Ciagra Male Enhancement Review

Ciagra Male Enhancement


ENHANCES Sex Drive & Libido


ACHIEVE Bigger & Harder Erections


LONGER Sexual Staying Power


INCREASED Penis Length & Girth




Life has challenges it throws our way every once so often. These challenges build us and make us stronger most of the time. But at times, they can break us. And what better way to break a man than to break his masculinity. And the most significant source of a man’s masculinity is in his performance in bed. And age has a way of taking your strength away from you. More and more men have erectile dysfunction (ED) every year.

It has become the norm for a man above 40 years to struggle with performance issues. And yet a lot of his strength as a man stems from his sexual performance. Suppose you are in this category of people who find themselves struggling with performance in bed; you have come to the right place. Many products get sold with the pitch that they can cure you of your sexual dysfunction. Using them proves a fatal mistake because you suffer serious side effects, monetary loss, and a more significant loss of self-esteem.

You do not need to put yourself through any more torture. Here on this page, you find a guide that tells you about the Ciagra Male Enhancement formula that guarantees to take you to a better place in sexual excellence.

Ciagra Male Enhancement

What is Ciagra Male Enhancement?

Ciagra Male Enhancement is an advanced formula geared to improving and restoring male sexual health. It gets formulated with pure, natural ingredients that set the stage for rejuvenated testosterone production, revamped sexual drive, stamina, and desire.

This supplement directs abundant blood flow to your penis to maximize staying power, control, and rock-hard capability. You get acute control over your member as you can call it to arms at any given time you want to romp in the sack.


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This supplement works with eight proven natural ingredients to bolster your sexual performance and restore it to its proper function.

Horny Goat Weed has gained a reputation for its aphrodisiac properties that will set you aflame, desiring your partner. Predominantly cultivated in Asia, it has received worldwide recognition and acceptance.

Tongkat Ali Extract also has worldwide recognition for its libido enhancing and confidence-boosting capabilities.

Saw Palmetto Extract gets derived from a variant of the palm tree and has a plethora of sexual health benefits, two of which include enhancing testosterone production and erection control.

Wild Yam Extract gets used here to help manage your mood patterns by alleviating stress and anxiety and releasing your energy to focus on sexual activity.

Nettle Extract has a defining role in that it directs testosterone to avail itself so that the body can utilize it. Other ingredients included in this formula are Boron, Sarsaparilla, and Calcium.

How Ciagra Male Enhancement Works

The male body has a beautiful sexual system that uses blood as its fuel. You get to erect at will when you become sexually aroused. This excitement sends a signal to your brain that instructs the body to direct blood to the penis. Here, this blood gets stored in sponge-like muscles that absorb the blood and gorge up your member. You become ready for penetration once this has happened. In an ideal situation, your penis ought to be rock hard and not floppy. Erectile dysfunction robs you of this power to get firm and control your erection.

Ciagra Male Enhancement formula works to restore this balance by directing blood to your penis as it should generally occur. Your sex drive gets rejuvenated so that you find your partner continually calling out the best in you. Several ingredients work in tandem to drive your libido up to near-superhuman ability.

The product does not stop there. One of the main reasons for sexual dysfunction is testosterone imbalance. The supplement uses one of its herbs to help the body restore testosterone production. Testosterone serves the vital role of powering you up as a man, and without it, you struggle to get excited, struggle to stay hard, and don’t have enough soldiers to shoot into glory land. That is why testosterone is so vital.

As your body receives more significant volumes of blood to the penis, there is a need for your member to grow larger to accommodate this increase in blood flow. Regeneration of cells takes place through the presence of antioxidants, which are present in the supplement. Antioxidants can cause cell growth and regeneration of cells.

Lastly, your body gets pumped with herbs that enable the body to produce high volumes of energy that power you for the excellent work of sexing up your partner and devouring her to the moon and back. It would help if you had this energy to help you blast through the long, satisfying night.

Ciagra Male Enhancement review

How to Use

This supplement is relatively easy to use. It comes in a plastic bottle of 60 capsules that serve you for 30 days. It would be best if you used it each day of the month at whatever time you desire. The supplement does not replace any foods you should take, so you should keep a steady, balanced diet to give your body all its strength. Take it regularly to enable you to benefit from its advantages of sexual restoration.

Be sure to make water your friend, staying hydrated at all times. Water will help you stay fresh when pumping yourself out to your lover. It will aid you in lasting through the night on that lovemaking session you desire.


The manufacturer of this supplement gives two pills a day dosage that you should not exceed. Take this dosage daily for up to three months to experience great results in your sex life.

Ciagra Male Enhancement Safety

Ciagra Male Enhancement uses herbs and botanical extracts to bring together this life-changing formula. The supplement has proven itself free of side effects and has doctor recommendation due to its safety and efficacy.

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Ciagra Male Enhancement Benefits

  • The supplement reignites your testosterone and energy production to supercharge your libido, giving you a stallion’s sex drive.
  • You get the blood flowing to your penis in large quantities such that it gets gorged to capacity. This blood allows you to have full control of your penis, have lasting and more powerful erections, and experience wild ejaculations.
  • The blood which gets driven to the penis takes on more and more space to the point of increasing the penis size tremendously over time.

Cost & Shipping

The product has three package options you can choose. The first one is called The Simpler Package. It allows you to buy one bottle and get another free. The price per bottle comes to $42.46. The second package is the Best Value Package that lets you buy two bottles and get two free. This pack sells you a bottle at just $37.49. Finally, you have the Most Popular Package that lets you buy three bottles, and you get three others completely free. Here, a bottle only costs you $33.33.

All these pricing models have free shipping included ensuring you do not spend an extra dime from the buying price you see.

Ciagra Male Enhancement Price

Refunds and Returns

You can return the product if you are unhappy with it upon arrival. You need to return the product after getting an RMA number and pasting it on the return package. It would be best if you did not interfere with the box but returned it just as you received it.


How long must I use this supplement to get results?

This product works swiftly, given its quick absorption into the body. You will get results within the first two weeks of using it. Results vary based on the individual user, and so you should use it for a minimum of three months to have lasting effects.

What side effects should I expect from Ciagra?

The all-natural ingredients used to create this formula have gotten vetting from reputable doctors and researchers. This product has approval from labs across the US as being safe and free of side effects.

Can I return this product if it does not perform to what I expected?

You can return this product if you find the packaging or product damaged. Call customer support to confirm the procedure of return. You will need to pay for return shipping and get charged the shipping fee that brought the product to you.


  • The supplement uses an all-natural formula.
  • It has no severe side effects.
  • It boosts your sexual stamina.
  • It restores your testosterone production.
  • You can have all-night sexual escapades.


  • Sadly, the internet offer can only get accessed in the US alone.

Customer Testimonials

“Underperformance was never my thing. I was one of those men everyone admired or wanted to be. I enjoyed being an all-rounded person. I performed exemplarily in academics while excelling in sports too. And while in college, I discovered I had the power to dazzle under the sheets as well. I didn’t waste this strength and gave my all for the benefit of humanity. I couldn’t believe I would ever experience a shortcoming in life.

I started failing to perform 12 years into marriage. That failure rocked my near-perfect world and made me realize I am not as self-sufficient as I’d always thought. I finally got the courage to go to my doctor, who prescribed some medication. The medication only helped to a degree, but also hurt as it gave me severe side effects. My life got restored when I got introduced to Ciagra. My wife can now smile when I get to the house, knowing what is to come.” Michael.

“I’ve always enjoyed the romp, maybe a bit more than the next guy. That’s why my wife got surprised that I started shying away from the six days a week of sexual escapades. At first, I thought I had overworked myself. Then I thought age had finally caught up with me. I took a few days off to research what could have gotten me down. I realized I had developed ED. That was a sobering and scary realization that made me come to terms with my mortality.

I started looking around for a solution to my disorder. I tried a few products with dismal success. Even the so-called supplements never gave me relief from the struggle I had. One day, while at a social event, I noticed a colleague and his wife couldn’t keep their hands off each other. I knew he was about ten years my senior, yet behaved like he was my junior. It irked me, and as we were leaving with my wife, he stopped me and whispered to me he could help me. That was pretty surreal. I hadn’t realized my chagrin was so noticeable.

My colleague introduced me to Ciagra, and it has changed my life completely. I’m a new man for it, and my wife can tell you the rest of it.

“I realized I was losing my ability to perform when I couldn’t last 20 minutes in bed. It bugged me for a long time, and I avoided any sexual escapades until I could find a solution to what was ailing me. I visited my doctor, who took me on a medication journey I would have preferred never getting into. And it never did a thing for me. I then started researching supplements and stumbled on this one. It promised a bit too much for my comfort, but I decided to try it considering what I had seen. I have never regretted the decision.” Carlton.


The sexual performance gives a relationship flair. It makes your partner ogle at you, thinking about the power you have on them. It makes meeting up a fiery affair that you both anticipate. Things can quickly go south when a relationship fails to have this sexual energy. If you have come to such a place that you cannot perform satisfactorily, you should not give up hope. You can still get your sexual stamina back; time for the stallion to rise again using Ciagra Male Enhancement today. Enjoy a hot lovemaking session with your throbbing member ready to drive your partner wild and senseless through endless ecstasy.

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