CorSense Aims to Optimize Health and Fitness Without Wearables

Things have kicked into high gear for CorSense thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign.

We’re told that CorSense raised $100,000 globally in 48 hours on Kickstarter.

The device is the brainchild of Elite HRV, creators of the largest heart rate variability (HRV) app and platform.

If you’re not familiar, CorSense is an HRV sensor that slips onto your fingertip and helps optimize nutrition, training, recovery, sleep and stress without any need for continuous wearables.

HRV is a complex biomarker formerly only accessible to specialty clinics and big budget sports teams. It is a comprehensive “check-engine light” for the body and mind that is also non-invasive and responsive. HRV is linked to biological aging, athletic performance, and risk of numerous chronic illnesses.

“The number one request from our 150,000-plus users has been to make HRV sensing simpler and more comfortable without compromising accuracy. Based on this feedback, we designed CorSense from the ground up to precisely track HRV with no user intervention apart from slipping it onto their finger. CorSense does the rest,” says Jason Moore, Founder and CEO of Elite HRV.

To learn more about CorSense or its campaign, click here.

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