Can mHealth Save Your Healthcare Facility Millions?

Can mHealth Save Your Healthcare Facility MillionsThere are many ways in which mHealth apps can be utilized within private practices and large healthcare facilities. However, mHealth apps are still new enough that their full range of benefits are still yet to be determined.

What most mHealth apps have in common is the goal of increasing efficiency and improving patient care. About a year ago, Liberty Health Jersey City Medical Center in New Jersey adopted the Practice Unite app in hopes of improving communication, which would increase efficiency, and in turn save money. After a year of solid use, they estimate that the app saved them $2 million.

The 300-bed hospital saved this money across multiple fronts. Prior to the implementation of the app, surgeons reported an average of 2-4 hours between being notified of impending consultations and patients had to wait at least 2 days prior to getting the consult scheduled. On top of that, there was great area of opportunity communicating the information gathered in the consult back to the original physician who requested it.

After implementing Practice Unite, the increased speed of communication also left 20% of patients being discharged one day earlier without sacrificing patient care.

Patients that entered the hospital’s Observation Unit were diagnosed and treated with greater speed and accuracy because everyone was on the same page.

On average, the hospital found that communication was 6 times faster with Practice Unite than without. On top of the overall financial savings, even medical errors were decreased and patients felt that their care was improved.

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