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mHealth News: Here’s What Happened This Week

Remote Process Monitoring Usage to Climb Through 2019Here are some of the top stories in healthcare, telemedicine, and mobile health that we have been monitoring this past week.

Beachbody Brings Health & Fitness App to Apple TV
With the Apple TV App Store growing by leaps and bounds, it’s not only game makers targeting the new platform. Those looking to make users happier and healthier are also bringing their creations to the platform.

New Apigee Survey Reveals Mobile’s Role in Managing Health and Wellness
On Tuesday, Apigee announced the results of the Apigee Institute’s 2015 Digital Impact Survey. The survey in question identifies health and wellness management as an industry in which smartphones and apps are changing behavior among a majority of connected consumers.
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Group Health Turns to Virtual Care Service Line

Group Health Turns to Virtual Care Service LineZipnosis calls itself the first virtual care solution to empower health care systems with the technology and methodology to launch their own branded virtual care service line.

The solution, branded CareNow is currently in use, we’re told.

As health systems consider how to keep and acquire new patients, many recognize the value of providing their own branded online care for common medical conditions. As a white-labeled, turnkey solution, Zipnosis ensures digital-to-in person care continuity and reduces the complexity, time and expense for health systems considering building their own virtual care service line face.

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mHealth Market Headed for $33.7 Billion

mHealth Market Headed for 33.7 BillionAccording to Kalorama Information, the global mobile health market will reach $33.7 billion by the end of this year, perpetuating the massive growth of the mHealth market that has been witnessed in recent years.

The healthcare market researcher defines mHealth as the evaluation and delivery of healthcare using mobile and wireless devices.

With the use of wireless telephones in healthcare, patients, nurses, physicians, emergency department and hospital administration all stand to benefit, explains Kalorama’s report, mHealth Markets Worldwide.

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Partners Launch New Game-Changing Virtual Care Service

Partners Launch New Game-Changing Virtual Care ServiceThis week, UMass Memorial Health Care is making waves with the forthcoming launch of virtual physician visits for diagnosis and treatment of common health concerns.

The organization tells mHealthWatch in a provided statement that the central Massachusetts health care leader “has partnered with Zipnosis, a Minneapolis- based company, to provide an online diagnosis and treatment service that will connect patients to UMass Memorial clinicians online to receive prompt, high-quality virtual care for common medical conditions, such as sinus infections, colds and flu, female bladder infections and pink eye.”

Starting in October any of UMass Memorial Health Care’s 12,900 employees who have a UMass Memorial provider will be able to use the new service The health care system hopes to offer it to the general public in early 2016.
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etherFAX, Secure Exchange Solutions Raising The Bar for Healthcare Communications

etherFAX, Secure Exchange Solutions Raising The Bar for Healthcare CommunicationsetherFAX has just inked a new partnership with Secure Exchange Solutions, a health information service provider.

The result of the coupling, we’re told, is the extension of fax capabilities to The Direct Project in a “Direct to fax; fax to Direct” environment.

According to details shared with mHealthWatch:

A leader in Direct secure messaging, Secure Exchange supports scalable, standards-based methods for participants to send authenticated, encrypted health information. etherFAX’s partnership with Secure Exchange bridges the gap between Direct messaging and fax, and expands the footprint of the etherFAX network to include the hundreds of thousands of Direct-enabled hospitals and physicians nationwide.

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Fitness Apps Provide Realistic View of Workout Habits

Fitness Apps Provide A Realistic View Of Workout HabitsPopular fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness are designed to help individuals track multiple aspects of their physical health—such as diet, exercise, and sleep habits. Since users record in-depth data related to the frequency of their workouts, and their type of workouts, the data from these apps is being complied and used to provide in-depth fitness profiles.

Millions of Americans from around the nation utilize such apps, making it easy to understand which states are the most physically active. According to a report from Yahoo Health, data compiled by merging both MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness found that the most active states in the nation are California, Colorado, and Washington.

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New Smartphone Attachment for Physicians Showing Promising Results in Detecting Cancer

New Smartphone Attachment For Physicians Showing Promising Results In Detecting CancerThe findings of a pilot program for the D3 imaging system were recently shared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

D3 is short for digital diffraction diagnosis, which is an imaging module with a high powered LED light, which clips on to a smartphone. The end result is a high resolution imaging device that has a field of view superior to that of a traditional microscope.

As confirmed by IndustryWeek, the system has the ability to record data from over 100,000 cells from blood, biopsy, or a tissue sample. Microbeads are added to the blood or tissue, which is then combined to detect cancer related molecules. Analyzing the diffraction patterns helps to determine if cancer is present.

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