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First Look: SnapMD Selected as Telehealth Technology Provider by American Academy of Pediatrics

On Tuesday, MHW learned that SnapMD — a full-service enterprise telehealth technology innovator and solutions provider — has confirmed that through an arrangement with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), SnapMD will provide its Virtual Care Management (VCM) telehealth platform as part of the AAP Member Advantage Program.

We’re told that the AAP program includes 66,000 pediatricians, surgeons, and specialists nationwide. SnapMD’s VCM software enables pediatric practices to offer virtual visits to their patients as a complement to traditional in-person care.

Virtual pediatric patient visits can improve care, enhance outcomes, and lower costs while delivering greater patient and clinician satisfaction. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of children age 0 to 17 in the United States is expected to reach 74.1 million by 2020 and nearly 80 million by 2050, and the number of pediatric medical and surgical specialists and subspecialists is continuing to drop.

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NEWS: Global Partnership for Telehealth Presents to Association of Social Work Boards

News Release: Sherrie Williams, COO of the South Georgia telemedicine networking agency Global Partnership for Telehealth, led one of several strategic planning focus groups at the Association of Social Work Boards’ 2018 Educational Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Saturday morning. Williams’ presentation, titled “ePractice Across State Lines,” focused on educating social work licensing regulators about the ever-shifting technological landscape.

Williams, a licensed clinical social worker herself, said the ASWB tapped her for the presentation due to her vast experience in telehealth. “I was asked to provide ‘food for thought’ to these regulators so that when they put pen to paper, they have a much clearer understanding of what is happening in the telehealth marketplace in terms of legislation, rules, and trends,” she said.

According to Williams, writing sensible rules to govern social workers in the current electronic age is a delicate task. “My encouragement to them was to think strategically,” Williams said. “Technology changes at the speed of light. Regulators need to plan for the future and not necessarily the now.”

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Fitbit Announces New Health Partnerships

On Monday, Fitbit announced new apps and clock faces to help people better manage their health, directly from the wrist.

Built using Fitbit’s SDK, the apps and clock faces will give Fitbit smartwatch users new options to improve wellness and help manage conditions like diabetes and some types of cancer. Additionally, the apps will give health plans, employers and clinical researchers new opportunities to better support their users outside of a clinical environment, helping lead to positive health outcomes.

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Fitbit and Google Announce Collaboration to Accelerate Innovation in Digital Health and Wearables

This week, Fitbit and Google have announced they will work together to innovate and transform the future of digital health and wearables, “leading to positive health outcomes for people around the world.”

According to a media release:

Fitbit and Google are exploring the development of consumer and enterprise health solutions. Fitbit intends to use Google’s new Cloud Healthcare API to help the company integrate further into the healthcare system, such as by connecting user data with electronic medical records (EMR). Combining Fitbit data with EMRs can provide patients and clinicians a more comprehensive view of the patient profile, leading to more personalized care. The companies will also look to help better manage chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension by using services such as Fitbit’s recently acquired Twine Health. Using Google’s Cloud Healthcare API, Twine can make it easier for clinicians and patients to collaborate on care, helping lead to better health outcomes and positive returns for employers, health plans and hospitals.

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UC Berkeley Extension Touts New Health Informatics Program

On Monday,UC Berkeley Extension announced the launch of the fully online Professional Program in Health Informatics, a four-course sequence that prepares clinical and nonclinical professionals to understand and deploy health informatics.

So how does it work?

By understanding the underlying information and computer science and health care best practices that comprise this in-demand career, professionals from both medical and IT backgrounds will have the skills—in as little as three months—to meet the growing use of technology in health care delivery.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Launches Digital Health Solutions Portfolio

Digital health is a hotbed for innovation, with venture capitalists spending nearly $5 billion in the space last year (think FitBits, Smart Scales, and wellness apps). With the constant surge in new products and services entering the market, it’s often difficult for companies to know which solutions can best address their employees’ unique health challenges. That’s why Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (Blue Cross) is introducing the Emerging Solutions platform to curate market-leading health solutions and provide advice to employer customers on which solutions could best help improve their employees’ health.

Emerging Solutions is available to self-insured accounts with 1,000+ employees starting July 1, 2018. Currently, our offering includes nationally recognized solutions for diabetes prevention and management as well as fertility, pregnancy, and parenting—key health issues that are of interest to our accounts. These solutions are:

  • Livongo, the leading consumer digital health platform that empowers people with chronic conditions like diabetes to live better and healthier lives.
  • Omada, a digital provider of the Diabetes Prevention Program, delivering the tools and support for participants to improve lifestyle, behavior, and overall health.
  • Ovia Health, which uses technology and predictive coaching to support women from preconception and pregnancy through return-to-work and parenthood.

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News Release: CRF Health’s TrialMax eCOA Solution Selected for Landmark Pain Outcomes Study by Global Japanese Pharmaceutical Company

CRF Health, the leading provider of patient-centered eSource for the life sciences industry, today announced that its TrialMax Touch® and TrialMax Slate® solutions have been selected by a Global Category Japanese Pharmaceutical company for a significant pain trial. The Phase III trial will involve 800 screened and 320 randomized subjects across 40 sites in the US.

CRF Health’s TrialMax Touch® delivers an easy-to-use smartphone solution to collect the primary endpoint data of the study via a daily diary. With home-based patients and daily diary entries, the high compliance afforded by electronic data capture vs. paper was a key requirement. The high-quality solution was selected by the sponsor for the benefits it brings, such as streamlining data collection through instant capture, rather than requiring patients to visit a site, and a high compliance rate which is achieved through the solutions’ notification reminders, intuitive interface and mobility.

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