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Ensures good motility of sperm


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VigRx Fertility Factor 5 is a supplement available for male fertility issues. This is a healthy supplement that is tested clinically to help make a recovery from the conditions of infertility issues. This helps release a high count of sperms and works in increasing the development of sperm activity among males.

This capsule is specially optimized to ensure productive fertility health in makes. The supplement composes of 5 ingredients which help in healing from infertility issues. The creation of this product is linked to addressing the sensitive issue experienced by makes in their sexual life. Also, the infertility issues can become a complex situation to make one face harassment in sexual intercourse and result in being sick emotionally as well as mentally. If you wish to avoid such a situation, then it is better to heal your fertility issues at the right time using this supplement.

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In the present scenario, different products are being released, which may even result in worsening health. Though, the VigRx Fertility Factor 5 is composed of all healthy ingredients to help men boost their levels of fertility. This product doesn’t regard to help people boost their size of manhood or get a male enhancement supplement. Instead, this product is specially designed to get recovered from the conditions of poor fertility.

At present, we all know that it becomes tough to handle a relationship due to fertility issues. It can be a major cause resulting in embarrassment in front of your partner. A man loses confidence due to the shame of not being able to be fertile. This can even lead to conflicts among couples.


When talking about the VigRx Fertility Factor 5 product, it is a must to know about the five magical ingredients present in it. This product comes with a five-ingredient formula which is effective in recovering from male infertility. It is a great supplement to ensure a healthy life of sperm and raise libido.

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  1. Panax Ginseng

This ingredient is taken into usage among many men’s health-related supplements. There is a good reason why this ingredient outshines as the best one to heal mean infertility issues. It is believed to have the properties to improve the sexual drive and sperm health among males. Also, it has a great review of increasing libido in men.

  1. Tongkat Ali LJ100

Tongkat Ali is the name of an Asian herb is a great healer of fertility issues among men. It is linked to better levels of testosterone and raising fertility chances. It was all about Tongkat Ali. In the VigRx Fertility Factor 5 product, Tongkat Ali LJ100 is present, which is known to have a higher level of potency. Among some scientific studies, it was revealed that the Tongkat Ali LJ100 ingredient is a natural herb that works as a wonderful healer of sexual drive and links to a healthy sperm life.

  1. Zinc

In sperm deficiencies, a major cause is the lack of zinc. Among the essential minerals to get improved sperm health, zinc is one of them. Among several studies, it is reported that men facing infertility conditions appeared with low levels of zinc. So, it becomes advisable to start intaking the daily dose of zinc in your diet. For this, you can start using the VigRx Fertility Factor 5 product, which comprises sufficient amounts of zinc mineral. Zinc is a helpful mineral which results in the healthy motility and development of male sperms.

  1. Selenium

Another healthy nutrient for recovering sperm deficiencies is Selenium. Similar to the zinc mineral, Selenium is also an essential mineral for the males facing infertility issues. In some studies, it was suggested to intake Selenium in health supplements to get a healthy sperm life and improve the fertility issues among males. For this, VigRx Fertility Factor 5 product is the best supplement source of Selenium.

  1. BioPerine

This ingredient is a fully organic compound which can also be termed as a “healthy turbocharger.” It works as an effective ingredient when combined with other ingredients. It is present in the VigRx Fertility Factor 5 product. It originated from the piper Nigrum fruits. This ingredient is a pure source of piperine and is taken into usage among several products. This holds the ability to make other ingredients present in a product more bioavailable.

How does it work?

In this VigRx Fertility Factor 5 product, there’s a five ingredients formula used to make this supplement. This product aims at improving the conditions of fertility among males. It is composed of all-natural ingredients free from any harmful effects. The supplement starts working in the males by performing the following tasks:

  • It results in strengthening libido among males.
  • It results in raising the count of sperm.
  • It enhances the quality of sperm count.
  • Sperm morphology also becomes better.
  • It results in increasing the motility of male sperm.

If you have any doubts about the working process of this product or any concerns regarding infertility, whether it is about the count of low sperm or poor mobility of sperm, you can talk with a healthcare specialist to know more.


The VigRx Fertility Factor 5 product is popular among many couples to become parents who failed due to the male infertility problems. Many women experienced problems in becoming pregnant due to their partner’s infertility. This product has done wonders among them. If you want to know the benefits of using this product, then check below the following points:

  1. Presence of essential nutrients

This product comprises several essential nutrients such as Selenium and zinc. These two minerals hold a good connection with the fertility issues among male. For the enhancement of fertility among males and the motility of sperm, zinc is an essential nutrient. Often, 40% of males facing infertility issues have low levels of Selenium. With the product, your body gets to enjoy a sufficient amount of Selenium. Both these minerals prove fruitful in the count of sperm, the shape of sperm, volume of semen, and so on.

  1. Can be used with other supplements

Often, a major concern among people about the use of VigRx Fertility Factor 5 lies in whether it is hazardous when combined with any other supplement or pill usage. Most of the male enhancement or other pills come with a limitation of not effective when used with any other supplement. Though, you can easily take this supplement along with other pills for male enhancement or other purposes.

  1. Ensures good motility of sperm

If you’re facing the male fertility issues, then it can be a cause due to the poor sperm motility. Often, motility is described as the organism’s ability to keep moving. When you start taking the VigRx Fertility Factor 5 tablets, you’ll experience healthy motility of sperms. This can be a beneficial thing for your fertility recovery.

  1. Effective on increasing sperm count

Among males, major infertility issues occur due to the low count of sperms. If you’re also experiencing such a problem, then you might be willing to find a natural solution. Using the VigRx Fertility Factor 5 works as a natural supplement to increase your sperm count effectively.

  1. Helps recover from male infertility

Among the males experiencing infertility issues, it becomes troublesome in causing a fertile female to become pregnant. The situation of male infertility occurs due to the poor quality of semen, low count of sperm, or other deficiencies associated with the male semen. In such conditions, males face extreme difficulty in becoming a parent. This also affects males by making them weak emotionally and results in lowering confidence. To recover from the infertility state, males can start taking the VigRx Fertility Factor 5 supplement. This works as a magical supplement to recover from male infertility conditions.

Price, Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

When talking about the price of VigRx Fertility Factor 5, there are different options available for monthly supplies. Though there are certain discounts available at the retail price. You can choose any of the following supply:

We have a money-back guarantee for 67 days. You can use our product for 60 days, and if you don’t find it satisfactory or useful, then you can return the unused supplement after 67 days of your purchase date. In this plan, we have a trial period for 60 days, and one week is for the delivery return. You can avail of a 100% refund on the product price, which excluded the handling or delivery charges.

We make a guarantee as we are aware our customers would love using this product. With the VigRx Fertility Factor 5, customers have reviewed positive feedback. If you want to avail of the refund, do not make any shipping after the completion of 60 days. Once the return period of 60 days is over, we won’t accept any returns in any condition.

If you’re returning the product, it must reach our warehouse location after 67 days of your purchase date without any delays.

Don’t feel worried about our products and give them a try. Though our money-back guarantee or refund policy is limited to one-time per user.

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Side Effects

With the usage of VigRx Fertility Factor 5, you won’t experience any problems. Though, it is not enough to consider VigRx Fertility Factor 5 as a safe product. Before the supplement intake, you can consult your healthcare physician or doctor for more safety.

No doubt, VigRx Fertility Factor 5 is strictly made under the regulations of health safety. With the supplement, you’ll be availed with the documentation as to when and where it was made.

Customer Reviews

Brian: “If anything like a magic pill existed, then VigRx Fertility Factor 5 is the one. It didn’t only helped me heal from fertility issues but also helped me gain my confidence again. I was always in fear of fertility before having intercourse with my partner. This feeling made me weak emotionally. I just started using the supplement for a month, and I can see the results. I never thought of getting such a wonderful supplement to recover from infertility. It helped me improve my sexual life. Now, I feel the sex drive for my partner, and I’m happily satisfied with the results. It is a great supplement and won’t give you any ill-effects. My wife is pregnant, and we are a happy couple now. Order your VigRx Fertility Factor 5 tablets now.”

David: “My partner was always disappointed with me at times of intercourse. I had the feeling of low confidence with my partner. I had been so weak mentally due to the feeling of poor fertility. I had always used many pills to heal from the condition but never got any satisfactory results. My wife always failed to conceive due to my fertility issues. It was my friend who recommended me to try VigRx Fertility Factor 5 once. I didn’t believe that it would help me and would be a waste like other pills. But the product comes with a 60 days refund trial, so I brought it. I can’t believe in my eyes that the results were so quick. I was so happy with my decision to order VigRx Fertility Factor 5. This was an amazing experience using the product.”


The VigRx Fertility Factor 5 is a great product for the males who wish to hold their infertility control in their hands. Though you can consider this product as a substitution for your doctor’s consultation appointment. This product is composed of all-natural ingredients that will be healthy for male health. It can be a great product in times when you’re planning to become a parent. It works as the best product for helping you enhance your sperm quality to be out of stressful conceiving thoughts.

No doubt, you can find enormous remedies that are related to natural male fertility recovery. Though, the chances are not sure among all males. Some may be experiencing a certain condition, and others have a different problem. Whether it is sperm quality, sperm count, or a sperm motility issue, VigRx Fertility Factor 5 is a great product.

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