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Physical pain in the body is a natural and inevitable part of human existence. Athletes and sportspeople get injured all the time. Not only them, but other people also can develop pain in lower back and hip flexors when they sit in one position for long. People can also sprain their legs on their morning runs.

But, these days, most people are choosing to treat their pain in the wrong way. People take doses of painkillers to treat the pain. And, this isn’t their fault! People are misguided by big pharmaceuticals who’ve no motive other than to make massive amounts of profits by selling their medicines. There are innumerable side effects of painkillers, starting from nausea, constipation to kidney damage.

So, is there an alternative to painkillers? Can something be more effective than medication and have zero side effects? Yes, Kailo pain-relief patches offer an unorthodox, yet effective treatment method. The manufacturers make use of high-end, licensed technology to create the pain-relief patches. These patches use your body’s electrical field to relieve you of pain. Your pain will get assuaged within one hour.

Kailo Nanotech Patch

About Kailo

Kailo is a pain-relief treatment. It’s risk-free and non-invasive. You get a pain-relief patch, silicone adhesives, and a carrying case in each package. You’ve to attach the adhesive to the patch before applying it to your skin. You can also apply the patch over your clothes. Kailo makes use of your body’s electric field to work. The creators of the product have used patented mechanisms and technology to assemble it. These are technologies that come into application in scientific fields like bio-transmission.

Kailo helps you get relief from all kinds of pain in the body. The manufacturers incorporate billions of small capacitors into each Kailo patch. These capacitors interact with the pain signals, helping you find relief from pain.

How Does Kailo Work?

Kailo patches help you find relief from all kinds of body pain. The creators use an advanced, high-tech licensed mechanism to make the pain-relief patches. This technology gets used in scientific fields such as energy storage, bio-transmission, and signal transmission. Every patch is incorporated with billions of capacitors that interact with the body’s pain signals and help in deactivating them. When you apply the patch over a particular area of your body, the pain signals in that area get deactivated and switched off, and you’re relieved of pain.

How to Use Kailo?

Kailo is very easy to operate. You’ve to keep in mind the given instructions-

  • First, locate the exact position where you’re feeling the pain. When you find the concerned area, take the patch and circulate it around the pain.
  • To find an effective spot to apply the patch, you’ve to keep moving the patch between the pain point and your brain.
  • Follow the pathway of the nervous system and you’ll locate a spot where it tickles and warms up. This is the location where you’ve to apply the patch for the best results.
  • Now, to get started with applying the patch over the concerned region, you’ve to attach a silicone adhesive strip on the patch. Your Kailo kit comes with these adhesive strips.
  • There are two sides of the patch- printed and unprinted. You’ve to place the printed side of the adhesive strip over the backside of the pain-relief patch.
  • Now, gently pull up the adhesive strip and take off the two-half backing. Before applying the patch over your skin or clothes, you’ve to pull off the clear adhesive backing on the front side of the strip.
  • Your pain-relief patch is now ready to be applied over the location of the pain.
  • Apply it over your skin or clothing items. Kailo patches and adhesive strips are 100% reusable, so you can store them for later use.

Kailo Pain Patch Reviews

Is it Safe to Use Kailo?

Yes, it’s safe to apply Kailo pain-relief patches over your skin or clothing items. The manufacturers have used a risk-free, non-invasive, and scientifically-proven technology to create the patches.

Benefits of Kailo

  • They are durable patches. You can replace the adhesive after 3-7 days and continue to use it numerous times.
  • Kailo can work on any part of your body. It has various benefits and advantages. It reduces pain signals in the body.
  • Kailo provides you with relief in 60 seconds. Place the Kailo pain patch by locating the painful area and the pain goes.
  • The patch is non-invasive. It is fully free of any drugs and side effects. It is non-transdermal which means that no chemicals enter the body directly.
  • Kailo is water-resistant and adaptable to any kind of situation. It has a dielectric coating on every patch. The product uses a water-resistant, polyester substrate. It works even when it is submerged in water.
  • The electric field in your body helps Kailo in working. You can stick it over your skin or your clothes if you don’t want the patch to have direct contact with your body.

Side Effects of Kailo

Unlike regular painkillers that have a myriad of side effects, Kailo is a non-invasive and risk-free pain-relief treatment. It’ll help mitigate all kinds of pain in the body. It has zero side effects.

Purchase and Price

Kailo is available in bundles or packages. Purchase the product only from the company’s official website to get the best deals. Listed below are the pricing details of each package-

  • You can buy one bundle of the pain-relief patches for $119 from the company’s webpage. The package contains three units of the silicone adhesives, one reusable patch, and one carrying case. You get a 12% discount on this package.
  • The ‘Most Popular’ deal or the 2+1 package is available for $195, or $65 per unit. You’ve to pay for two bundles and get one unit free. The package includes 9 adhesives, 3 reusable Kailo, and 3 soft portable cases. You save 19% on the deal.
  • You can buy the 3+2 package for $489. Your effective price for each bundle stands at $97.8. The package contains 5 reusable pain-relief patches, 5 soft portable cases, and 15 silicone adhesives.
  • The seller offers free shipping on all US orders.

Kailo review

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The seller offers you a 30-day refund guarantee. So, you can give the product a try, risk-free. And if the pain-relief patches fail to relieve you of pain or you’re dissatisfied, you can contact the customer support team of Kailo, and claim a refund. You’ll have to return the package you received to the company’s warehouse. When the company gets the return package, your refund gets processed immediately. The refund will get transferred to the account used during checkout. The burden of return shipping charges rests on you.


Which side of the Kailo pain patch should be in contact with your skin?

There is no particular side that must be in contact with your skin. You can apply any side of the patch over the area of pain. However, the manufacturer advises using the smooth side of the Kailo patch over the concerned area as the adhesive sticks better on that side.

Is the product capable of relieving back pain?

Yes, the product can mitigate your back pain. The Kailo patch turns off your pain receptors by working with your body’s electric system.

Is it possible to wear the pain patch if you wear a pacemaker?

Yes, it is possible to wear the pain patch if you wear a pacemaker. It is a non-transdermal pain-relief remedy that makes use of high-end technology. This technology gets used in science fields like energy storage and bio-transmission. The pain-relief patch interacts with the natural pain signals of your body and deactivates them, mitigating you of body pain.

How to clean and take care of the Kailo patch?

You can use lukewarm water, soap, and a soft cloth to clean your Kailo patch. If there is any adhesive remaining, you can use an adhesive remover like Goo Gone. But wash it gently and air dry before use. Avoid using any caustic cleaners or alcohol to clean your patch.

Can you wear the pain patch during menstrual cramps? 

Yes, you can wear the pain patch during menstrual cramps also. The cramps can disrupt your life by reducing your sleep and taking away opportunities to enjoy yourself with your family and friends. The patches will assuage your pains within a few hours.


  • The manufacturers use innovative, non-transdermal technology for pain relief.
  • You can use it on your skin or on light-clothes for getting relief from pain.
  • It relieves you of pain in any body area.
  • It boosts the neural signals of the body. Your brain communicates with the areas in pain and heals it naturally.
  • It does not have any battery or requires charging. This pain patch is very handy.
  • It is very durable and you can use one for years. Only the adhesive patch may need replacement.
  • It has a waterproof layer and a dielectric coating. So water cannot damage it.


  • Due to the high demand for the product, there’s limited stock. So, ensure that you order the patch as soon as you can.
  • The Kailo pain-relief patches are only available on the company’s official website. It’s not sold in offline pharmacies or any other online store.

Customer Testimonials

My son, 18, a basketball player, was playing in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. In the qualifying round, he was the top scorer for his team. While practicing for the semi-finals, one day he came home with an injury in his right upper arm. He was inconsolable. He could not take medicines as it will show in his dope tests. My best friend, who is a doctor suggested Kailo. He said it works on a non-transdermal technology and has no side effects. I put a Kailo patch on his arm. His pain reduced the next day. After a week, he was pain-free. I have ordered a 5 Kailo to keep it handy for emergencies. Sean Smith, 45, Pennsylvania.  

My husband is an attorney. He is a partner in a law firm. He is always reading -whether at the office or home. And all this reading results in chronic back and neck pain. He takes some over-the-counter painkillers for relief. Suddenly he got severe stomach pain. Our house physician did some tests and said that he had stomach ulcers. He related it to painkillers. With some medicines for the ulcers, he suggested Kailo patches for pain. Before leaving home, my husband sticks a Kailo patch on his back. It does not show below his shirt. Now he works so much without the pain. Sophia Taylor, 35, New York. 

I am a 30-year-old homemaker with three children. I have to run around the whole day to their schools, to market, pay bills, and manage the house. I was having chronic pain in my back and knees due to my lifestyle. I could not sleep properly. I tried therapy and medicines without much effect. One day, during a parent-teacher conference, I saw a lady wearing this patch. On asking, she said this was the Kailo patch that relieves pain in 60 seconds. The first thing I did when I got back home was to order a Kailo patch. I use the patch every day, and now, I feel no pain and can be active the whole day. I recommend it to everyone. Julia Anderson, 29, Texas.    


Nowadays, people turn towards painkillers and other invasive treatments when they suffer from any kind of pain in the body. Painkillers weren’t the go-to avenue for the older generations to mitigate their body pain. The popularisation of painkillers is a testimony to the marketing strategy of big pharmaceutical companies. While taking a regular dosage of painkillers may relieve you of pain, it comes bearing countless side effects.

On the other hand, Kailo offers you a non-invasive method to lessen your body pain. The pain-relief patches use the electrical fields of your body to deactivate the pain signals. It works all over the body and gives you results in only an hour! Additionally, this treatment is risk-free and has zero side effects. Order your supply of Kailo today, and get relieved of all kinds of body pain.

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