Reports: Docs Prefer Tablets to Smartphones for Reading Med Pubs

A recent survey finds that doctors prefer tablets to smartphones for reading medical publications.

Today, more than 25% of physicians use a tablet to read healthcare-related material. The Sources & Interactions Study also shows that just over half (51%) of physicians actively use a tablet for professional purposes.

“Overall, more doctors are using smartphones for professional purposes than tablets, but there are a small number of tasks that they are more likely to perform on a tablet,” Kantar Media reports.

For example, 28% of all doctors use tablets to read articles from medical publications vs. 21% on a smartphone. Further, 16% of doctors use their tablets to access medically oriented webcasts/podcasts vs. 12% via a smartphone.

Not surprisingly, the growing adoption of mobile technologies and devices has also led to an increase in mobile app usage among physicians.

For example, the Kantar Media Healthcare Team reports finding that among doctors who are tablet users (or users of both a tablet and a smartphone), 51-52% use EMR apps.