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Prostate 911


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Age has a way of bringing different complications your way. As you get older you start to struggle with things that never bothered you before. Some of them would even have been funny if it wasn’t you who are going through the changes. As a man, your power lies in your physical strength, your power to make a woman go weak in the knees from sexual satisfaction, and that little spoken of control over your bladder.

These three elements make a man powerful in his own eyes. It is a power that is not spoken much of but is underlying and gives man the confidence to be the head. This unspoken power has one arch enemy which is aging. As you age control seems to be taken away from you. The greatest thing that’s taken away and seen by all in public and private is your ability to control your urination. That is an early sign of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or an enlarged prostate.

Your early years in life are characterized by the prostate being a small walnut-sized organ that is situated at the exit of the bladder. As you get older past the age of 35 years there is a likelihood it will grow in size and start interfering with the proper flow of urine from the bladder. When this happens you start getting the frequent urge to pee without ever being satisfied as there is not much urine that comes out any time you go. This is just one reason you would want to get a solution to your enlarged prostrate. And that is why Prostate 911 was formulated.

Prostate 911

About Prostate 911

Prostate 911 is a supplement that combines five of the most powerful all natural ingredients to fight an enlarged prostrate bringing it back down to regular size. The fight for a normal life by older men is one the scientist who made this discovery had gone through for some time in his life.

Having lost so much time always rushing to the washroom and losing the intimacy with his wife because he could not perform anymore gave him the drive to find a cure for enlarged prostate. He needed the cure to be free of disturbing side effects that were hurting millions of men every year. And so he came together with a number of doctors and research scientists in Colorado who dedicated their time to find ingredients that would safely fight an enlarged prostate without giving life altering side effects.


Prostate 911 facts

There are five potent ingredients that have been used to create the supplement Prostate 911. These ingredients are abundant in the world but have never had their fair share of recognition for what they can do. The first ingredient in this blend is Stinging Nettle. It is found in abundance all over the world and has the power to reduce the size of your prostrate.

Saw Palmetto is yet another herb that is widely used in the reduction of enlarged prostate symptoms. It has been in use for a long time in different supplements. The only aspect of change that affects this other supplement is the manufacturers use its leaves and roots which are readily available. The downside to this is the fruit has the most benefits. This fruit extract is what is used in Prostate 911.

Zinc is an element that has been known to aid in the shrinking of prostate. It is included in the supplement for this purpose and many more you will discover as you read on. The next ingredient is the Pygeum africanum bark powder which is a medicinal bark used in the treatment of enlarged prostate as well as prostate cancer.

The Broccoli Leaf Extract is yet another power plant that is in this blend. It contains a plant chemical called sulforaphane which is used to benefit enlarged prostate patients.

How Does Prostrate 911 Work?

A study carried out over six months on over 600 patients saw that the herb was able to reduce prostate symptoms by 50% while improving the urinary tract performance by 81%. The overall reduction of enlarged prostrate symptoms is up to 93% with just Stinging Nettle.

Now Stinging Nettle has the power to not just reduce enlarged prostrate symptoms but also has a number of other benefits that come on top of this. The herb has a number of nutrients that are used to treat other conditions. You can be able to control and lower your blood pressure when you constantly use it. You can also have your inflammation in check when you use it, therefore, fighting conditions like arthritis. It also has the potential to treat hay fever as well as control blood sugar.

The Saw Palmetto fruit has the potential to reduce enlarged prostrate symptoms by up to 53% while boosting sexual function by 40%. This is because there is a chemical called cGMP that is needed to flow from the bladder to the penis to enable it to erect. Without this chemical flowing the penis remains flabby.

Saw Palmetto also has another benefit of reducing the risk of developing prostate cancer. This is because when the prostate gland is reduced to its normal size it reduces the risk of cancer. It is also used among prostate cancer patients. Studies show that the herb inhibits the growth of prostate cancer cells.

This herb is also believed to be able to stop or reduce male pattern baldness other wisely known as androgenic alopecia. There is also the added benefit of keeping your sperm count in check as the herb stops testosterone from being converted to DHT which is the hormone that triggers hair loss and low sperm count through hormone imbalance. This is among many other benefits that the herb offers to you when you take it regularly.

Zinc is a powerful trace element that is used in the reduction of the prostate. It has been discovered that you become prone to prostate enlargement when you are deficient of zinc. Other than this zinc is known to aid in the relaxation of muscles in the urethra tube. This helps increase the volume in the tube allowing for greater ease of urine flow.

This trace element has the power to attack and destroy cancerous cells as well as having a handle on the immune system of the body. It is also able to treat bouts of diarrhea and control any future occurrences. It has the power to control the communication channels of the body affecting the learning and remembering of the human brain. Zinc also has the power to treat the common cold in healthy people as well as treating skin ailments like diaper rash and ulcerations. Zinc also has a number of other health benefits that you reap beyond the expansion of the urethral channel.

The Pygeum africanum Bark Powder helps in treating the prostate by shrinking it to allow for proper urine flow and reduce night time urination. It has added benefits like increasing libido, fighting inflammation, stomachache, fever, kidney disease, malaria, among others.

Broccoli leaf extract is believed to target and destroy cancerous cells while maintaining the integrity of prostate cells. The leaf extract is also a powerful preventive and curative supplement against urinary tract infections in the bladder and kidney.

Broccoli is also rich in Vitamin C and K which are essential in the healing of wounds, the formation of bones and tissue, and in the process of blood clotting. The leaf extract is also rich in Potassium and Folate which are essential in the functioning of nerves and heart contractions as well as the replication and maintenance of new cells in you.

Prostate 911 review

How to Use Prostate 911

Prostate 911 is made in a small capsule form that allows anyone to comfortably swallow it. It is packaged in a bottle that stores 90 capsules. This bottle will last you 45 days taking two pills a day. That is the recommended dosage with you taking one in the morning and one in the night. The capsules go down easy with water. The amount of time for results to be seen varies but should be between 4-6 weeks.


You should take two capsules a day with one in the morning and one in the evening. This should be taken religiously to reap the best results from the supplement.

Is Safe to Use?

The ingredients that make Prostate 911 are made using ingredients that are sought from different parts of the globe to ensure they are safe and the real deal. The process of putting them together is done using highly skilled doctors and researchers who ensure that every procedure is followed to the letter. The supplement has been taken through a number of clinical tests using actual human subjects who have prostate enlargement problems.

The results have been more than encouraging. All the subjects report great improvements far exceeding what other supplements are able to do. The surety is in the ingredients that have been known to treat prostate enlargement problems. Scientists all over the world know that Stinging Nettle and Saw Palmetto have been able to treat enlarged prostate. These two ingredients have been used independently for a long time in different supplements to treat this condition.

These herbs are safe as they have proven themselves over time to treat this condition without having any adverse side effects. The only thing that is different is the combined power of these herbs that multiplies their positive impact on the body. The result is fast healing prostate that will get you safely back to a healthy state. Prostate 911 becomes a very safe supplement that can be used without any side effects. PhytAge follows the most specific Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) governed by the FDA giving it a clean bill of health for use.

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Benefits of Prostate 911

Prostate 911 gives you the benefit of being able to restore your prostate back to its normal size. By doing so it relieves pressure off the bladder. This ensures you do not have the constant pressure to urinate all the time. You are able to go a whole night without waking up to go to the bathroom. The supplement makes it possible to have the erection chemical flowing uninterrupted from the bladder allowing you to have great and stiff erections that your wife will be satisfied with.

You will be able to accomplish much more without having to pause every couple of minutes to dash to the washroom. Your work will go uninterrupted while your social engagements will happen without awkward breaks with your date waiting for you to get back from your seventh run to the washroom. Should you ever desire life free of the worry of developing prostate cancer early on then taking this supplement should be a part of your life.

Purchase & Price

Prostate 911 is regularly priced at $120 per 90 capsule bottle. The company, PhytAge, has done its best to create a product that is available to every person who wants to stop suffering from the constant need to pee. With this in mind, they have brought down the price to just $69.95 per bottle, which is a price cut of over $60. This brings down the price to just 55 cents a capsule. The supplement is not found in any store and can only be accessed through the company’s official website.

When you buy the supplement in bulk of up to 4 bottles you get a spot in the company’s private test group while bringing down your price down to just $49.95 per bottle. That’s more than %50 in price reduction and over $70 off a bottle. This boils down to just 35 cents a pill.

Prostate 911 Order

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company offers a whole 90 days money back guarantee to ensure that you 100% of your investment if you feel the supplement has not done anything you expected it to. It guarantees its product knowing that you will be satisfied with the results after 4-6 weeks of using the supplement.


How can I know if the supplement will work with my current drugs?
It is advisable to consult with your doctor before you begin taking the supplement with other drugs. This will give you confidence when the doctor gives you a go ahead to take the supplement.

Is there a particular amount of supplement I should take in order to reap the most benefits from it?
It is recommended that you take the supplement continues to reap the most benefits. You will start to see and feel changes after 4-6 weeks of using it every day.

When I get back to great sexual function?
Prostate 911 is able to restore you to a good functioning state from a month to a month and a half.

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  • Supports urinary tract restoration.
  • Aids in the restoration of proper prostate structure and size.
  • Increases the strength and vitality of erections and fights erectile dysfunction.
  • Uses FDA approved facilities.
  • Uses all natural ingredients.
  • It is affordable.


  • It is limited in stock.

Customer Testimonials

“I have had a struggle controlling my urine flow from the time I went past 45 years. I was constantly agitated such that I couldn’t last a meeting longer than an hour without feeling my bladder was bursting. The worst thing is rushing to the washroom to having barely a dribble coming out. I was frustrated for a long time and trying out prostate reducing drugs made me nearly impotent. I was not going to risk it. So I stayed away from drugs but suffered silently; that is until I discovered Prostate 911. It has changed my life forever.” Dobby Elverson.

“I had a tough time convincing my wife I was still attracted to her. I couldn’t do it if I couldn’t make love to her. I had an even tougher time convincing my boss I was not trying to get paid for slacking on the job. My main business of the day was mostly running to the washrooms. I could not have gained much ground on any of these arguments. So I decided to just play it cool and try and last through the storm while looking for a solution to my problem.

My doctor didn’t give me any solution to save for some dangerous drugs that gave me some serious side effects that I had to stop taking them. When I bumped into Prostate 911 on one of my many searches I was a little skeptical. But I decided to try it out because I had nothing to lose. And my life is back in check! It is marvelous to live a life free of worry that I will run out on my wife or a meeting.” Ed Chuck

“I had been a top performer in the sack. That is what my wife always told me. She was always loyal to me. Until I hit 43 and my life became hell on earth. The first time I couldn’t rise to the occasion my wife had this look of betrayal I will never forget. I knew I had to do something quickly in order not to lose her. I got this mail a few days after that asking me if I needed help restoring my life to the way it used to be. And am I glad I got it. I’m back to performing as I used to. And my wife is back to her submissive self.” George Mullen.


Prostate 911 is a supplement that has been made to help you regain control of your life. It is made using all natural ingredients that are free of toxins and contains no additives. The supplement is unique in its blend enabling you to treat a number of conditions in your body including erectile dysfunction. You rest assured that you will get your life back in control when you will be able to control your urge to go to the restroom. Try out this supplement for up to 90 days and ask for a full refund if it doesn’t work out for you within this time. You will have $100 added to your refund for just trying it out.

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