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People are always looking to increase their lean muscle, but how do you do it naturally without using legal steroids? What if you could get a product that will mimic the effects of trenbolone without all the side effects and is 100% natural? 

In this new world of health fitness, both men and women are working tirelessly on building muscle mass and becoming lean as this protects the bones and prevents thinning and breaking.

You do not need to use an anabolic steroid to get into fitness. Get yourself a supplement that is all-natural and will help boost your endurance and strength. Tbulk is your solution to shedding off excess fats and building your muscles naturally.


About Tbulk

Tbulk is a supplement manufactured in the US to rapidly bulk up the muscles and cut down any unwanted fats. Developed under the brand name Brutal force is designed to help fitness enthusiasts cut all the unwanted stacks naturally by providing steroid-like perks without any adverse effects.

The supplement was formulated by Muscle Club Limited to aid in building up muscle within a short period of time while remaining natural. Tbulk is a revolutionary supplement that will get you that muscled body in less than 12 weeks and will not have you adding on fat.

Tbulk comprises naturally potent ingredients proven to be the best in the market and have gone through harsh screening and testing to ensure that consumers get a supplement that is not harmful and one that will provide the desired results.

Tbulk is a powerful supplement and the best alternative to steroids. The supplement is created under Good Manufacturing Practices and only uses FDA approved elements that leave no room for health risk.

Tbulk Ingredients

Tbulk is a proprietary blend that contains potent ingredients approved by the FDA and researched to guarantee safety and effectiveness. Less is more when it comes to the ingredients used to make the supplement. Unlike other products in the market, Tbulk uses a few of these elements to ensure that optimum levels of testosterone are maintained.

  • Beta-Sitosterol (95% Phytosterols): This essential nutrient effectively prevents DHT from being produced in your body. DHT causes hair loss, acne and can also lead to prostate issues. Tbulk contains 600mg of the ingredient and will help reduce the cholesterol levels and improve lean muscle mass.
  • Cat’s Claw: Also known as Samento’s inner back, Tbulk contains 300mg of this nutrient that has been in use for years in treating joint pain and reducing inflammation. Cat’s Claw enhances faster recovery and muscle healing after rigorous training. It’s a testosterone and immune system booster.
  • 3,3 Diindolylmethane(DIM): DIM is responsible for signaling your muscles to grow by supporting free testosterone and the enzymes responsible for boosting up the good estrogen that helps enhance fat loss. Otherwise known as the Nettle leaf extract, the ingredient is essential in reducing pain and inflammation. Tbulk contains 300mg of the compound in the formula.
  • Pepsin Powder: Amino acids are essential in building up your muscle. Pepsin powder enhances the production of the acid in your body and makes it easier for the peptides to be absorbed in your body. Tbulk contains 75 mg of pepsin that helps in digestion by killing off the bacteria in your stomach.

Brutal Force TBULK

 How does Tbulk work?

Tbulk is a bulking supplement that will enhance muscle growth and stamina. The supplement is for men and women who are planning to gain weight and pack on muscle mass. It’s also a supplement that will help enhance your performance in the gym and get you into fitness faster.

Tbulk contains Beta-Sitosterol, a compound found in the stinging nettle that helps boost testosterone and promote muscle building. By having high testosterone levels in your bloodstream, the higher your potential in building more muscle.

The DIM compound in the formula inhibits the production of the female hormone. DIM will enhance the release of more testosterone in your body that is essential in keeping water retention cornered and gives you the defined muscles you’ve always wanted.

Tbulk also works best in boosting your immunity by keeping viruses away from your body. The essential ingredients in the supplement help rejuvenate your muscle tissues and shed off excess body fats that will leave you leaner.

Burning fat and bulking up on muscles has never been this easy. Tbulk is the ultimate supplement that will help you maintain healthy testosterone levels that are beneficial to both athletes and anyone looking to build up stamina.

How to Use Tbulk

You can use Tbulk supplement as a legal alternative to steroids that most people use for bodybuilding and increasing muscle mass, growth, and strength. As it contains natural ingredients, the supplement is safe for human consumption and will help you burn fat and naturally increase your bulk.

If you are looking to tone up your body, gain a hard physique, and define your muscles, then Tbulk is the only supplement you need to incorporate into your fitness regimen.

A pack of Tbulk contains 90 capsules that are enough to last you a month. It has a three veggie size capsule serving that should be taken 45 minutes before workouts or exercise to allow the effects of the potent ingredients to kick in. You can still use Tbulk even when not exercising, as it will also give you the same positive results.

To guarantee that Tbulk works well for you, check that you maintain an active lifestyle that involves workouts and exercise. Not only is this good for your skeletal muscles but your overall health. Check that you also read the instructions on the label carefully and not overdose. 

Is Tbulk Safe to use?

Tbulk as a supplement uses all-natural ingredients that are 100% safe. You no longer need to use harmful steroids that end up causing bodily harm and putting your immunity at risk. You are, however, encouraged to consult a physician before you take the supplement.

Benefits of Tbulk

Having a powerful product like Tbulk on your side, you are bound to reap numerous benefits that will have you enjoying your life and feeling good about your body. Tbulk highlights all the ingredients in the package for transparency.

  • Tbulk will increase your lean muscle that reduces any risks of injuring your ligaments and tendons. Your posture becomes improved, and you also get stronger back muscles.
  • It helps in boosting up your muscle density that may sometimes limit your body mobility.
  • Tbulk aids in the cutting off of Fats while still maintaining muscle mass, which leaves your body perfectly toned.
  • It will increase your stamina and strength within a short period. Building up your endurance is essential when it comes to enduring stress and discomfort.
  • Tbulk helps increase your red blood cells and retain nitrogen that allows your body muscles to get enough oxygen that provides you with the much-needed power during your workout sessions.
  • Tbulk contains the necessary elements that provide your body with nutrients that help to repair your muscles faster, quicken your recovery rate, and delay muscle soreness that is beneficial and prevents downtime sessions.
  • Tbulk will make you feel better about your body, boosting your self-esteem, and improving your emotional and mental state.
  • By increasing your muscle density, you will, in turn, be improving your metabolic state that aids in fat burning.
  • Tbulk will decrease your chances of getting diseases. It’s a universal fact that being active and regular workouts improve your overall health and reduce cardiovascular diseases.
  • Tbulk contains the essential ingredients that will help regulate your blood sugar levels.

Price and Purchase of Tbulk

Tbulk is available on the official website at affordable rates. If you purchase your Tbulk package today, you are guaranteed 20% off your order.

  • Buy one pack of Tbulk at $54.99.
  • Buy two of the Tbulk packs at $54.99 each and get the 3rd pack free.

Both packages come with free shipping worldwide. 

tbulk price

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The manufacturers of Tbulk will give you a 100% money-back guarantee on their supplement. If for, any reason, you have a change of mind or feel that the product does not meet your desired needs, you can return or cancel the product within 14 days of receipt.

You will contact their customer care team on the details available on the website and make arrangements to return the goods in their original packaging at your own cost unless the product delivered is not what was ordered for or is physically damaged.

The company can also make arrangements to collect the package from your delivery location at your cost. You should expect a refund within five business days of return.


Does this mean that Tbulk is only for Men?

No, Tbulk is a formula that both men and women can use to improve their lives. Anyone looking to build muscle strength and become physically fit.

How long will I have to use Tbulk before I start seeing results?

While this is highly dependent on your body and the routine you choose to undertake, thousands of people who have used the supplement have testified of visible results within the first eight weeks of using the supplement. Check that you follow the instructions on the label and maintain a healthy diet throughout.

Is Tbulk supplement worth it?

Absolutely. The supplement contains highly effective ingredients from a reputable company whose purpose is to make people feel good about themselves and naturally boost health benefits.

Do I have to exercise while using Tbulk?

Yes. While the supplement works well on its own, Ensure that you keep your body active with regular workouts and exercising. The Formula also works wonders if accompanied by a healthy diet. It is widely known that regular exercising increases muscle growth by stimulating protein synthesis a few hours after workouts.

Can I get a supplement from the local store?

No, Tbulk is only available online from the official Brutal force website.

Why do I have to wait 45 minutes after taking the supplement to exercise?

Also known as the anabolic window, the time frame allows you to maximize more on the nutrients used in the formula.


  • No need for prescriptions
  • Made in the USA
  • No need for injections
  • Works Rapidly
  • It’s Legal and 100% Safe
  • All-natural
  • Affordable
  • It’s versatile


Customer Testimonials

“My joint pain has considerably reduced after I started taking Tbulk. I found myself losing balance most of the time, and it was becoming frustrating. My friend introduced me to his gym instructor, who recommended Tbulk as a way of building up my muscle strength and stamina. I incorporated the supplement with regular exercise, and the results are remarkable. Tbulk has completely alleviated the pain. I feel much stronger than before”. Jack Blair, Manhattan.

“I had gone through many supplements I found online that promised to help build lean muscles, but none ever gave me the desired results. I came across Tbulk from Brutal force, a company I had heard of before, and I do not regret my decision. Not only do they deliver worldwide, but the supplement is what everyone needs. I am back in shape and no longer afraid to showcase my body every time I wear a bikini. Casey Roberts, Australia.

“This is my favorite supplement. It is legal and provided the best results in the market! It is all-natural, and I haven’t experienced any side effects since I started using it. It’s already three months in, and I feel great. I recover quickly from injuries, and my overall health is amazing”. Lilian Montgomery, New York.


Lastly, it will not matter how much muscle mass you make but how much you retain. Get yourself a supplement that will promote lean muscle mass and get you to your desired shape.

With Tbulk, you no longer need to be afraid of the onset of frailty as you have at your disposal the only supplement that will help preserve your bone mass and build up your muscles rapidly.

Live and love life with Tbulk from the official website today.

tbulk price

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