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Women put on weight for very different reasons than men. Stress, hormonal changes, and genetics all have a role to play in the mid-age belly bulge in women. This weight gain is also tough to reverse. And this obstinate fat becomes metabolically active, leading to metabolic syndromes like diabetes Type 2.

No one can pin the exact reason for weight gain, especially in women. We think we do but really don’t. But, you need to understand the real cause of weight gain, before you can even start to tackle it. For women, calories are not the full story. They are a part of the story, but other more important reasons for weight gain in women are genetics, hormonal changes, and metabolism disorders, thyroid dysfunctions like hypothyroidism, stress, apart from deficiencies. Even though we blame calorie intake for fat gain, it’s not the entire story. ‘Calorie- in and calorie- out’, which essentially means that by burning the same amount of calories you consume in food by exercising, you avoid gaining any weight, is not cutting much ice amongst women weight watchers these days. The ‘calorie-in, calorie-out’ adage is too simplistic for women. You may have noticed that stubborn fat refuses to budge even after months of dieting and exercise. Men, on the other hand, get better results with diets and exercise overall.

Clearly, there is an urgent need to study weight gain in women. But, most diet programs and even weight–loss programs are male-focused. This may make matters worse than do any good. Extreme diets are also a part of the problem for women. They promise you weight loss, but more often than not, leave you with weight gain. Women respond worse to keto than men. Diets also are counterproductive as they don’t promise weight loss for life. As soon as you take your foot off the pedal, your weight is back. This can make you feel more depressed and blocked than before. You are not alone, lots of women around the globe feel the same.

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Extreme diets like Atkins, Keto, low-fat, or the Paleo diet can also lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Deficiencies are extremely pesky and can take the life out of your life. Lots of women have experienced the debilitating effects of deficiencies. An iron deficiency, for example, can lead to extreme fatigue, heart palpitations, depression, as well as wrinkles, dry hair, fragile nails. Iron deficiencies happen to women who don’t eat wholesome diets- especially red meat focused non-vegetarian diets. This is seen in poor women, women who may have issues in absorbing iron from their diets, and also in women who are on extreme diets. Ditto with vitamin B deficiencies.

So, where do you stand vis-a-vis weight gain? Not in a great place, all said and done. But, things are definitely looking up. Now you have Hourglass Fit: Women’s Fat Burner to hand-hold you through your weight loss journey, for one. This is what we shall be talking about in this review. So do read this review right to the end to kick start your own successful weight loss journey and prevent health issues before it’s too late with Hourglass Fit!

About Hourglass Fit

Hourglass Fit is a dietary weight loss supplement created by and for women. It is safe, contains clinically proven Glucomannan, a fiber that is a proven appetite suppressant, along with B Vitamins for energy, and a thermogenic, like capsicum, that burns fat. It works by revving up your metabolism to burn off fat faster, it crushes cravings for food and is nature-based and gluten-free. It does not contain laxatives or any kind of stimulant like coffee beans and is entirely risk-free.

Hourglass Fit: Ingredients

Every ingredient used in Hourglass Fit has been carefully optimized to ensure that it is the best female fat burner in the market that is available without a prescription. Hourglass Fit makes you lose weight naturally. It is gluten-free, and GMP certified. The diligently researched nine ingredients that make Hourglass Fit the perfect women fat burner are:

Hourglass Fat Burner Ingredients

  • Glucomannan– This is nature’s best soluble fiber found in the root of the konjac plant. It is also nature’s most exciting creations in the world of fat burning. How Glucomannan works are by expanding in the stomach after being consumed. This expansion slows down the emptying of the contents of the stomach, and this makes you stay fuller for longer. Long-term satiety stops you from snacking by making you feel fuller for a longer time. It helps you control your portion sizes more easily.

This natural fiber that works as a powerful appetite suppressant gives you more control over your hormonal urges.

  • Capsimax– This compound is extracted from cayenne peppers. Capsimax, capsaicin, is one of the most potent, and highly researched, natural thermogenic fat burners available.

Thermogenics heat up your body, consuming energy and raising metabolism! Research has proved that these can actually help you burn more calories and melt away fat. One study found those who consumed Capsimax experienced an increase in expenditure of energy, even while they were resting. Another study, this time for women, found that ingesting capsaicin resulted in the increased burning of fats. This means fat is used as a source of energy instead of carbohydrates and doesn’t get stored. Capsimax also helps women by controlling food cravings, as another study shows. Adding capsaicin like Capsimax can thus suppress appetite. And along with Glucomannan, this fiery star ingredient gifts you full control over your cravings.

  • Green Tea Extract– This contains catechins that are great natural fat burners. Green tea burns fat by providing a thermogenic benefit which can boost the usage of fats during exercise. Secondly, green tea extract can elevate fat burning by sixteen percent. This works along with Capsimax and vitamin B6 to allow your body to use fat as energy efficiency. The extract also boosts energy and endurance to allow you to maintain an active lifestyle, as green tea naturally contains a small amount of caffeine. This is enough to give you a clean energy lift to work out more efficiently.
  • Green tea, in short, can help to reduce body weight and lower levels of body fat.
  • Guarana– This is a powerful fat burner as it contains antioxidants, including the catechins that make green tea such a powerful fat burner. It also contains some caffeine, which can keep you free of fatigue during a workout to support an active lifestyle. Guarana increases metabolism and aids in weight loss. What’s more, Guarana allows adapting Hourglass Fit to the female physiology even more.
  • Bioperine– This is another essential ingredient in Hourglass Fit’s formula. It’s basically a highly bioavailable form of piperine, which reduces weight gain. It also elevates your metabolism and suppresses the growth of fat cells. Besides, it works synergistically with other ingredients.
  • Vitamin D3 or Cholecalciferol– Vitamin D3 helps you lose weight as well as maintain bone health. New research shows that low levels of this vitamin are related to obesity.
  • Other studies also support the finding that more D3 equals less fat too, and this is why it is a part of the supplement.
  • Chromium– This trace element supports the weight loss story in women by reducing both food intake and cravings, especially the cravings associated with carbohydrates like in sugary treats.
  • Chromium has also been shown to reduce the accumulation of deeper visceral fat that leads to pesky belly fat in women.
  • Vitamin B12– This vitamin helps rev up your metabolism and has been shown to reduce weight gain over a ten-year-period. And that’s not all, B12 has also been shown to help combat depression, which can lead you to binge eat and pile on the kilos.
  • Vitamin B6– This water-soluble nutrient plays a vital role in tackling carbohydrates more efficiently and burn fats. It basically helps you to lose more fat. Consider this 2005 study- researchers discovered that women who regularly took B vitamins and Chromium over a ten-year-period experienced less weight gain than those who didn’t.

How Does Hourglass Fit Work?

Hourglass Fit was formulated with the needs and requirements of women just like you in mind. It uses a deep understanding of women’s biology to create a super-efficient fat-loss supplement for women. The dietary supplement recognizes and is responsive to the needs of normal women living humdrum lives. It is a unique fat burner that revs up your metabolism, improves satiety and improves energy levels – all in a handy capsule form. Hourglass Fit works on your hormonal system so that you don’t reach for the cookie jar when you are stressed out. It uses Glucamanonn, the most powerful fiber that keeps you feeling fuller after a meal. It also has a slew of B-vitamins for amping energy levels while saying a firm no to harsh stimulants like caffeine as well as laxatives. It is the only diet supplement that takes your well-being into account. it is also, perhaps, the only fat burner in the market that doesn’t amplify mood swings. It contains ingredients chosen for their compatibility with your unique physiology and their capacity to support the weight loss process in entirety, leading to a thinner, firmer, sexier you.

How To Use Hourglass Fit?

The natural weight loss supplement is easy to use. You don’t have to make smoothies or teas, but just take the capsule thrice a day with water, and you are good to go. You will see the fat burn off your frame and especially from your midriff and arms, making you feel sexier than ever before in no more than 90 days.

Is Hourglass Fit Safe To Use?

Yes, it contains all-natural ingredients, and it is GMP certified. It’s GMP, gluten, and cruelty –free and does not have any preservatives.

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Benefits of Hourglass Fit

Hourglass Fit does much more than just shrink your appetite and increase your metabolism, it has a slew of other significant benefits like:

  • Your energy levels shoot up due to the B vitamins. You suddenly have more energy to do all that you want to do in a day and more.
  • Your jawline gets firmer due to weight loss.
  • You knock off belly fat, and your midriff becomes flatter and sexier.
  • Your glutes (the muscles in your buttocks) get tighter, and you have a firmer, more lifted butt.
  • Your waistline gets firmer too after knocking all those inches due to Hourglass Fit.
  • Along with weight loss, you also experience inch loss all over your body. You lose weight from your upper arms and your arms firm up exponentially. You can wear more trendy clothes and feel body confident.
  • Your belly becomes flat without any kind of exercise because you feel fuller for longer and don’t overeat anymore.
  • This fat-burning capsule revs up your metabolism as that you lose weight even while resting or sleeping.
  • The supplement switches on the satiety switch inside your body so that you don’t reach for the cookies in-between meals.
  • Hourglass Fit makes you lose weight naturally as it contains ingredients sourced from nature.
  • The dietary supplement is completely gluten-free too for women who are allergic to gluten which is the root cause of inflammation in your body and dangerous diseases like cancer.
  • Made in FDA-registered facilities under strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Also, cruelty and preservatives free.

Purchase And Price

Hourglass Fit can be purchased exclusively on the developer’s website only. There are two incredible deals that you can choose from-

Hourglass Fit Buy 2 Get 2 Free Deal – In this, you get two bottles of Hourglass Fit free when you purchase two bottles of the supplement at a limited-offer price of $110. This will take care of four months of supply with a total of 360 fat-burning capsules.

The other offer is called the Hourglass Fit BOGOF Deal. In this, you get one bottle of Hourglass Fit free when you order one bottle of the supplement. This limited-only offer is available at $55. The 180 fat-burning capsules will last you for two months.

Hourglass Really Work

Money-Back Guarantee And Refund Policy Of Hourglass Fit 

Hourglass Fit comes with a 100% risk-free money-back and refund for 90 days. In case you are not happy with the results, you can get a super-fast refund.



What Is Hourglass Fit?

This is a dietary fat burner supplement for women. It helps you lose weight by revving up your metabolism, using fat as energy, providing satiety for longer and providing you with fat burning vitamins and minerals.

Who Can Use Hourglass Fit?

Any woman looking for weight loss is a fit candidate for Hourglass Fit. Age doesn’t really matter.

How to Use Hourglass Fit?

You have to take the capsule thrice a day with water. This means you don’t have to make shakes or brew teas and deal with clumpy powders.

Where Can I Buy Hourglass Fit?

You can buy the program only from the official website of the developer of the program.

How Soon Can I See Results?

You can lose weight and experience the other Hourglass Fit benefits in a flat 90 days of starting this weight loss supplement for women.

Is Hourglass Fit Safe To Use?

It is safe, natural, gluten-free and does not contain caffeine or laxatives. It is also GMP certified. It doesn’t contain any hidden chemicals or harmful ingredients. 

Can I Claim A Refund If I Am Not Satisfied? 

Yes, you have the choice to claim a 100% cashback within 90 days of ordering Hourglass Fit.

Click Here to Order Hourglass fit from the Official Website

Pros Of Hourglass Fit 

  • It helps you lose weight and keep it off.
  • It helps you feel full longer.
  • Burns fat for energy.
  • Retards the storage of fats.
  • Reduces belly fat.
  • Flattens your tummy.
  • Provides energy.
  • Promotes inch loss.

Cons Of Hourglass Fit 

  • This diet supplement can only be bought from the official website of the developer of the product.

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Customer Testimonials

Patricia – My wedding was just two weeks away and here I was binging away on pizzas. It gave me the worst belly. The only way I could have made it into my wedding dress is by having a tummy tuck or by trying Hourglass Fit. This supplement handled my pesky cravings and helped me lose five kilos and two inches from my belly. I looked great in my wedding dress and I now plan to make Hourglass Fit a regular part of my life. 

Lynda-  I struggled with weight loss after my second delivery. My post-baby bump seemed to have become a part of my body and wouldn’t depart no matter what I did. I finally took a week off work and researched all available supplements, and this is when I found Hourglass Fit. After delivery, I found that it was very easy to use. I lost my pendulous belly and regained my lost confidence within weeks. I am on cloud nine.


Hourglass Fit’s daily 3-capsule-combination offers you 24/7 weight-loss by curbing hunger pangs. This keeps your body burning fat all through the day, even when you are sleeping. It works by increasing your metabolism, as it contains active nutrients that increase body temperature. This results in increased metabolism and increases calorie-burning. It gives you the energy to exercise more and beat food cravings by making you feel fuller for longer. So, don’t wait to get Hourglass Fit, just order it in today and make the best choice of your life.

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