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There are a ton of viruses in the world today. Many of these viruses are still under research. Some have cured, while many others do not have treatments. You may have always tried to live a healthy life, and you have kept away from excesses. You have followed a sober diet and keep fit as much as you can. That has kept you away from diseases like the common cold and conditions like obesity. But deep down, you know that there is a time in your life when you indulged in reckless sexual activity.

There is that time when you felt like you had lost yourself in sexual desire. You could have been anywhere with anyone, and when the need struck you, it never mattered who it was with or whether you had protection at the time. The fire had to be put out by whatever means. And however, thankful you are that you did not end up infected with some scary virus like HIV, you did not get away unscathed.

A few years back, you discovered you had contracted herpes. While the infection is not a death sentence, it is an embarrassing and uncomfortable thing to have. You got to know you had the virus when you were getting never-ending symptoms. You got the sad news that there was no cure for the disease, and you could only manage it. And that is what you have been trying to do for the past couple of years.

But what if you got to know that there is a cure to both types of the herpes virus? Today, you will get to discover a treatment that will take you from dependence on drugs and bring you back to a life of freedom. Here you get to see the miracle cure of the HSV Eraser, which guarantees to cure you entirely of herpes.


Herpes is an infection that comes from a virus known as the herpes simplex virus. It is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that can be obtained from both oral and sexual interactions with an infected person. There are two kinds of herpes. HSV-1 herpes is the oral kind that is characterized by visible symptoms, while HSV-2 herpes is the genital kind that expresses itself through symptoms in the genital region.

Herpes can stay dormant for years without showing symptoms or show itself 2-12 days after you have been infected. An infected person usually exhibits these symptoms:

  • Cold sores around the mouth.
  • Blisters around the genitals.
  • Fever.
  • Pain while urinating.
  • Vaginal discharge.
  • Burning and tingling sensation before the onset of genital blisters.

The worst news is that it is not curable in the world of conventional medicine. Herpes is only managed through antiviral medication that suppresses the multiplication of the virus. It is treated through two treatment approaches, the episodic kind, and the suppressive kind. But these treatment methods don’t have to be the way you go. You can quickly get back your life of freedom, getting to love and be close to anyone you choose to be with.

HSV Eraser

About HSV Eraser

Herpes is an infection that expresses itself through the symptoms listed above. These symptoms are the body’s natural way of telling you that you have intruders in the body. The symptoms, like fever, should, in a normal case scenario, get the body to fight and destroy the herpes virus. Sadly, this virus is not like any other. It cloaks itself and makes itself invisible to the body’s soldiers.

What medication does is to try to prevent the virus from multiplying in the body. It, however, does not destroy the virus as it does not know where it is hiding. That is the mission that renowned researcher, Dr. Ken Languin, and Dr. Christine Buehler set out to accomplish over three months of continuous research. They sought to find a way to uncloak this virus and expose it so that it can be attacked and destroyed by the body’s immune system.

Within this research time, the researchers were able to discover a way to expose the virus by introducing a specific dose of organic chemicals to the body. These chemicals exposed the virus by separating it from the protein it used to cloak itself. The next hurdle was getting the immune system strong enough to fight and destroy this virus. The human immune system was not strong enough to destroy it by itself.

The researchers then went through another process of trial where they combined nutrients, vitamins, and supplements that strengthened the immune system enough to destroy the herpes virus. This research process took over five months, with the researchers spending up to 16 hours a day in the lab. Clinical trials were done on 479 test subjects who got completely cured of the herpes virus. This is following a natural diet available at the grocery store at a very affordable price.

Product Description

The HSV Eraser is a step-by-step guide that has two parts to it. The first part has a list of vitamins, supplements, and organic compounds that are used in your body to uncloak the herpes virus and make it visible to the world. You are also told the quantity of each of the ingredients that you should use and the exact time that you should use them. Some of the ingredients should only be taken for a week, while some of the nutrients should be used for the three-week duration.

This first part lasts ten days as all the ingredients work to part the herpes virus from the cells. This leaves the herpes virus vulnerable to attack by the body’s immune system. Then comes part two, which has a list of ingredients that supply nutrients to supercharge your immune system. You are given a schedule and quantity for the different items, just like in step one. This part takes between 11-13 days to be completed.

How Does HSV Eraser Work?

HSV Eraser is a super easy how-to-guide that takes you through the process of getting nutrients from easy-to-get ingredients. These ingredients can be purchased from your grocery store or the natural foods store near you. The cost of all these ingredients is $100 combined. There are two parts to the program.

The first part of the program is designed to bring ingredients that will bring out the herpes virus from hiding. The reason it is important to bring the virus out of hiding is that you need to expose it and make it vulnerable to attack. These ingredients are given with specific directions on how to take them and when to take them. Following the strict regiment ensures you get the right nutrients at the right time to get the herpes virus to come out of hiding.

The second part of this system works similarly to the first part. It comprises of ingredients that will supercharge the immune system so that it is strong enough to attack and destroy the herpes virus. The ingredients used in this program are so specific both in times of use, duration of use, and the quantity to be used that it is very much like taking a manufactured supplement. The only difference is that these ingredients can be procured from a grocery store in their natural form, while the manufactured supplement comes in a pill form.

This program is approved to destroy the herpes virus through the body’s immune system. This system is strengthened through the nutrients that you take in the second part of the program. The complete elimination of the virus ensures that you get to be herpes-free within a very short time.

HSV Eraser review

How to Use HSV Eraser

The HSV Eraser program is a very easy program to use. You only need to purchase the program from the official website. You will then need to get the easy-to-purchase ingredients which are all listed down in quantity. The ingredients are separated into two parts. You can first purchase the ingredients used in the first part. These ingredients will be used for ten days. You will need to use them in a particular quantity and following a specific schedule.

You will then get on to the second part of the program. This part has several ingredients which you will need to purchase in specific quantities. These ingredients will be used for 11-13 days. They also have a specific schedule to follow.


The ingredients listed in the program have a specific schedule and quantity that you should follow. The schedule should be followed to the letter to be effective in the body. These ingredients are easily bought in the grocery or natural foods store. The fact that they are simple ingredients may make you take the regimen lightly. But you must follow the exact quantities and time schedule so that you can cause the right effects in the body.

Is HSV Eraser Safe to Use?

HSV Eraser is a program that uses an all-natural approach to eliminate the herpes virus. It uses nutrients that are sought from ingredients easily found from the grocery store. These ingredients are used in daily living. The ingredients are safe to use in daily life. You can completely eliminate the herpes virus without going through a trying time facing dangerous side effects.

Benefits of HSV Eraser

The benefits of the HSV Eraser cannot be overrated. The program offers an unparalleled approach to eliminating herpes. These are the benefits:

  • Elimination of Herpes: You are assured that you will get to enjoy complete freedom from herpes. All you need to do is follow the schedule set in the program taking the ingredients laid out. You will soon lead a herpes free life.
  • All-Natural Diet: The program uses an all-natural diet to get you to a herpes-free state. All you need to do is purchase ingredients from a natural foods store to ensure you take in organic nutrients.
  • Quick-Acting: You will access a program that acts swiftly to eliminate herpes from your system. It can do this in just 21 days.

Purchase & Price

The program can be purchased for a small price of just $67 from the official website. This value is based on the desire that Dr. Buehler has to help people as many people as she can using this program. The program is worth as much as $300. The doctor has chosen the noble road of assisting people instead of choosing to make a killing on the sale of this program. You can access the program once you pay for it. You can view it online, download it, and even print it out.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The researchers who have set this up want to give you all the confidence you need to try out this program. They offer you a 60-day money-back guarantee that ensures you can try out this program without any risk of losing out your cash. You will get 60 days to decide whether it has worked for you. You can get a total refund if within the first 21 days you do not see the results you expected of a herpes-free body. All you have to do is email the researchers.




How Long Will It Take for Me to Complete the HSV Eraser Program?

It will take you less than three weeks to complete the program. You will be herpes-free within a month.

How Sure Can I Be Completely Cured of HSV?

The program was created following proper medical methodologies. These methodologies included clinical studies conducted by universities that had a 100 percent success rate.


  • Fast-acting program.
  • Eliminates herpes completely.
  • Uses natural ingredients.
  • Has a money-back guarantee.


Customer Testimonials

“I can’t believe this program actually works. It gave me a completely new start to life. Now I can dream again.” Sasha Camille.

“It took a wakeup call to get me to look for a solution. I was having a really tough time getting into a relationship because of herpes that had messed me up. But now I have a chance to make a new life.

I am so grateful.” Mimi Pendo.

“I nearly gave up on life. The positive results I got of herpes made me turn into a negative person. But this program gave me a fresh new start. I can now take on life with hope. And I’m doing things right this time.” Tamara Linz.


Life does not have to be so tough and without meaning. Getting herpes judgment over your life can be so challenging. But you do not have to stay at the point of depression. You can get a fresh new start with HSV Eraser. All you have to do is try it and make a difference in your life today. You are protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not sure of whether the product will work or not.

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