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FitLinxx Doesn’t Miss a ‘Beat’ with New Heart and Activity Monitor

FitLinxx Doesnt Miss a Beat with New Heart and Activity Monitor   wearables wearable devices mobile tech FitLinxx AmpStrip If the team at FitLinxx is correct in their assessment, athletes will soon be able to pitch those “uncomfortable, unreliable heart monitors” in favor of a superior alternative — the FitLinxx AmpStrip.

Representatives for the company tell mHealthWatch that the new monitor accurately keeps tabs on heart rate and activity around the clock 24/7.

The device itself, we’re told, is as discrete and comfortable as a Band-Aid.

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The ‘Benefits’ of Online Dermatology Come to Highmark

The ‘Benefits’ of Online Dermatology Come to Highmark   Online Dermatology mobile health Highmark healthcare DermatoligistonCall For years, people needing dermatology care have been experiencing the same problem as those looking to see their family practitioners – an absurdly long wait for an appointment.

Launched last year, DermatoligistonCall is solving this problem by offering “quick and convenient” access to quality skin care from board-certified dermatologists through an online platform.

Patients simply create an account where they can submit photographs and descriptions of their condition and receive a response within three business days.

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Advanced Brain Technologies’ ‘Waves’ Making Waves in Science of Sound

Advanced Brain Technologies ‘Waves’ Making Waves in Science of Sound   multi sensory audio system headphones Advanced Brain Technologies ABT In 1967, during what has been dubbed “the summer of love,” the Troggs released a still popular song called “Love is All Around.” The lyrics suggest that love can be felt in one’s fingers, and in one’s toes.

Interestingly, things really can be felt in one’s body parts — especially the skeletal system of bones that comprise the human form.

That could be a major reason why “Waves,” a multi-sensory audio system designed to promote health through sound, is itself making waves.

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Robotic Beds are the Future for Hospitals?

Robotic Beds are the Future for Hospitals?   technology robots mHealth Flexbed Robotic technology has come a long way in recent years. But only now are we finally seeing robotic capabilities applied in hospitals for reasons once thought exclusively limited to human hands.

According to data published by Medical Xpress, a typical patient is routinely moved through seven beds from the ambulance to the recover ward. To address the manual handling problems and repetitive strain injuries caused by this process, UTS Center for Health Technologies, in collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology, has developed the first robotic hospital bed frame and mattress.

The Flexbed has its own driving capabilities and doesn’t need to be pushed or pulled. It can replace all seven beds and incorporates all their movements, including Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions for surgery.

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Gen X Healthcare Marketing: Both Online and Offline Media Needed to Reach This Demographic

Gen X Healthcare Marketing: Both Online and Offline Media Needed to Reach This Demographic   online omnichannel Offline Media mobile marketing Gen X Healthcare Marketing eMarketer digital ads How to market healthcare to Generation Xers?

“Low-key Generation Xers—sandwiched between the “forever young” baby boomers and the “me-generation” millennials—are quietly crossing the threshold of middle age,” notes eMarketer in a recent post on the topic. “Though many healthcare marketers have overlooked this generation because of its relatively small size, Gen Xers are a powerful and unique consumer group. They will be even more important to healthcare marketers as they grow older.”

That view is summed up in a new eMarketer report, “Healthcare Marketing to Generation X: Helping the ‘Self-Reliant’ Find Something to Depend Upon.”

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Will London be the Brightest Star on the Digital Healthcare Landscape?

Will London be the Brightest Star on the Digital Healthcare Landscape?   mobile. London marketing London digital healthcare According to Digital By Default News, a report by the London Health Commission claims that London “has the potential to lead the way in the new digital healthcare landscape.”

“The final report laid out 60 recommendations – including that NHS England should establish a single ‘London-wide online platform to encourage and inform people’ about how people can take greater control over their care, and providing them with the right digital tools to achieve this,” the report reads.

People should be able to access data held within their health records 24/7; they should be able to provide consent and filter sharing of their information; and as a result they should be able to be true partners in care delivery, contributing to clinical conversations and taking greater responsibility for their own care.

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USC: Self-Monitoring Technologies Have Great Potential

USC: Self Monitoring Technologies Have Great Potential   wearables USC Tech self tracking news mobile mHealth devices According to a new report from USC, personal data from self-monitoring technologies have great potential importance to public safety and emergency response agencies.

The rise of self-monitoring technologies is offering unprecedented insight into people’s lives via wearable and mobile devices that collect data about exercise, movement, heart rate, calories, sleep patterns, and more. This data is of enormous value to health researchers and clinicians.

mHealth Collaboratory hosted the Quantified Self Los Angeles Show & Tell Meetup in August where 25 researchers and self-tracking application developers attended to discuss and help drive further advances in mHealth.

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