place orders for three, you will get two free. You will have to pay $19.99 for each of the three. In addition to that, you have to spend $6.99 for shipping. Thus, the package will cost you $120.00 in total. But if you are lucky enough to get the 50% discount from the company, you can get the whole package within $59.95.

Another scheme is buying two for which you will get one free. The total package will cost you $80.00, which includes the shipping charge of $6.99. A fifty percent discount offer can get you the same amount of products at a rate of just $39.95.

On the contrary, if you will to purchase eight of the Breathe green charcoal bags, you will get twelve of them besides, as free. The package costs $19.99 per each of the eight bags. You need not has to spend a penny in the name of shipping charges. Thus, generally, the scheme costs you $320.00. But the fifty percent off offer can bring the entire kit to you in just $159.95.

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Money-back guaranteed and refund policy

The manufacturers are very particular that not one penny of the client is wasted on something that is worthless. To boost confidence in the customer, the company offers a ninety-day money-back guarantee. If ever you feel that the product does not meet your expectations, then just send back the product. You will get a replacement or a full refund as per the circumstances.


Breathe green charcoal bags are purely made out of activated charcoal. Thus, it does not have adverse effects in terms of health or the environment. Thus, breathing green charcoal bags are one of the few commodities that function effectively without posing any damage to yourself or the system that sustains you.

Customer reviews


I stay at a hostel near my workplace, which is far from my home. Everything felt pretty good, except for the funky toilet. The foul smell that persisted in the hostel bathroom pierced through my nose and killed my moods. Many people were to utilize this one cubicle, and the odor is inevitable. I was to take this big task of carrying out my routines withstanding the stench. It seems pretty hard, but I was left without a choice. I reported to the hostel warden, who expressed her helplessness. I found this effective smell-remover, Breathe Green charcoal remover. Life seems more relaxed now. It is incredible and soothing how the small bag removes the smell within a short time. I can now undertake my routines relaxed. I no longer need to hurry up and run out quickly once I am finished.


My father is an Asthma patient, and he has difficulty in breathing. The doctor has strongly advised me to keep him away from any kind of allergen as it can make his respiratory system suffer like anything. I was freaked out and wanted badly to save his health. I was determined not to bring any poisonous or allergy-causing substances near him. But, the air is free-flowing, and I do not have control over it. I was deep in thoughts on how to take care of my sick father. It was through a friend of mine that I got introduced to this product, Breathe green charcoal bags. Quickly, I ordered three of them. I was highly satisfied with the performance of these products. I ordered a couple more. I now breathe relaxed, seeing my father breathe calm.

The final verdict

Breathe Green Charcoal Bags are little bags in which activated charcoal is filled. The kit is intended to remove smell, microbes, and allergens from the surroundings in which it is placed. Activated charcoal is well known for its adsorptive power, and the same magic works for these bags too. It is known to eliminate even the foulest smell and restore air its freshness.

It can keep disease away by efficiently eliminating microbes like fungi and bacteria in the immediate environment. It can be placed easily in those places where there are risks of foul smell, mildew, mold, etc.

The primary component in the product is activated carbon. As the substance is a hundred percent eco-friendly, one needs not to fear out on the disposal issues. Breathe Green charcoal bags are intended to serve its function adequately for two years. Thus, the money spent is worth it. After this lifetime, it can be simply dumped into the soil.

Thus, it can be concluded that Breathe green charcoal bags are an efficient and eco-friendly solution to the pungent smell and hazardous allergens in your spaces. It can filter and purify the air and keeps it fresh for a more extended period within a couple of minutes. You no longer need to smell the worst or feel embarrassed when a guest suddenly turns up. Breathe Green charcoal bags have enough to impress your visitors.

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