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InfoComm 2017: Samsung Honored for Visual Display Innovation

MHW has learned that Samsung Electronics America, Inc. was the recipient of three industry awards distributed during the annual InfoComm tradeshow last week at the Orange County Convention Center.

The company was honored for its innovation and leadership in visual display, earning recognition from programs sponsored by NewBay Media and rAVe Publications.

“As a long-time InfoComm participant, we are always excited to bring forth new display technologies designed to drive more meaningful engagement and accelerate growth, as we’ve done this year through the introduction of our quantum dot LED signage,” said Ron Gazzola, Senior Vice President B2B IT Sales & Marketing at Samsung Electronics America. “We are honored to receive this recognition from industry peers, media and customers, and will continue to work with our partners to bring new solutions to market that will help businesses increase sales, improve profitability and drive customer engagement.”
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Minnesota Timberwolves, Fitbit Announce Partnership

MHW learned today that The Minnesota Timberwolves, as part of a series of summer announcements highlighting a new era for the organization, have formalized a new three-year partnership with Fitbit, a leading global wearables brand.

According to a provided statement, Fitbit is now the “Official Wearable” and “Official Sleep Tracker” of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Lynx and Iowa Wolves in a partnership that extends to the court, arena, back-office and fans.

In short, Fitbit will provide access to devices to all three teams, including business and basketball staffs, offering personalized insights that can be used to gain a competitive advantage and improve performance throughout the organization.
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Golden Opportunity: Harbor Health Systems Networks Receive Approvals for Telemedicine

The Golden State is welcoming Harbor Health Systems, a One Call Care Management company.

The organization has just announced that it is one of the first companies to receive approval from the California Department of Workers’ Compensation to offer telemedicine through its medical provider networks (MPNs).

“This approval is a positive step forward in improving access to high quality care for injured workers,” said Linda Lane, president of Harbor Health Systems. “We can now offer the capability to patients and to payers to search the Harborsys MPN provider directory and find high performing physicians who offer telemedicine, or to be directed to these physicians by our Medical Access Assistant staff. The telemedicine capability and the ability to find physicians who offer this service is especially important in rural areas, as well as to make care immediately accessible twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.”
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Preferred Risk Administrators Announces Partnership with First Stop Health

According to a new announcement shared with MHW ahead of the weekend, Preferred Risk Administrators has partnered with First Stop Health to begin offering a new telemedicine service to employer groups across the county.

“Telemedicine is a service that allows a member to speak with a physician over the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” a provided statement adds for further color. “There is no copay, deductible, or any other out-of-pocket expense for the member to pay for using the service.”

For certain illnesses, the company says, the physician is typically able to make a diagnosis over the phone and call in a prescription directly to the member’s pharmacy of choice.
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The Power of AI: Accolade Introduces the Maya Intelligence Engine

On Wednesday, MHW was briefed on the big news from Accolade.

This morning, the company announced the new Maya Intelligence Engine featuring Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to provide what we’re told is “highly personalized healthcare support for individuals and their families.”

Maya is core to the Accolade healthcare engagement and influence platform, which supports individuals in making smart healthcare decisions that improve their healthcare experience and health outcomes, as well as costs to both individuals and their employers.
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VirZOOM Touts Mobile VR Compatibility with Samsung at E3

VirZOOM, a virtual reality fitness platform designed to motivate users to move, announced this morning Gear VR compatibility.

“Previously only available for tethered VR hardware, VirZOOM’s VR bike and suite of fitness games is now available for GearVR use with Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones,” a provided statement reads.

In addition, VirZOOM launched a new product at E3 2017: the VZ Sensor.

Beginning today, customers can pre-order the $99 VZ Sensor, which clips onto the crank of any stationary exercise bike in a home or gym, to instantly transform it into the fun VirZOOM VR Fitness experience. VirZOOM’s new mobile compatibility and the VZ Sensor give more users access to a fun fitness alternative at an affordable price.

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Do Stressed Out Surgeons Make the Cut? New Tech Can Tell

Post-graduate physician training, known as residency, develops skills and expertise within a medical specialty, explain MU researchers in a statement emailed to MHW.

During five to seven years of surgical training, medical school professors determine the level of clinical competency, confidence and decision-making skills of each resident physician through personal observations.
However, a recent study at the University of Missouri School of Medicine has shown that levels of perspiration can provide an objective evaluation of the surgical skills of resident physicians.

That’s the official word handed down today, which notes that new technology may assit in determining if a surgeon is too stressed out to perform surgery.

“Within surgical education, skill evaluation is based on a subjective assessment, which essentially is a gut feeling,” said Jacob Quick, M.D., assistant professor of acute care surgery at the MU School of Medicine and lead author of the study. “There is a need for an objective, impartial way to determine surgical ability and a resident’s capacity to operate independently. We monitored electrodermal activity during actual surgical procedures. We hypothesized that as training progressed, resident responses to the stress of performing surgical procedures would decline in relationship to their experience level.”

Electrodermal activity, or EDA, is a method of measuring electrical characteristics of the skin. The amount of electrical activity conducted across skin is related to psychological or physiological stimulation. As this increases, glands controlled by the sympathetic nervous system are activated and produce sweat. Because water is a good conductor of electrical activity, sweat can be used to measure emotional and sympathetic responses to stress.

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