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MBLM: Study Reveals Apple Watch Falls Short and Polarizes Users

Finishing Touches Being Put on First Wave of Apple Watch AppsBad news for Apple Watch.

On Wednesday, MBLM — a Brand Intimacy Agency focused on strategy, design, creative and technology — revealed that Apple Watch is polarizing and users feel conflicted, confounded and critical.

The agency today released the final set of findings from its year-long ethnography study focused on users of Apple Watch, which also found that most of the panel felt the watch has not come close to achieving its potential, and offers less value than they had hoped for.

“Our research with the Apple Watch has resulted in rich, often contradictory data, with users ranging from fanatics to naysayers, with many confounded in the middle,” stated Mario Natarelli, MBLM’s managing partner. “Unfortunately, the Apple Watch does not measure up for most people. For the device, which Apple claimed to be its most intimate, to be successful, we believe Apple needs to reach deeper and form stronger bonds with its users.”

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Telemedicine Program to Extend Parkinson’s Care Throughout NYS

363779LOGOA new program launched by neurologists at UR Medicine will expand access to care and serve as a national model for the management of Parkinson’s disease and other chronic illnesses, according to details shared with MHW.

Per the shared announcement,  The Parkinson’s Disease Care, New York (PDCNY) program will be a largely virtual network providing free care to as many as 500 underserved patients across New York State.

“Providing coordinated, ongoing care to Parkinson’s patients in the traditional settings of a doctor’s office requires these individuals and their caregivers and families to travel, often long distances, and is expensive for payers and patients alike,” said URMC neurologist Kevin Biglan, M.D. M.P.H., the director of the PDCNY program. “The PDCNY program will break down the barriers of geography and deliver care directly to patients who have never seen a specialist and in the comfort of their own homes.”

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Snaps, Periscope Unveil Emoji Keyboard for Special Needs Community

Snaps, Periscope Unveil Emoji Keyboard for Special Needs CommunitymHealthWatch has learned that Snaps and Periscope are rolling out a new emoji keyboard created in partnership with Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, a St. Paul-based hospital serving kids with disabilities and other complex medical conditions.

Emojability — as the new keyboard is called — gives those in the special needs community symbols and sayings that are relevant to their lives.

From adaptive equipment and therapy emojis to “You got this” and other encouraging phrases, the emoji keyboard gives those in the special needs community a fun and empowering way to communicate about their day and their achievements.

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MyTelemedicine Touts Rapid Growth, Expansion

363217MyTelemedicine, a nationwide telemedicine technology and service provider, confirmed to MHW today its relocation and expansion to new offices that will accommodate the company’s “rapid growth.”

“This move represents our continued commitment to providing the highest and cutting-edge level of care for current clients and members,” said Rey Colon, President and CEO of MyTelemedicine. “Our business is growing exponentially, so it’s nice to settle into a space that suits our style, has the room we need, and is in the heart of a thriving community we love.”

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Study Shows mHealth Proof of Concept for Childhood Diabetes Care

DiabetesThe findings of a promising new study were recently shared with mHealthWatch.

A grant-funded study at Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital in Stockholm has shown that changing to a mHealth care model for childhood diabetes results in higher satisfaction ratings from the participating medical staff, insulin-dependent children and parents.

The care model was centered on the TriabetesClinic for Children mHealth solution from Diabetes Tools, which has been in clinical use at the hospital’s diabetes unit since November 2015.

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American Telemedicine Association Makes Push for More Rural Telehealth Support

Success With Robotic Rounds in Neonatal Intensive Care UnitThe American Telemedicine Association (ATA) recently penned a letter to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce urging that the Rural Health Care Connectivity Act (H.R. 4111) be amended to also allow universal service support for other rural health providers — Medicare or Medicaid telehealth providers, school-based clinics, and emergency transport.

“One of the best ways to eliminate obstacles to high-quality, affordable care is to increase healthcare options available to rural areas. This is a major step in the right direction,” said Jonathan Linkous, CEO of the American Telemedicine Association.

“Since this is a first effort in 20 years to update the definition of rural health provider for this important Federal Communications Commission assistance, the Committee should consider equally important providers to the skilled nursing facilities that would be added by H.R. 4111,” the ATA boss concluded.

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WeCounsel Secures New Funding for More Innovation

WECOUNSELOn Monday, WeCounsel Solutions, LLC — a Chattanooga-based telemedicine software company — revealed the close of its Series A equity funding of $3.5 million.

We’ve learned that a group of healthcare and technology funds led by Longmeadow Capital Partners, Point Judith Capital and CVH Holdings are co-investing in the company to accelerate growth, continue to enhance the product offering and augment business development initiatives.

WeCounsel asserts that its core mission is to provide a cloud-based software solution that helps increase access to mental health care professionals through technology enabled connections between the provider and patient.
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