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Is your hair starting to thin? Too short? You probably have tried everything under the pretty sun, but nothing is changing. As you begin to age, you start shedding hair; sometimes it does come back, sometimes it doesn’t! And when it does come back, it’s not nearly as strong or thick as earlier before.

Hair loss is a common problem that most men and experience in their life. It is estimated that from the ages of 35, approximately 40% of men and 70% of women will experience hair loss.

Being stressed, anxious or a poor diet may cause premature hair loss due to lacking the required amino acids in your body. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein that are formed naturally in your body in the form of Keratin, which is found in collagen. Collagen is known for fighting damage to hair follicles caused by radicals, are which compounds that develop in your body due to environmental influences, dietary choices, and even stress.

Therefore, you will need a serum that will provide the essential amino acids that will help restore density in your hair. Say hello to Xcellerate35 Hair, the only serum that will help you regain, regrow and strengthen your hair!

Xcellerate 35

About Xcellerate 35

Xcellerate 35 Hair Serum is a specialized, clinically-tested formula. It not only increases the diameter of each hair follicle but also works well in increasing the number of hair follicles per square inch.

This patented formula helps in promoting hair growth by producing nitrogen oxide that encourages blood circulation to your hair follicles. As this happens, hair growth is stimulated, and you will witness a boost in the volume of your hair. Xcellerate 35 Hair works hand in hand with the amino acids, which are essential for hair growth, making it the Holy Grail to hair loss.

The formula in Xcellerate 35 Hair contains no known chemicals and works for all hair types in both men and women. The 35 clinically tested ingredients in Xcellerate 35 Hair, work well in maintaining your hair volume, and regaining all the lost hair.

Product Ingredients

Xcellerate35 Hair is formulated with a blend of 35 specialty ingredients that have been lab-tested and proven to help increase dense, thicker and longer hair than before.

Below are just some of the main ingredients of this fountain of youth that is Xcellerate 35 Hair.

  • Castor Oil: This is one of the primary ingredients in Xcellerate 35 Hair serum. For centuries, castor oil has been known to remedy hair loss. It is mainly used in moisturizing the scalp providing a smooth and shiny texture to the hair. It works well in promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss.
  • Sodium PCA: This acid is good in increasing the water content in your hair.it increases hair body, texture, and the overall appearance of the hair. It enhances the glow in your hair.
  • Aspartic acid: This form of amino acid acts as a DHT blocker in your hair. DHT is a hormone generated by testosterone. Xcellerate 35 Hair serum has been formulated with this ingredient to help fight with the calcium layer by dissolving into your scalp.
  • Glycerin: Glycerin helps in the prevention of hair breakage. It is known for absorbing moisture and into your hair and serves well as a conditioner. Glycerin controls dandruff and removes split ends. It is a great remedy for hair fall.
  • Provitamin B5: Provitamin B5 is known for increasing elasticity in your hair. It helps in binding in the hair follicles and sealing in the moisture, adding more shine and softness in your hair. It also adds volume to your hair by increasing the hair shaft.

Xcellerate 35 review

How does Xcellerate35 work?

Your hair needs just the right amount of Keratin for it to be healthy. For these proteins to be produced in your body, you will need access to the essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks in the human body.

Xcellerate 35 Hair serum is mainly formulated to replenish the essential amino acids that are necessary for hair growth. It provides the hair follicles with the tools to help redevelop your hair.

Xcellerate 35 Hair is made up of amino acids that help rejuvenate your hair and repair breakage and damage from the roots. It helps increase the hair follicles that help generate new hair strands and strengthen the strands already present.

You no longer have to go to war with your hair by trying out harmful treatments that will damage your hair. Xcellerate 35 Hair will help increase your hair density by 268% and give you 57% longer and shinier hair.

Regardless of your condition, Xcellerate 35 Hair will help promote hair growth. It will help support hair growth from the cellular level.

How to Use Xcellerate 35 Hair Serum

For best results after using Xcellerate 35 Hair, it is important to follow the recommended guidelines by the manufacturer.

  • Step 1: Take that head bath. This serum works well on clean and moisturized hair. The bath allows your scalp to absorb the serum that you will apply.
  • Step 2: Dry your Hair. Ensure that your hair is dried well before applying the Xcellerate 35 Hair at least once a day.
  • Step 3: Application of Xcellerate 35 Hair. Your scalp at this stage is ready for application. The product is in the form of a serum and needs to be sprayed directly to the scalp; this is important as it will help rejuvenate the hair follicles.
  • Step 4: Massage gently. The massage is the most important step and needs to be included in the daily routine. Check that you are massaging your scalp gently to ensure that the sprayed Xcellerate 35 Hair gets deeply absorbed in the scalp.
  • Step 5: You are now done and can leave the hair like that for a few hours or even the whole day.

You will notice the difference in as little as 14 days after following these steps diligently.

Xcellerate 35 Hair can be applied in the morning or before sleeping. Choose a routine you are comfortable with.

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Is Xcellerate 35 Hair safe to use?

Xcellerate 35 Hair has been proven and tested. Xcellerate 35 Hair has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that you are receiving only top quality. It contains no harmful toxins and uses only the top-performing ingredients that promote by strengthening the follicle.

It is lab tested and 100% pure. The product is GMP certified contains no pesticides. The Xcellerate 35 Hair contains a pro-vitamin formula that repairs and protects your hair.

Benefits of Xcellerate 35 Hair Serum

Xcellerate 35 Hair has proven itself to be the best solution in curbing hair loss. You will enjoy the following benefits once you embark on your Xcellerate 35 Hair journey.

  • The serum ensures that you get to have thicker hair. Xcellerate35 Hair promotes a 268% increase in hair density.
  • The serum treats the hair from the roots.
  • Xcellerate35 Hair guarantees that your hair will grow remarkably faster.
  • The quality of your hair greatly improves.
  • You will observe a bounce in your hair after using this serum.

Side Effects of Xcellerate35 Hair

Xcellerate35 Hair does not contain harmful ingredients, and there are no known side effects of the product. It is, however, recommended that you use the product for external uses only. Keep away from the eyes and mouth.

Purchase & Price

Xcellerate 35 Hair has very tempting and convincing packages that also come with free shipping. There is the 3-bottles offer, which is enough for 5 months, the 2-bottles offer for 3 months’, and the 1-bottle offer that is enough supply for a month. The price details of these offers are given below:

Money-back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The manufacturers of this serum are so confident in Xcellerate 35 Hair that you are guaranteed 100% money-back if not fully satisfied with the product.

You will only need to return the product in the original container that you received. Contacts of the support team are available on the company website.

Xcellerate 35 price

Customer Testimonials

Xcellerate35 Hair is a power-packed product! It’s only been a month since I started using the serum and cannot believe that this is my hair, it’s so lustrous and dense! Styling has even become easy for me.” Rebeca Astley 36, Virginia.

“My best friend noticed that I was shedding off hair after one of our sleep overs and showed me the Xcellerate35, which she had been using for some months. I’m happy I followed her advice because my head is like a forest of hairs!” Cheryl C, Boston.


  • Suitable for both genders
  • Affordable
  • Clinically tested


  • The serum is made in the USA and only accept orders from the US.
  • Xcellerate35 Hair is only available on the official website.


How often should I use Xcellerate 35 Hair?

It is recommended that you use the product once a day and ensure that your hair is clean and dry before applying the serum.

Can I use Xcellerate 35 Hair on any other part of the body?

Xcellerate35 Hair has been specifically formulated for hair growth and it’s not advisable to use on any other part of the body as it may have negative effects.


Hair volume and density have everything to do with the structure of each strand. There is only one way to ensure that you maintain your hair density and prevent hair loss, and this can only be achieved by using the Xcellerate 35 Hair spray serum.

Spray away with Xcellerate 35 Hair today and experience its greatness! 

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