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Klick Labs Unveils First Device to Record and Transmit Parkinson’s Tremors

Klick Labs, a digital healthcare innovation lab, today introduced the SymPulse Tele-Empathy Device, a groundbreaking Proof of Concept that wirelessly records and transmits patient tremors in real time to help foster clinical empathy and better care for the more than 40 million people living with movement disorders in the U.S. alone.

Today’s announcement underscores the innovation lab’s exploration of several applications and platforms to induce more empathy for patients across many disease states.

Unlike other inventions that attempt to replicate tremors via mechanical vibrations, Klick Labs’ SymPulse Tele-Empathy Device records continuous electromyogram data from the patient and wirelessly transmits it via Bluetooth to a custom-engineered electrical muscle stimulation armband for non-patients.

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Firstbeat, Valencell Collaborate on Biometric Wearables and Hearables

Valencell, a leading innovator in wearable and hearable biometric sensor technology, and Firstbeat, a top provider of physiological analytics for sports, fitness and wellbeing, announced today a strategic collaboration to ensure Valencell’s biometric sensor systems and Firstbeat physiological analytics “work seamlessly together and to explore to full potential of what can biometric wearables can achieve.”

“Today’s market demands more insightful user experiences that use science to go beyond basic heart rate measurement to provide personalized, actionable insights on exercise, stress, sleep and recovery, among other things,” a provided statement reads.

These insights require highly accurate biometric sensor data and advanced analytics like those provided by Valencell and Firstbeat.

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BIOMEDevice Healthcare Conference to Feature Involution Studios’ Principal

Global IoT in Healthcare Market Set for Big GainsMHW learned today that Juhan Sonin, an internationally-recognized innovator in the healthcare industry, will be a featured speaker at the BIOMEDevice Conference on Wednesday, May 3.

We’re told that Sonin will be speaking about his revolutionary Healthroom concept, using sensor technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT), to transform our home bathrooms into a diagnostic healthcare environment.
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Patient Pain Management at a Glance

In recent days in Toronto, Intronix Technologies announced plans to launch “Myoguide DOC”, a comprehensive software package designed to help clinicians who inject Botulinum Toxins, such as Botox, Dysport and Xeomin to manage their patient’s spasticity and pain.

Myoguide DOC is the first integrated graphics driven patient management system that helps clinicians to document all aspects of their patient’s treatment and outcome tracking, while improving their ability to communicate. Save time, increase productivity, improve communication, and follow patient outcomes, a provided statement explains.

Intronix Technologies Corp. is known for producing the Myoguide™ EMG Guided Injection System, which is designed to help clinicians injecting therapeutic Botox like drugs to manage pain and spasticity.  Myoguide works like a Geiger counter generating sound and signal display to help clinicians locate the optimal sites to inject medication to provide relief to their patients.

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Cloudy Days Ahead: IDC Sheds Light in New Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker

Op-Ed Can the Cloud Make it Rain Cost SavingsAccording to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker, vendor revenue from sales of infrastructure products (server, storage, and Ethernet switch) for cloud IT, including public and private cloud, grew by 9.2% year over year to $32.6 billion in 2016.

We’re told that vendor revenue for the fourth quarter (4Q16) grew at 7.3% to $9.2 billion.

Cloud IT infrastructure sales as a share of overall worldwide IT spending climbed to 37.2% in 4Q16, up from 33.4% a year ago.

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ATA to Host Telemedicine Venture SummitMedia Announcement:®, a Florida-based telemedicine company specializing in a broad range of services, today announced it will exhibit at the ATA Telehealth 2.0 Conference at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, April 23-25, 2017, at booth #2442.® will introduce its new ‘DME Deal’ (, one of the most advanced online software platforms for secure and affordable mail-order and durable medical equipment, to more than 6,000 healthcare and industry professionals. DME Deal is the first of an expanding line of technological services that® will roll out in 2017. It offers patients a quick, safe and affordable way to manage healthcare products online from the comfort of their home or office.

“We look forward to unveiling DME Deal at this year’s Telehealth 2.0 Conference which attracts the world’s leading technology companies, experts and insightful speakers,” said® Founder and CEO, Lawrence Bentvena. “Our philosophy on medical consultations and treatment is that everyone should have quick and convenient access to healthcare. Through DME Deal, we’ve been able to accomplish this and empower patients.”

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Canada Sees First Telemedicine Program for International Students

mHealth Finally Catching On in CanadaMHW has learned that International Insurance now offers international students direct access to a doctor “at the touch of a button, anytime, anywhere, using a mobile device.”

According to the formal announcement shared, international students across Canada that are covered by can now talk to a medical professional over the phone without having to visit a clinic or wait long hours in an emergency room.

The new mobileDOCTOR by is the first and only telemedicine service of its kind to provide immediate and confidential medical attention to international students 24/7 and in over 140 languages. When unsure if they should go to a clinic or the emergency room, international students can access on-the-spot medical advice, get a referral, or obtain new prescriptions when appropriate.

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