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Gone are the days when worsening eyesight or multiple vision problems at the same time happened due to old age. These days, life is all about screens. With how much time we spend staring at our phones and laptops, even young adults and kids are beginning to develop extreme vision problems. And when someone suffers from multiple problems at the same time, such as both near and far-sightedness, they might need more than a single pair of glasses.

Suffering from multiple vision problems entails that you might end up needing different glasses for different things – one pair for driving, another one for reading and using your laptop, yet another for viewing far off things, and so on. Obviously, having 2-3 different pairs of glasses for a single person is not the best idea. In this case, what you would need is a single, compact pair of glasses capable of dealing with all these issues.

ProperFocus glasses

When you think of multi-purpose glasses, do you tend to picture clunky, old-school frames that are bigger than the rest of your face? Do you imagine the sort of glasses that age you twenty years and make you look so unfashionable that any idea of people finding you attractive disappears from your mind? Well, technology has evolved, and no matter how severe your eye power is, there is a fashionable, efficient, and affordable pair of glasses waiting for you. One such option is ProperFocus glasses.

About ProperFocus

ProperFocus Glasses are essentially large-range correction glasses. They are created by an industry leader in innovation for eye care products. These reading glasses come with a rare, unique technology – they have adjustable frames to tackle different vision problems in a single, compact pair of glasses. These glasses are perfect for anyone who suffers from multiple or severe vision problems because they can change the focal lengths and adjust them depending on their need. The frames are both stylish and really efficient, ranging from -6D to +3D powers, the flexibility of changing focal lengths depending on your eye condition, as well as a flexible and strong make.


Features of ProperFocus

Polycarbonate Lenses: The lenses in these spectacles are made out of polycarbonate glass, one of the most high-quality eyewear materials worldwide. Polycarbonate is shatter-proof, rendering it less susceptible to wear and tear and making it the best choice for kids and old people with sensitive eyes. These lenses are also extremely lightweight and very thin. They do not add thickness despite high eye power. They also minimize the damage caused by bright lights to the retina by allowing in only limited amounts of light, so that your eye can form a clear image but not be overexposed.

Low Maintenance: Polycarbonate glasses have another amazing feature – they are both dust-resistant and scratch-proof, meaning they will require little to no care on your part. The lenses also come with a special coating that prevents them from getting fingerprint marks as well as smudges. You will no longer need to worry about carrying cleaning products in your bag or dealing with the awkwardness of cleaning your glasses with the ends of your t-shirt in public. Simply put them on, forget that you have vision problems at all, and live your life.

Long Range and Adjustable: These glasses come in a wide variety of powers to make them accessible to anyone with vision troubles. Their power ranges from -6D to +3D, and they come with adjustable focal lengths to allow the user flexibility depending on their level of near or far-sightedness. You can also customize different powers in each eye. The precision of these glasses is unmatched by any other brand in the market.

Advanced Technology: These glasses are made with an advanced technology that allows the user to adjust it based on their vision problems. The material is both comfortable and safe. Anyone can use these glasses – from those with myopia to those with hyper myopia.

Made of Fiber: The material used in the frame of these glasses is fiber, which is both unobtrusive, comfortable to wear for long hours, and very flexible. Despite the flexibility, fiber is also pretty tough and does not break easily, ensuring ease plus safety. Fiber is also compact and light. It does not put a lot of weight on your nose like other clunky glasses that cause headaches and leave marks. You will not even feel the weight with ProperFocus.

Fashionable: Having to wear glasses doesn’t mean compromising with your fashion sense. These glasses come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. You can pick out a pair best suited to you by focusing on what goes with your skin tone, your face shape, the size of your eyes, etc. It is for this reason that ProperFocus is one of the most popular brands, emerging in the eye care market – it has so many options to choose from, all equally stylish!

properfocus review

Where to Buy ProperFocus

You can buy ProperFocus glasses from its official website. The website is currently running an exciting 50% discount offer and accepts Paypal plus all major credit cards. In addition to the discount offer, you can take advantage of these combo deals:

  • 1 Pair of ProperFocus glasses originally cost $118, but if you avail the 50% discount, they will cost you just $59.
  • 2 Pairs of ProperFocus Glasses + 1 Free – This deal comes with a 70% discount, which brings the price per unit to $36, which means you get three pairs for the low cost of $109.
  • 3 Pairs of ProperFocus Glasses + 2 Free – This deal brings the discount up to 75% and the price per unit to just $30. You can buy five pairs for just $149.

And that’s not all. All orders purchased from the official website come with free shipping. You can even add a 3-year warranty to your order for just $9. How amazing is that?

After choosing the quantity of the product, you will need to choose the preferred payment method, fill out your contact information and address details, and finally complete the payment. Then, just lay back and wait for your glasses to arrive.

Money-back Guarantee and Refund Policy of ProperFocus

ProperFocus offers a money-back guarantee to all customers! If you are not happy with the product in any way, you can send it back within 30 days from the date you received your order. After returning your unused product, you can claim either a replacement or a full refund, minus the shipping and handling fee. All you would need to do is get in touch with the customer support team and initiate the returns process. Your money will be returned via the original mode of payment, completely hassle-free.


  • Very wide range
  • Lightweight and thin
  • Can be worn by anyone irrespective of age
  • Fingerprint marks and other smudges don’t stay on
  • Very precise and clear vision
  • Can be adjusted in each eye
  • Shatter-proof and unbreakable
  • Lots of discounts and affordable deals


  • Often go out of stock due to popularity
  • Can only be purchased online from the official website

properfocus reviews


What is ProperFocus?

ProperFocus is a brand of vision correction glasses with adjustable frames and different focal lengths. It has been created for those who suffer from multiple vision correction problems and need more than one pair of glasses. Their advanced technology allows them to solve a range of vision problems while also being stylish and lightweight.

Who can use ProperFocus?

Kids, as well as adults, can safely use ProperFocus glasses. They suit all faces, skin colors, and ages. If you have been wearing glasses for a while and find yourself dealing with headaches, spectacle marks around your nose, have trouble driving at night or reading, or feel a lot of tension in your eyes, you definitely need to check these glasses out.

Why should I invest in ProperFocus?

Because these are the best pair of glasses you can buy! And they last a long, long time. For one, these glasses are made of scratch-proof, dust-proof, and smudge-proof material, which means that you will spend way less time taking care of them. Second, they come with adjustable lenses. So, if you have been using different pairs for reading and driving, it’s time to tell them goodbye.

What makes ProperFocus unique?

Lots of things! First, these glasses have a long-range – anyone with eye power ranging from -6D to +3D can use these glasses. Second, the power in each eyeglass can be adjusted any time, depending on the need. Third, they are made of polycarbonate glass, which is shatter-proof and lightweight. Fourth, they are made of fiber, which means they won’t break easily. One could go on and on!

Where can I buy ProperFocus?

You can purchase these glasses from the official website of the manufacturers. Currently, the website is offering a 50% discount on all offers of the product. You can choose different deals based on your budget and requirements and get the product delivered straight to your house with zero shipping charges.

Can I return ProperFocus?

Absolutely! If you don’t like your pair of ProperFocus glasses, you can send them back within 30 days from the date you received them. And it’s a simple process – just contact the support team to initiate the process, send the product back, and get your money back, no questions asked.

Does ProperFocus come with a warranty?

Yes! When you purchase the product, you can buy a 3-year warranty for an additional $9. Isn’t that the sweetest deal ever?

What Customers Say

Maya Sanders – Usually, when I see a product on the internet claiming so many unique features, I think it’s a scam. But something about these glasses stood out. I ordered them, and I could not have been happier. I have different powers in each eye and used to wear thick glasses that would give me headaches. Every few hours, I would have to stop working and take them off. These are so light that I barely even feel that I’m wearing them. And they look amazing. Everyone I meet wants to know where I got them from!

Michelle O’ Hara – I knew age would come with vision problems, but I did not expect it to get so bad. My eyes were giving up on me. I used to have different pairs of glasses for reading, working on my laptop, and for driving. Sometimes I just did not want to get out of bed and go about my day because it meant wearing those clunky glasses. I also hated having different pairs. Luckily, my son saw these online, and ordered them. Now I just have one pair, and it is super light. I love it!

Jack Ross – I have been wearing glasses all my life but I am taking care of them. Most of my glasses are broken in a month. Getting them repaired is very expensive. I needed a solution that would be affordable and last long. ProperFocus has been perfect! I have lost them, dropped them, sat on them, haven’t cleaned for days. But they always give me a clear vision. They just don’t get any dust or fingerprints on them. I think after 53 years of my life I have finally found the perfect glasses for myself.

Final Verdict

Too many people don’t take vision problems seriously. Only those who suffer from very severe eyesight issues or multiple problems together know how difficult it is to live with them. It is uncomfortable to wear heavy glasses with thick lenses or keep switching between two different pairs. Luckily, ProperFocus Glasses solve all these issues. They come with adjustable frames and are lightweight. They are also smudge-free, dust-resistant, and completely scratch-proof. For regular users of glasses, this product is a boon! So many features in such an affordable product might sound too good, but it’s true. You can place an order without worries because they also come with a money-back guarantee!

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