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First Look: SnapMD Selected as Telehealth Technology Provider by American Academy of Pediatrics

On Tuesday, MHW learned that SnapMD — a full-service enterprise telehealth technology innovator and solutions provider — has confirmed that through an arrangement with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), SnapMD will provide its Virtual Care Management (VCM) telehealth platform as part of the AAP Member Advantage Program.

We’re told that the AAP program includes 66,000 pediatricians, surgeons, and specialists nationwide. SnapMD’s VCM software enables pediatric practices to offer virtual visits to their patients as a complement to traditional in-person care.

Virtual pediatric patient visits can improve care, enhance outcomes, and lower costs while delivering greater patient and clinician satisfaction. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of children age 0 to 17 in the United States is expected to reach 74.1 million by 2020 and nearly 80 million by 2050, and the number of pediatric medical and surgical specialists and subspecialists is continuing to drop.

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NEWS: Global Partnership for Telehealth Presents to Association of Social Work Boards

News Release: Sherrie Williams, COO of the South Georgia telemedicine networking agency Global Partnership for Telehealth, led one of several strategic planning focus groups at the Association of Social Work Boards’ 2018 Educational Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Saturday morning. Williams’ presentation, titled “ePractice Across State Lines,” focused on educating social work licensing regulators about the ever-shifting technological landscape.

Williams, a licensed clinical social worker herself, said the ASWB tapped her for the presentation due to her vast experience in telehealth. “I was asked to provide ‘food for thought’ to these regulators so that when they put pen to paper, they have a much clearer understanding of what is happening in the telehealth marketplace in terms of legislation, rules, and trends,” she said.

According to Williams, writing sensible rules to govern social workers in the current electronic age is a delicate task. “My encouragement to them was to think strategically,” Williams said. “Technology changes at the speed of light. Regulators need to plan for the future and not necessarily the now.”

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Something’s In The Air: AerNos and Rattle Tech Announce Partnership

On Tuesday, AerNos, Inc. — an innovator in nano gas sensors and Rattle Tech, an innovator in Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile and Cloud technologies — announced a collaboration to develop end-to-end IoT solutions for AerNos’ multi-gas sensors to meet rapidly growing customer demand for air quality monitoring technologies.

AerNos says that its breakthrough nano gas sensors are configured to simultaneously detect multiple harmful gases to the parts per billion and are specifically designed to integrate with IoT devices, such as smart street lights, digital assistants, air filtration systems and smart cars.

Rattle Tech’s expertise in IoT, cloud and mobile software will enable AerNos to offer complete, end-to-end air quality monitoring solutions to its customers.

Integrating AerNos sensors into IoT connected products enables AerNos integration partners to deliver real-time solutions to their customers. Indoor air pollution monitors in homes, schools and businesses can optimize the use of filtrations systems, trigger alerts, and provide information to help identify the sources of pollution. Granular arrays of outdoor air pollution monitors deployed citywide will enable apps to help families make informed decisions when planning outdoor activities and real-time maps which city and health officials will use to develop plans for reducing pollution, exposure and health impacts.

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ONE20 Announces Exclusive MDLIVE Offering

Access to affordable health care on the road is one of the trucking industry’s biggest challenges today. That’s why the nation’s largest free membership for professional truck drivers – ONE20 – is teaming up with MDLIVE to give members access to “affordable virtual health care.”

According to a provided media release, the ONE20 MDLIVE Program provides more benefits to drivers than any other virtual health plan.

The touted benefits include:

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WEDI Issues White Paper Exploring Various Telehealth Modalities

On Monday, MHW learned that The Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI), the nation’s leading nonprofit authority on the use of health IT to create efficiencies in healthcare information exchange and a trusted advisor to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), announced the release of their latest industry white paper addressing Telehealth Modalities.

Written by the WEDI Telehealth Workgroup, the 17-page white paper’s purpose is to provide information on the various modes of delivering patient care using telehealth services and technology, including virtual encounters, remote patient monitoring, wearable devices, and integrated care management.

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PhysioWave Receives FDA Clearance for Breakthrough Innovation

PhysioWave, Inc, a developer of cardiovascular risk assessment biomarkers and Stanford University spin-out, announced today that the company has received FDA clearance for its PhysioWave Pro™ cardiovascular analyzer.

This breakthrough device, many years in development, allows easy and quick measurement of an important new vital sign, pulse wave velocity (PWV). With Nokia’s recent withdrawal of the non-FDA-cleared PWV feature of its Body Cardio consumer scale, PhysioWave now has the only scale-based PWV device on the market, backed by an extensive patent portfolio.

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ERT Recognized for Supporting Heart Health in Children

MHW learned Tuesday that ERT, a global data and technology company that minimizes uncertainty and risk in clinical trials, has just announced that it has been recognized by Simon’s Fund with a Big Heart Award. Simon’s Fund is a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the warning signs and conditions that lead to sudden cardiac arrest and death in children.

ERT and its Chief Medical Officer, Robert Kleiman, MD, are being honored for their contributions to the success of Simon’s Fund. Since 2014, every heart screening that Simon’s Fund provides has been equipped with ECG machines donated by ERT. Dr. Kleiman was instrumental in the development of Simon’s Fund’s digital platform, HeartBytes, a first-of-its-kind registry that gathers and disseminates heart screening information to qualified researchers free of charge, for the purpose of advancing life-saving research across the United States.

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