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New App Helps Keep Watch on Kids When They Stray

TwinTech LLC announced this week its full-market release of the wearable child-sensor technology, Monkey KID Sensor.

Monkey KID Sensor will debut at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January.

Monkey KID Sensor is a unique wearable sensor allowing caregivers to create a virtual bond with their children by quickly alerting them when a child wanders outside a preset safe boundary.

Founder of TwinTech LLC and creator of Monkey KID Sensor, Kim Gavin, brought Monkey KID Sensor to life after experiencing temporary loss of her two-year-old daughter at a birthday party.

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute and University of Connecticut Researchers Create App to Cut Down on Overeating

Researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and the University of Connecticut (UConn) are collaborating on a smartphone app aimed at helping users manage their overeating challenges in three key ways: by tracking eating patterns, providing interventions, and helping change behavior. The app—and its distinctive methodology—showed tremendous promise in an early pilot study.

A paper on the research was recently presented at the annual symposium for the American Medical Informatics Association, a nonprofit organization that focuses on the development of information technology to benefit healthcare. The WPI/UConn research report noted that a user study of 16 participants, all over the age of 18, overweight, and not necessarily trying to lose weight, showed positive results. At the end of the month-long pilot, nine of the participants lost an average of five pounds, three weighed the same, and four gained an average of two pounds.

The paper’s co-authors include the project’s principal investigators: Bengisu Tulu, associate professor in WPI’s Foisie Business School; Carolina Ruiz, associate professor of computer science at WPI; and Sherry Pagoto, professor of allied health sciences at the University of Connecticut and director of UConn’s Center for mHealth and Social Media.

The research team’s three-pronged approach is an important differentiator in a crowded marketplace. According to a 2017 report in the International Journal of Obesity, there are nearly 29,000 weight-related apps on the market, with most focused only on tracking physical activity, calories, and body weight. The drawback with most weight-loss apps is that they are burdensome to use and don’t focus on actually trying to change the user’s behavior.

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Atacama Resources International Launches ‘Fit4Duty’ Mobile App

MHW learned today that Atacama Resources International — developers of a suite of mobile applications — has just released ‘Fit4Duty’, a mobile application that allows companies to test cognitive alertness for its employees before getting behind the wheel of a company vehicle and for employees working in potentially hazardous work assignments.

We’re told that Fit4Duty includes a 60-90 second image matching test using a patented algorithm that was created based on the scientific study of cognitive abilities at various West Coast hospitals and universities.

Fit4Duty includes both the cognitive test and the employer controlled dashboard that manages hundreds or even thousands of employees in their company.

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New Humana Tool Aims to Improve Medication Management and Safety

According to the official word handed down to MHW today, a new tool developed by Humana Inc. enables Humana members to more easily keep a list of their medications in one place.

The resource, we’re told, helps members stay organized to improve medication management, safety and clinical outcomes.

Members can access the RxMentor tool via the website or by downloading the app for iPhone and Android devices.

In addition to the user benefits, the RxMentor tool will allow physicians and health care providers to feel more confident in their medication prescribing management when the list is shared with them. This is because the app pulls from claims data in addition to medication and allergy information that is self-reported by the member.

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Health Improvement in Diabetes Patients Noted after Downloading mHealth Apps

According to a statement emailed to MHW, new research “Empowering Patients Using Smart Mobile Health Platforms: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment,” from NYU Stern Professor Anindya Ghose and co-authors, Beibei Li of Carnegie Mellon University and Xitong Guo of the Harbin Institute of Technology, explores how emerging mobile health (mHealth) technologies can persuade chronic-disease patients to modify their behaviors, better manage their care, and achieve improved health outcomes, including reductions in hospital visits and medical expenses over time.

This first-of-its-kind study combines data from a major mHealth firm in China, as well as the Office of Chronic Disease Management in China to evaluate the potential value of technologies such as mobile health apps and mobile-enabled EHRs as well as the importance of mHealth platform design in achieving better health care outcomes.

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Modernizing Medicine, Xcertia Aim to Help Enhance the Use of Mobile Health Apps

Specialty-specific health information technology leader, Modernizing Medicine, Inc., announced it has joined Xcertia, a collaborative dedicated to improving the quality, safety and effectiveness of mobile health applications, or apps.

As a member of Xcertia, Modernizing Medicine will collaborate with other leading healthcare organizations, including the American Heart Association (AHA), the American Medical Association (AMA), DHX Group and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), to help ensure mHealth apps are safe and effective for consumers and have the confidence of physicians recommending them.

According to a provided statement, Xcertia is responding to the challenge that currently available reviews of mobile health apps focus on personal impressions versus evidence. To help address this, the multistakeholder organization wants to develop guidelines that aim to be a trustworthy resource to support consumer and clinician choice of mobile health apps. While Xcertia doesn’t plan to certify mHealth apps, it will encourage application of its principles and guidelines in the development and curation of safe and effective apps.

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Leading Mental Health App Now Connects 1.7M Users with Therapists

Pacifica Labs, creator of Pacifica, a leading mental health mobile app, and therapy practice software Pacifica for Clinicians, has announced the release of its Therapist Directory, which empowers individuals to find the right mental health care provider for them.

“At Pacifica, our mission has always been to ensure that everyone has access to mental health care,” said Dale Beermann, CEO and Co-Founder of Pacifica Labs. “Pacifica for Clinicians already empowers mental health professionals across the country to leverage technology in their practice. The Therapist Directory now bridges the gap between individuals and therapists by allowing users to find these therapists directly from the Pacifica app or through our website.”

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