CampusMD Shows That mHealth Matters For Young Patients Too

It’s no secret that of the 2.8 million patients around the world now using a connected home monitoring service, the overwhelming majority have attained an accelerated age. Put differently, mHealth solutions tend to be designed for aging patients and those with limited mobility.

But there are thousands of young – and, yes, relatively healthy – people who stand to benefit from embracing the latest innovations in mHealth, particularly those that pertain to telemedicine.

Given the scarcity of mHealth resources for young people, developments in this realm tend to generate substantial buzz. One such deserving recipient of media attention this week is a startup called CampusMD. And just from its title one can quickly ascertain what these folks do.

Touted as the first mobile telehealth service for college students, CampusMD is behind a new program offering 24/7 access to medical physicians.

By providing mobile access to U.S.-licensed doctors, CampusMD believes it can contribute meaningfully to the general well-being of young adults who may, from time to time, require medical attention that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

With a growing number of college administrators, public health officials and parents concerned about the safety of college students after highly publicized epidemics ranging from meningitis to alcohol poisoning, round-the-clock access to healthcare professionals is deemed vital by many. And thanks to cutting edge technologies and communications capabilities, such access is finally becoming more commonplace.

According to a U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) study, an estimated 20% of college students ages 18-23 are uninsured. A much larger number are underinsured.

“CampusMD complements on-campus health services with immediate, affordable, integrated care,” says Devin Schain, CampusMD’s CEO. “Participating students have around-the-clock access to doctors who can treat more than 500 common conditions as effectively as with an office visit, but at a fraction of the cost.”

The company says a CampusMD membership which includes unlimited access by phone or the Internet to a doctor, costs $17.95 per month or $199.95 annually. There are no additional copayments or fees, although any subsequent prescription-related expenses would not be included in the CampusMD membership.

Although this startup is admittedly proud to be the “first” provider of telemedicine solutions for college students, this certainly won’t be the last service of its kind. With every passing day, new companies in the field of mobile health unveil groundbreaking innovations capable of changing how we receive medical care.

To learn more about CampusMD, click here.

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