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Thanks to Microsoft, TV White Space is Being Used to Deliver Remote Healthcare in Botswana

Thanks to Microsoft, TV White Space is Being Used to Deliver Remote Healthcare in Botswana   TV White Space Microsoft healthcare Botswana Now that Botswana has made the move to digital TV, it has freed up analog space traditionally known as TV white space. Microsoft has stepped in and is using this white space to deliver broadband Internet to some of the more remote areas throughout Africa.

In the country of Botswana, MedCity News notes that Microsoft has partnered with the University of Pennsylvania Perlman’s School of Medicine, Botswana’s Ministry of health, the US agency for International Development, and NetHope to launch a telemedicine pilot program throughout three rule communities.

The pilot program allows residents who live in rural areas of Botswana, the ability to access remote healthcare via life video conferencing through white TV space—all without having to travel the long distance to the capital city of Gaborone. Two of the most common uses for this method of telemedicine are to screen for cervical cancer, and to identify dermatological signs of HIV and AIDS.

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TruClinic Partners With Google To Deliver Secure Telemedicine Via Chromebooks

TruClinic Partners With Google To Deliver Secure Telemedicine Via Chromebooks   telemedicine Tech mobile laptop Google Chromebooks Chromebook TruClinic is one of the leading telemedicine health care solutions today for hospitals and healthcare providers around the globe. In a recent announcement, TruClinic revealed that it has partnered with Google for Work to create a streamlined telemedicine solution via Chromebooks.

Currently, hospitals and medical professionals access TruClinic through their mobile device of choice, but can now invest in a Chromebook laptop that comes standard with the TruClinic telemedicine software, as well as other healthcare applications required for patient care.

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Study Being Conducted For Post-op Patient Monitoring With Camera-Based Technology

Study Being Conducted For Post op Patient Monitoring With Camera Based Technology   Oxehealth camera technology The first 2 to 5 days after a patient has undergone cancer surgery are the most critical. While nurses check their patients’ vital signs with frequency to determine how recovery is progressing, checking vitals manually is not only time-consuming, but the schedule can be inconsistent.

It is for this reason that Oxehealth will be completing a study to expand their camera-based health monitoring technology. Their current video technology checks three of the five vital signs, which has proven to be effective for monitoring patients with kidney problems, in the neonatal intensive care, and for many other patients who require frequent vital sign monitoring.

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WebMD Sets Sights on Apple Watch

WebMD Sets Sights on Apple Watch   WebMD wearables smartwatch mobile health Apple Watch With Apple’s long-awaited smartwatch finally set to reach consumers this weekend, it should come as little surprise that some of the world’s leading health information providers are eager to extend their platform to Apple Watch, which promises to become one of the hottest health-centric wearables ever released.

If you missed it. WebMD Health Corp. recently announced plans to launch “an enhanced version of its flagship mobile app” with an experience built specifically for Apple Watch that includes a new Medication Reminder feature designed to encourage medication compliance and help improve patient outcomes.

WebMD’s Apple Watch app will enable consumers to view daily medication schedules and instructions, as well as pill images with dosage and timing information, plus receive reminders when it’s time to take a given medication – right on their Apple Watch.

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Healthcare Needs a Pick Me Up in Modern Mobile Communications

Healthcare Needs a Pick Me Up in Modern Mobile Communications   mobile communications healthcare In recent years, there have been huge advancements in communications throughout the medical world. However, these advances are showing limited effectiveness. The reason? Only one-third of medical professionals have been willing or able to embrace these new advances.

One particularly important advancement is the ability to access medical records electronically by only entering short, simple information. Others include the ability to meet electronically with a doctor, receive prescriptions and test orders remotely, and manage post-hospital care and follow-ups for medical professionals. These are just a few of the communications wonders now possible via tablets, smartphones, and computers. However, with not enough people utilizing these advances, major disadvantages are still present in the medical world.

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Kaiser Permanente Bringing 900 Tech Jobs to Georgia

Kaiser Permanente Bringing 900 Tech Jobs to Georgia   Kaiser Permanente jobs healthm technology Georgia With innovation comes opportunity. Not surprisingly, the always innovative Kaiser Permanente, a leading not-for-profit health plan provider and a leader in health information technology, is creating job opportunities for 900 individuals in the state of Georgia.

mHealthWatch has learned from the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) that Kaiser Permanente  will create approximately 900 IT jobs by 2019.

At that time, the job count will bring Kaiser Permanente’s total presence in Georgia to more than 4,000 employees and physicians.
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CynergisTek Touts New ‘Compliance Assist Partner Program’ for Business Associates

CynergisTek Touts New Compliance Assist Partner Program for Business Associates   HIPPA laws HIPPA CynergisTek Protecting patient privacy is not only required by HIPPA laws, but is the sincere desire of any responsible healthcare practitioner. With the increased use of EMRs and other methods of electronic patient care and patient communication, patient privacy has never been of greater concern.

It is for this reason that CynergisTek has designed a new managed service with the goal of providing Business Associates (BA) of Covered Entities (CE) with privacy and security solutions. This includes everything from creating a risk management system, security audits, risk assessments, on-call support, and ongoing support.

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