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vRad Recognized for Company Culture and Health Programs

vRad (Virtual Radiologic), a MEDNAX company and a leading teleradiology services and telemedicine company, announced Monday that it has received honors for both its corporate culture and its company wellness programs.

The Star Tribune’s 2017 “Top Workplace” recognizes companies who receive high ratings from surveys completed by their employees.

According to the survey, vRad was selected because its employees: 1) believe in the company’s mission of providing exemplary patient care, 2) think the company sets a clear direction for its future, 3) feel vRad has a culture of high performance, and 4) agree that vRad creates a strong connection with its employees by showing appreciation and bringing meaning to work.

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Only 17% of People Rank Health-Related Sectors as Most Innovative

Americans are flagging the need for more healthcare innovation, according to a recent Klick Health survey of 1,012 adults, conducted by Maru/Matchbox.

According to a report summary provided to MHW, only 17% of consumers polled in the 2017 Klick Health Consumer Survey on Healthcare Innovation currently perceive health-related industries as being the most innovative, out of 18 industries examined.

Specifically, pharmaceuticals & biotech, health & wellness, and hospital sectors lagged considerably in perceived innovation behind consumer electronics, telecommunications, and media & entertainment.
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BioBeats Inks UK Distribution Agreement with AXA PPP Healthcare

BioBeats, a digital health and artificial intelligence group, announced today it has entered into an agreement with AXA PPP healthcare to offer its interactive wellbeing platform and app, Hear and Now, to its UK corporate clients.

“Hear and Now has specifically been selected by AXA as its digital healthcare platform due to its demonstrated ability to help users manage their work-related stress, wellbeing and fatigue,” the official word reads.

Founded in 2013, BioBeats has developed its revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and software based on evidence-based stress management to target wellbeing in the workplace.
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Partners in Digital Health Launches Blockchain in Healthcare Today

Partners in Digital Health, a communications and publishing group, has launched Blockchain in Healthcare Today, its newest portfolio title.

Blockchain in Healthcare Today, we’re told, will assist the healthcare industry and its leadership in sharing the objective evaluation of proof of sustainable, integrated blockchain implementation and deployments across the healthcare continuum through proven, and scientifically validated evidence.
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FitBliss Rolls Out FitProductivity on Salesforce

FitBliss, a leading corporate wellness platform for millennials, just announced at the Chicago Salesforce World Tour Event its newest platform application, FitProductivity for Salesforce, which “boosts sales, service, and marketing performance based on fitness apps and wearable data.”

The FitProductivity platform application uses data science to predict and boost CRM performance based on wearable data & health recommendations.

“FitBliss is committed to the mission of providing impactful ways to improve the health, happiness, and productivity of the global workforce. We’re transforming Salesforce into a Health Productivity platform,” said Navid Rastegar, the CEO of FitBliss. “FitProductivity is a game-changer in health and productivity, where employees can see a direct correlation between their fitness & health data and their CRM performance. With FitProductivity, a rep can see what their health optimals are which has proven highest output of productivity. Now getting 8 hours of sleep, 25 minutes of daily exercise, and 8,500 steps equals hitting sales quota, and possibly lead to a promotion.”
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Healthcare in Hawaii: UHA Members Can See a Doctor Online

DOCNow Virtual Healthcare Centers has joined UHA Health Insurance’s provider network, giving UHA members the opportunity to now see a doctor from the comfort of their home or place of work, the company announced this week.

DOCNow is touted as being Hawaii’s leader in convenient, affordable, and quality telemedicine and offers Hawaii residents the ability to see a Hawaii-licensed, Hawaii-located physician 365 days a year from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. via smartphone, tablet or computer.

“We’re really excited to offer our over 56,000 members a more convenient way to access medical care,” said Howard Lee, president and CEO of UHA. “With the growing population and declining number of primary care doctors statewide, we are pleased to welcome DOCNow as our initial provider of telemedicine services. This is a great benefit for members — especially those on the neighbor islands — with medical problems that could easily be diagnosed and handled with a telemedicine appointment.”
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Responsive Health Teams with Click Therapeutics

Click Therapeutics, a top provider of smoking cessation solutions, has announced a strategic partnership to integrate the Clickotine smoking cessation app onto the RxUniverse prescription platform.

Responsive Health is defining Digital Medicine by prescribing clinically-proven applications and therapeutics to patients at the point of care,” said Pavan Choksi, VP of Corporate Development at Responsive Health. “By partnering with Click, we are empowering health systems and patients to engage with the clinically-proven Clickotine app to break a habit that so many Americans struggle with on a daily basis.”
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