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Salus Telehealth Confirms New Board of Directors After VideoMedicine Merger

salusmHealthWatch has learned that Salus Telehealth, Inc., a market leader within the telehealth industry, has just announced a new board of directors following its recent merger with VideoMedicine, the world’s first mobile, free-market doctor network.

The seven-member board will steer Salus Telehealth, Inc., as it strives to offer a true end-to-end telemedicine solution that will “reduce the overall cost of healthcare as well as have a significant role in improving health outcomes for patients.”

Who’s on the new board?

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New Tech Tapped to Help Chronic and Everyday Pain Sufferers

Headache Diary Apps NOT Evidence BasedMMJ Labs LLC., a company focused on non-invasive pain relief, has just announced the launch of their newest product, VibraCool® Massaging Ice Therapy.

We’re told that VibraCool incorporates Cool-Pulse technology, leveraging the physiologic pain relievers of high frequency vibration and ice in a product optimized for athletes and chronic joint pain sufferers.

“Drug-free solutions for carpal tunnel or knee pain are critical right now, but other products are too complicated or lack data,” noted Dr. Amy Baxter, creator of VibraCool, Buzzy, and CEO of MMJ Labs. “We adapted our clinically proven technology for needle pain into a solution optimized for joint and muscle pain.”

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New Tech Unveiled for Blood Glucose Monitoring

Diabetes Word CloudWestern New England University professors Dr. Ronny Priefer and Dr. Michael Rust have developed what we’re told is a mobile (hand-held) breathalyzer that allows individuals to painlessly check their blood glucose levels.

“Instead of using the traditional finger-stick testing, patients blow into a breathalyzer to detect the acetone levels in their breath,” a provided statement reads, “which have been linked to high blood glucose.”

With this information, patients can determine if they need to take insulin, the tech makers tell us.

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MedZed Forms Focused Clinical Advisory Board

Close-up of stethoscope on laptop keyboardOn Thursday, MedZed — a provider of next-generation house calls delivered via telehealth tech by a network of skilled medical professionals — announced the formation of its Clinical Advisory Board.

The Board was put in place to help the company further develop strategy, trial new clinical and business concepts and expand pertinent industry relationships, this morning’s statement reads.

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DIAGNOS Announces a Pilot Project on World Diabetes Day

np-homevideostillOn Tuesday, mHealthWatch learned that Diagnos Inc. — a provider of healthcare technical services including screening, software and algorithm development, data analysis, and image processing — is celebrating World Diabetes Day this week by announcing a pilot in partnership with Mexico’s National Social Security System.

According to a media release, the public-private partnership (PPP) for the pilot involves both sides commitments: from one side the Mexican Social Security Institute’s (IMSS for Spanish) Head Office, Entailment Department, Department of Chief Medical Officer along with its several divisions: Special National Health Projects, Primary-Secondary-and Tertiary level of attention divisions, as well as the National Coordination of Ophthalmology; from the other side DIAGNOS’ proprietary artificial intelligence Computer Assisted Retinal Analysis (CARA) and its Wellness Program: hardware, CARA platform and specialized staff in eye care to manage diabetics and operate our technology, IT Department, senior management entrusted by its shareholders and board of directors.
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American Academy of Dermatology Announces Partnership with ContextMedia:Health

Eczema Patients Itching for More TeledermatologyContextMedia:Health, a leading provider of healthcare decision platforms, announced Monday that it has been selected as an Affinity Partner with the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), the largest dermatology association in the United States.

The partnership, we’re told, offers ContextMedia:Health’s suite of digital technology to the AAD’s U.S. members at no cost, with the goal of delivering important decision enhancement technologies, educational content and intelligence to patients and dermatologists for use before and during the consultation.
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Study Points to Benefits of eICU Telemedicine

Report Telemedicine Apps Lead Medical App SalesAs the adoption and growth of intensive care unit (ICU) telemedicine increases, more research is being conducted to analyze operational factors that affect patient outcomes.

That’s the news today from Royal Philips, which offers the eICU telemedicine program that combines technology and clinical processes to improve outcomes.

Philips points to a new study in CHEST that reveals the level of intervention by eICU providers was associated with shorter ICU lengths of stay (LOS).
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