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Educators, Neuroscientists Make Learning Breakthroughs Just ‘inTime’

Educators, Neuroscientists Make Learning Breakthroughs Just inTime   Neuroscientists music mobile inTime Educators Advanced Brain Technologies If someone told you that your child’s gym teacher was vitally important to their ability to learn algebra, geometry and other types of math, you’d probably have a good laugh.

Then, you’d also have to apologize, because scientists have recently discovered that children perform better in subjects like math after physical exercise. In fact, they perform better at practically every subject after they’ve had a chance to go out and run around for a while.

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Verizon Ventures into Telemedicine

Verizon Ventures into Telemedicine   verizon telemedicine According to The Washington Post, Verizon — the nation’s largest mobile operator — is venturing into telemedicine and believes that it is a big business opportunity.

Verizon recently announced they are providing the University of Virginia and Stanford University with private network services, data center services, a private Internet cloud for patient data (among other services), for a study on “artificial pancreas” and additional clinical trials on telemedicine.

The artificial pancreas uses a series of devices along with a glucose monitor that is inserted under the skin of Type 1 diabetics. The monitor relays glucose levels to smartphones and automatically releases insulin in the body as needed.

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ICD-10: Ready, Set, Code

ICD 10: Ready, Set, Code   Nuance Communications mHealth ICD 10 The following is a guest contributed post from Bonnie Cassidy, Senior Director of HIM Innovation and Nuance Communications.

In its latest news, CMS announced that Oct. 1, 2015 is the ‘new’ final ICD-10 compliance date. “ICD-10 codes will provide better support for patient care, and improve disease management, quality measurement and analytics,” argues CMS in its July 31 announcement.  I could not agree more!

My advice is stay positive, nimble and be wise by reading between the lines. Much has been said about the politics and jockeying of groups behind the scenes, lobbying either for or against ICD-10. That’s not going to change. Our current administration in Washington, DC has been riddled with constant criticism and commentary scandals and may view the transition to ICD-10 as risky. All healthcare providers must be proactive and plan for ICD-10 compliance, while also being agile enough in their planning to realize that another course correction may lie ahead.

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With Telemedicine Tech, the Savings Add Up

With Telemedicine Tech, the Savings Add Up   telemedicine tech news mobile health mHealth Professional services company Towers Watson is out with a new report that points to the fiscal efficiencies linked to telemedicine.

Telemedicine could potentially deliver more than $6 billion a year in health care savings to U.S. companies, the organization’s new report reads.

“While this analysis highlights a maximum potential savings, even a significantly lower level of use could generate hundreds of millions of dollars in savings,” said Dr. Allan Khoury, a senior consultant at the firm. “Achieving this savings requires a shift in patient and physician mindsets, health plan willingness to integrate and reimburse such services, and regulatory support in all states.”
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New Report Says EMR Effectiveness Saves Lives

New Report Says EMR Effectiveness Saves Lives   mobile HIMSS Analytics Healthgrades EMR EHR analytics HIMSS Analytics has published the promising findings of a new study that reveals the life-saving consequences of EMR effectiveness.

HIMSS Analytics, along with clinical data and analytics support from Healthgrades, embarked on the study as a means to “scientifically measure the clinical benefits of EMR adoption.”

The initial findings, researchers say, are encouraging and “compel continued effort to scientifically analyze and communicate the clinical benefits of the EMR.”
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Facebook Gives Back By Providing Free Internet Access In Zambia

Facebook Gives Back By Providing Free Internet Access In Zambia   Zambia mobile health internet facebook While there are many countries around the globe where accessing the Internet is something done without second thought, there are still countless nations where access to the Internet — or affordable access — is difficult to come by. In fact, only 30 percent of the world’s population has access to the Internet today.

While access to Internet is still lacking, 85 percent of the world is within reach of cellular technology. With this in mind, Facebook has launched a free Internet app in Zambia called The app allows Android cellphones free basic Internet services.

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Apple Said to be in Talks with Top Healthcare Providers

Apple Said to be in Talks with Top Healthcare Providers   providers mHealth healthcare health IT The writing has been on the wall for some time now that Apple will soon make healthcare a bigger part of its business model.

Following the company’s introduction of HealthKit at June’s WWDC 2014, all signs have poised to Apple cultivating the close ties that healthcare and mobile technology have already forged.

HealthKit is a new app bundled with iOS 8 that’s geared toward fitness and tracking apps and other mHealth solutions.
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