‘Doctors On Demand’ Making Remote Healthcare Faster and Easier to Access

'Doctors On Demand' Making Remote Healthcare Faster and Easier to AccessOne of the many advantages or telemedicine is that it holds the potential to make access to general healthcare easy to achieve from anywhere with an internet connection, and in many cases, for an affordable price point.

While there are many telemedicine services vying for the #1 position, “Doctors On Demand” is already among the fastest growing, having recently raised $21 million in capital. Much of the reason this 8-month-old startup is generating so much buzz is that it was founded by Dr. Phil McGraw and his son Jay McGraw.

Doctors On Demand’s fees are not covered by insurance, but the cost is just $40 for a 10 minute appointment. Patients can even use their pre-tax health savings fund for their services.

Doctors On Demand already has 1,400 general practitioners available to diagnose general health concerns—such as allergies or pink eye. All appointments are conducted via video conferencing, and their services are currently available in 47 states.

Doctors On Demand is billed as the most affordable telemedicine service on the market, with similar companies charging between $50-$100 per appointment.

To learn more about Doctors On Demand, and their current competition, check out a recent feature on Forbes.

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