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Care Innovations, PRA Health Sciences Announce Strategic Partnership

As part of Care Innovations focus on expanding into adjacent markets, the company has just announced its exclusive global partnership with PRA Health Sciences. PRA is one of the world’s leading global CROs by revenue, providing outsourced clinical development services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

“We are excited about this strategic partnership,” said Randy Swanson, CEO of Care Innovations. “PRA is one of the most progressive CROs with a focus on changing people’s lives for the better every single day. Not only does it facilitate the clinical trials process by allowing PRA to engage with patients at home virtually in a new and patient-centric way, it also expands the scope of our core product – Health Harmony.”

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NewYork-Presbyterian Named New York’s Top Hospital By U.S. News & World Report

This morning, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital — one of the largest and most comprehensive academic medical centers in the nation — is ranked New York’s No. 1 hospital for the 17th consecutive year (and No. 8 in the United States).

This distinction came in the published report from U.S. News and World Report’s annual survey of “Best Hospitals,” published online this morning.

The hospital has been once again included in the prestigious Honor Roll, which recognizes national excellence in multiple specialties.

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Maine’s Top Home Health Agency Cuts Readmissions with Cutting Edge Tech

healthOn Tuesday, MHW was briefed on eye-opening new data from HomeHealth Visiting Nurses of Southern Maine (HHVN).

The organization, we’re told, achieved over the course of one full year a dramatic 75% reduction in overall 30-day hospital readmissions for chronic disease patients.

Of the 474 patients placed on the HRS Patient Connect Platform from April 2015 to April 2016, there was a 4.2% 30-day readmission rate.

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New Research Showcases the Hidden Costs of Hospital Pager Use

New Research Showcases the Hidden Costs of Hospital Pager UseA new study sponsored by TigerText (using research conducted by HIMSS Analytics and other industry research), revealed how significantly U.S. hospitals are “overpaying to maintain legacy paging services.”

According to an announcement emailed to MHW, the HIMSS Analytics research in which 200 hospitals were surveyed, revealed that 90% of these organization still use pagers and on average spend around $180,000 per year.

“This research uncovered that a significant number of hospitals still rely on pagers as a cost of doing business. “Legacy technology” can be difficult to replace despite that more advanced technology is available,” says Bryan Fiekers, Director of Advisory Services Group for HIMSS Analytics.

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Kentico Global Surveys How Effective Healthcare Provider Websites Are

Kentico Global Surveys How Effective Healthcare Provider Websites AreThese days, it is expected that every business has a website, and this includes hospitals, healthcare facilities, and private medical practices. To determine how effective healthcare provider websites are, Kentico conducted a new online survey: Patient Attitudes Toward Healthcare on the Web Survey.

The findings of the survey were quite informative. Some highlights include:

  • 72% of respondents found websites could be more helpful. More specifically, could often more communication methods, and could make it easier to find the most sought-after patient information.
  • 65% use a provider’s website as one of the determining factors when choosing a healthcare provider.
  • 73% read the providers online reviews to help determine if it is a good fit.
  • 69% value healthcare providers who email or text.
  • 37% said they are unable to find a direct email address on the website.

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How Swedish It Is: The TYKS Neonatal ICU Touts New Alert Messaging Solution

How Swedish It Is The TYKS Neonatal ICU Touts New Alert Messaging SolutionIn Sweden on Tuesday, the neonatal intensive care unit at Turku University Hospital (TYKS) confirmed that it is deploying the Unite Cardiomax solution, provided by Ascom Miratel.

The goal? To promote a safer patient environment for newborns who require a hospital stay.

The Unite Cardiomax solution integrates with the hospital’s patient monitoring system to send alarm messages to a caregivers’ mobile DECT phone, alerting them about serious patient events, a provided statement reads.
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Op-Ed: The Boy Who Cried ICD-10

Op-Ed The Boy Who Cried ICD-10The following is a guest contributed post from Bonnie Cassidy, senior director of health information management (HIM) innovation for Nuance.

I used to tell my daughter the scary story that my dad used to tell my family about the “Boy Who Cried Wolf.”  It is the story of a young man who liked to stir up drama with false rumors about a hungry wolf, so much so that when the townspeople were in actual danger, they didn’t believe him.  While most of the health information technology (HIT) world was at the HIMSS15 convention last week, the Senate unanimously voted, 92-8, to repeal the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula that adjusts Medicare payments to physicians and effectively put an end to a flawed formula for Medicare payments, as well as any ICD-10 implementation delays.  For more than 20 years, and with three official delays, the industry has been crying wolf, but it now appears that the transition to ICD-10 will indeed occur on October 1, 2015.

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