2.8 Million Patients Now Using mHealth Systems

New data has emerged with regard to the growing number of patients using some variety of mobile health monitoring service or technology.

Berg Insight reveals that approximately 2.8 million patients around the world now use a connected home monitoring service pertinent to their health and wellness efforts.

Berg forecasts that the number of patients using home monitoring systems with integrated communication capabilities will grow to exceed 9 million by 2017.
“Widespread use of remote patient monitoring is still years away,” observes Lars Kurkinen, an analyst with Berg Insight, “but we are moving towards an age where mHealth solutions will become part of standard care pathways.”

Coinciding with the Berg report this week was a new mandate from the NHS which orders 100,000 new patients to be monitored by mHealth services and technologies by the end of next year.

“Financial incentives are now coming into place and new mandates are formed that favorably affect the adoption of mHealth solutions,” Kurkinen adds. “We believe 2013 will be a landmark year as the m-health industry shifts into a strong growth phase that will last for many years to come.”

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