Does Skipping Breakfast Lead to Weight Loss?

It is a big question for those highly focused on their weight and trying to shed that extra burden on the body. In most cases, it is seen that people prefer to restrict intake of food as soon as they get to know about their weight. An increase in weight is not an overnight job, and hence losing the same can also not be. Those who want to lose weight focus on food intake first, and the primary target they go for is breakfast. They either reduce the quantity or skip the whole breakfast and believe that it will impact the body’s overall weight without knowing the evil effects of the same.

Oats For Weight Loss

Experts have carried out various researches to find if skipping breakfast can truly help lose weight. In almost every research, they have found that it is unnecessary and one must go for breakfast first. However, to a large extent, it depends on the quality of the food and type of breakfast but skipping the same cannot reduce the body weight. If one does not act responsibly, this can surely lead to weight gain.

Here are a few points that can help one know how skipping breakfast can lead to weight gain.

  • Increased hunger: If you skip breakfast to see the same can affect your weight, it will prove boom rang for you as you will feel hungrier later. Hence one goes for food without having a regular limit which he might have after having breakfast. This can also lead to overeating and, as a result, an increase in weight. Increased hunger can also damage your metabolism cycle, which may normally be acting otherwise. If you go for breakfast, you will not feel much hungry at noon, and hence your overall food intake will be limited. Hence skipping breakfast will not help you lose weight.
  • More craving for sweet foods: When you are hungry, you feel like going for sweet food, processed food, sugary food, and such things that may affect your weight negatively. Hence instead of benefiting by skipping breakfast, you may turn up increasing the same. Sweets have more calories than normal food, and hence your calorie intake is increased naturally. Over a period, if you continue with the same habit, you may find a considerable increase in your weight. In fact, when you have skipped breakfast, it becomes difficult to resist the sweet items also. Ultimately you get no benefit from skipping breakfast.
  • Decrease in metabolism rate: With the food with higher calories and more amounts, the rate of metabolism goes down. Hence even naturally, whatever the benefits you might be getting from routine works such as walking or doing other activities will also not be available to the body, and this leads to a lower metabolism rate. In simple words, you can lose your weight in a better way if you don’t skip your breakfast rather go for skipping the same.
  • Eating to a full stomach: The day when you skip your breakfast, you find hungrier than ever before. This leads you to eat any food and every food when you get it without being worried about calories intake. This can lead you to eat too full of your stomach and hence increase in weight. Though skipping breakfast does not help you lose weight in any way, it can surely lead you to gain some more. Hence it is never a good idea to skip breakfast for those who are health and weight cautious.
  • Quality compromise: When you skip breakfast, you may feel hungry to such an extent that you don’t care for the quality of the food also. This can affect your health in multiple ways, including an extra deposit of fat and an increase in weight with a slower metabolism rate.

Weight control is not that easy task as one has to plan it well and go for the expert’s support who can guide him with the right plan. Weight loss may take time, but one must adhere to the diet plan and follow the same with immense patience. This can help him correct his body cycle, increase his metabolism rate with better health, and lose the extra fat.