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Pager Touts Delivery of Medical House Calls

PokitDok’s New Software Designed For Customized Patient CarePager announced today that it will incorporate PokitDok into its care navigation platform that connects patients to the right care type in the most cost effective setting.

Pager’s board-certified doctors, registered nurses, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners can treat a variety of urgent care needs via telemedicine or in-home visit, or refer the patient to a specialist.

We’re told that Pager will incorporate PokitDok’s Eligibility solution to verify insurance, check co-insurance, copay, and deductible amounts on behalf of patients looking to apply benefits to their medical visit.
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SirenMD, ByteGrid Announce Partnership

promoByteGrid Holdings LLC, which is dedicated to providing what it calls the most secure and HIPAA compliant hosting solutions available, is teaming with Miami-based care coordination and telehealth communication platform SirenMD. The company selected ByteGrid for its highly secure and compliant hosting and data center solutions.

SirenMD is a care coordination and medical practice collaboration platform designed to increase the quality, efficiency, and timeliness of medical decisions.

The platform enables caregivers to access remote experts, colleagues and clinical information systems to effectively collaborate and prioritize their time, and its workflows are organized by case leveraging integration and data sharing with EHRs to optimize their decision making and clinical actions. Through its interoperable, multimedia, telemedicine application, SirenMD facilitates coordinated communication between caregivers and patient advocates using mobile and web systems.

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SlabbKiosks Marks Key Acquisition and Launch

organic-1280537_960_720In member news for the Kiosk Industry, SlabbKiosks continues its “fast growth” with the purchase of Phoenix Kiosk and also Red Dot Net.

“We are very excited about the new additions to the company which will allow us to extend our product line by including the current kiosk models of both companies. It will be a great benefit to our customers as they can now choose from a wider selection of high quality kiosk designs along with superior support, sales and management from the experienced and dedicated team at SlabbKiosks,” says company President Peter te Lintel Hekkert.
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Telemedicine Company Adds Lifestyle Behavior Change to Its Thriving Brand

GlobalMed_1467112222mHealthWatch has learned that GlobalMed has just acquired ORCAS, a premier research and development company in the health technology space.

As a result of the acquisition, the Eugene, Oregon-based company will become a wholly owned subsidiary of GlobalMed.

ORCAS has a long history of blending expertise in behavior change science and the mobile user experience to create innovative software applications that empower patients to become active managers of their own health. From 1989 to 2016, ORCAS received over $65 million in grants from the National Institutes of Health’s Small Business Innovation Research arm, which funded over 120 randomized controlled trials.

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Personal Connected Health Alliance Touts New Collaboration

The-Personal-Connected-Health-AlliancemHealthWatch has learned that The Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHAlliance) and Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) are launching several joint initiatives this year.

The efforts, we’re told, will focus on improving the ways health IT systems share information.

The two organizations share the mission of improving interoperability and overseeing conformity testing and certification of products worldwide. IHE’s primary domain is in clinical healthcare settings and exchange of health information across enterprise, while PCHAlliance focuses on home and remote health settings.

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Moving to Modernize Healthcare: AcademyHealth Joins MITRE’s CMS Alliance

Dan-Speece-CMS-ESRD-healthcare-IT-MITRE-heroThe CMS Alliance to Modernize Healthcare (CAMH), a federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) operated by The MITRE Corporation, has just announced a new partnership with AcademyHealth, a non-profit professional organization dedicated to improving health and the health system by supporting the production and use of evidence to inform policy and practice.

According to details shared with mHealthWatch, the partnership will support efforts to ensure that the latest and best evidence informs the alliance’s work to confront some of the nation’s toughest challenges related to health and health information technology at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS).

Building on the two organizations’ missions for healthcare transformation, AcademyHealth’s work in moving evidence into action will support CAMH’s efforts to examine policy changes and their impact and to accelerate the pace of translating scientific discoveries into practice.

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Eagle Finds Success with Telemedicine Solutions to Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals

Report Telemedicine Apps Lead Medical App SalesEagle Hospital Physicians, a physician-led hospitalist management firm and telemedicine provider for hospitals across the United States, is finding a “growing new market in the nation’s long-term acute care hospitals, whose unique needs are a good fit for telemedicine services.”

“In medicine, there are always new frontiers—new viruses to conquer, new treatment approaches to manage, new technologies to incorporate in practice,” said Talbot “Mac” McCormick, M.D., president and CEO of the company.

The company, we’re told, began offering telemedicine services to regular acute care hospitals eight years ago.

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