Compass Professional Health Services Announces Health Pro Cloud App

Compass Professional Health Services Announces Health Pro Cloud AppmHealthWatch learned Thursday that healthcare technology and consulting company Compass Professional Health Services have introduced the Compass Health Pro Cloud mobile app.

The new app provides a “next-generation digital healthcare experience that personalizes and simplifies healthcare for employees and puts Compass’ healthcare navigation expertise in the palm of employees’ hands.”

“Compass set the standard for creating a premier health benefits experience with our Health Pro® consultants. Now, we’re simplifying healthcare again,” said Scott Schoenvogel, CEO of Compass Professional Health Services. “With the Compass Health Pro Cloud app, we’re making it even easier for our members to get the healthcare answers they need, whenever they need them.”

In shirt, the Health Pro Cloud app is helping fill a void left by traditional price transparency portals and medical shopping transparency tools.

“Medical shopping transparency tools are insufficient to consumer needs and will be replaced by a new generation that is better connected to the consumer experience and will increase consumer adoption and deliver greater value,” said Jeff Cribbs, research director in the Gartner Industries Research group. “They (current tools) are often unable to incorporate medical shopping during the most relevant touchpoints, such as when deciding on a course of treatment, interacting with a customer service agent to navigate benefits, managing wellness incentives or working through a care plan with a care manager.”

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