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Our face is the most important factor in our personality. This is the reason that we take care of our face more than other body parts. We do not even think of spending on many expensive products to improve facial skin tone, cleansing dark spots, removal of unwanted hair, and getting rid of wrinkles.

But if there is any skin tag on the face, then it looks very bad. If we do not like even a small stain on our face, then how can we bear a skin tag that looks like an odd bubble on the skin. You would not believe that there were two skin tags on my face and both were in such a place that they looked very ugly.

One skin tag was exactly between my left eye and nose, while the other was above the lip on the same side. I have heard several jokes and funny comments on my face since my childhood. I used to get scary roles in school plays too. I had only two friends till the age of 34.

I was hating my face due to those tags. My features were sharp and complexion was fair. I was quite beautiful by features. But truly telling you, that I was also not knowing that I was that beautiful until I get rid of the skin tags. Right now I am 34 years old and I have started using Skingenix only from 5 months.

I would like to tell you with great pleasure that both of my skin tags are gone now. Yes, I am upset that I could not get the Skingenix on time and due to which the best years of my life were spent into a lot of disappointment and sorrow. But all is well as it is also not that late. Skingenix has not only removed my skin tags, but it has also given me a radiant, and clearer skin. My aging spots are completely gone, with the help of Skingenix. Don’t buy just by listening to my story know about the product first:


What Is Skingenix?

Skingenix is a science-based formula for reducing aging effects on the face. The product is made of hundred percent natural ingredients so there are no harmful effects that irritate your skin. No rashes, itchiness, inflammation or anything harmful are seen after the application of Skingenix. This formula is highly effective to prevent hydration supply to skin tags and remove them permanently. This formula is based on ancient remedies so the users of this magical cream will not suffer from the re-development of skin tags.

How Does It Work?

The skin glows in the way everyone will notice the change. This is an all in one solution for your facial beauty. Using Skingenix gives you permanent elimination of expensive facial treatments that don’t provide any guarantee of results. It cuts off the skin tag in three steps:

1st step: The hydration supply to the skin tags gives life to it. This is very important to work on the source of life supply. So the Skingenix performs effectively by preventing the hydration supply. In the absence of hydration, skin tags do not get the chance to develop.

2nd step: After stopping the development of the skin tag Skingenix takes the action and dry off the skin tag. Slowly dried skin tags fall off and you can see a clear surface at that place.

3rd step: We have seen that many other competitive skin tags removal formulas work temporarily. They cut off the skin tag but fail to prevent the redevelopment of the same. The highly advanced formula of Skingenix is not like those temporary solutions. In the third step, it creates a boundary line for the skin tags, that they cannot cross. So the users of Skingenix have a reason to be happy as you are not going to face the recurrence issue of skin tags in the future.

Skingenix review


This is a very amazing product as a beauty enhancement formula and skin tag removal treatment. The natural ingredients and their perfect mix make this product a perfect remedy for complete facial treatment. The Skingenix formula is tested by the expert skin specialist. The formula has been tested on various skin types but not even a single complaint was registered. The quality of below-mentioned ingredients that Skingenix contain are highly effective and safe:

  1. Turmeric extracts: From childhood, we have heard about the benefits of turmeric. The mitigating properties of turmeric effectively deal with dark circles, dark spots, and pigmentations. The renewal of skin and damage repair is also the biggest task of turmeric. The reason for including turmeric as an ingredient is the skin benefitting qualities along with antiseptic formula.
  2. Aloe vera: Aloe vera is also a very popular ingredient for skin. This ingredient is capable of generating a protective layer against the skin irritation, itching, inflammation, and more.
  3. Vitamin C: Early skin maturity is the biggest problem of the modern age. This happens due to stress and the use of harmful chemicals containing beauty treatments. Vitamin C prevents premature skin and also helps in lighting the dark spots and pigmentation.
  4. Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a great source to give dead skin removal and skin renewal treatment. Vitamin E also helps to lessen the dark circles.
  5. Retinol: This ingredient is most important to help increase the new skin cell generation. It also helps in increasing the collagen in your skin that leads to clear skin that has no moles or skin tags.

Benefits of Skingenix

  1. This formula treats all under eye skin issues such as uneven skin tone due to dark circles, puffiness and more. This makes your face look evenly fair and beautiful. The dark circle removal gives you a younger-looking skin appearance.
  2. Keeps the skin cool and calm. This formula also prevents the skin from the harmful effects of sun rays.
  3. Cuts off the ugly skin tags and don’t let them appear again to spoil your beauty.
  4. Makes the skin look brighter, glowing and spots free.
  5. This product works on all skin types.
  6. It is effective for both men and women.
  7. There is no chemical used in creating the formula of this cream. 

Price And Refund Policy

Skingenix formula is available in three different packages only at the official website. The first package contains a single pack which is ideal for the 30 days application. This single bottle will cost you $59.99.

The second package is a Tier 2 package. Two bottles of this package will give you 60 days applications. To buy this package, buyers need to pay $99.98 only. Buying this package will give you a direct saving of $10 per bottle, which means you will save $20.

Let’s come to the third package, well this one is the super saver package for 90 days. This complete package will cost you $134.97 only. Each bottle of this package will cost you only $44.99.

The delivery of all packages is free and you can also get offers running at the time you begin to order. You will get the delivery of your particular Skingenix package within the 5-7 working days after ordering.

This is a fast-acting liquid form mole/skin tag removal cream. There is no moneyback guarantee to promote the sale of the product as the company has faith in its effective results. Whoever had bought the trial package have ordered again for the best-selling package with three bottles. I have also ordered the one bottle just to try and then I ordered the three-bottle package. I am still using Skingenix as it helps my skin glow and looks evenly radiant.

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How To Use Skingenix?

It is quite easy to use this cream to remove warts. Before applying the cream, make sure that you clean your face with a mild soap or face wash. After pat drying your face with a towel, take a pea-sized amount of the cream and apply generously to the affected area. Rub the cream gently until it gets absorbed in the skin properly.

Another method to apply this cream has shown quick results in some users. Apply the cream on the skin tag and secure it using a tape. You can let it sit overnight or for a few hours. Applying this cream continuously for a few days or months can make your skin free from skin tags.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There is no harmful chemical involved in the Skingenix. You can trust this product to remove ugly skin tags from your face and give you flawless skin naturally. The cream has no side effects. It is the safest method to remove skin tags without any adverse effects.

Customer Reviews

By Laura X.

This amazing cream has saved thousands of dollars. I was going to undergo surgery to remove an ugly wart from my nose. A dermatologist recommended removing the wart through a surgery. According to him, there is no other method to remove moles and warts. But Skingenix proved him wrong. My skin has no indentation left after the removal. I am really happy with the results!

By Taylor Z.

I am a theatre artist and it is really important in our industry to have clear beautiful skin. Even I had a flawless face but a few years back a small unpleasant wart started erupting on my left cheek. At first, I ignored it. But in a few months, it grew larger and became quite visible. I was irritated when fellow actors started noticing it and making fun of me. I could not stand that insult. It immediately came into my notice that there are a few effective topical treatments for removing skin tags. Skingenix came to my rescue and I ordered it immediately. Nothing happened in the first few days. But as I entered the second week, it gave me a tingling sensation on my skin. In the next few hours, wart came off without any sign on my face. I am grateful for trying this cream. You should go for it blindly!

By Meghan S.

My daughter is 4 years old and she has a wart on her hand. I don’t want to let her go under scissors because she is too young for such a treatment. Has anyone tried this cream on their kids? Is it safe and equally effective for the young ones? I am scared of big time!

By Maxwell T.

Boy, I tried every method to remove that unsightly wart from my face. Whether it is homeopathic tinctures, costly serum, or anything that said it helps to remove warts from our skin. But nothing has ever helped me. I accidentally ended up on the website of Skingenix. I was sure that even this product will not work on my skin. But I collected my courage and ordered a pack of one. It arrived in 5 days to my place and I started using it immediately. After 5 days, I felt a sensation in the area where I had that skin tag. I got up to see my face in the mirror. And to my surprise, the wart was felling off. I could not believe my eyes! I am going to recommend this cream to everyone who has been through the same situation.

Conclusion – Should You Invest In Skingenix?

If you have gone through the embarrassment of having a skin tag or mole on your skin, you should try Skingenix. It has shown tremendous results on various men and women. The ingredients are all-natural and it is a 100% topical treatment for skin tags. Which means you don’t have to spend thousands to get clear skin.

The company is offering various packages and deals to get you started. If you buy a pack of more than one Skingenix, you can save a few bucks. This product is not just another skin tag remover cream. It has shown actual results on everyone who has ever used it. There are several studies, analyses, and researches available on the official website to prove its effectiveness. To get a clear skin that has no skin tags, buy Skingenix today!

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