House Calls Stage a Comeback with Medpod

MHW learned Tuesday that the team at Medpod has just announced MobileDoc — a compact medical office in a bag that stands to “dramatically advance telemedicine, reduce healthcare costs and provide greater access to care for Americans.”

In short, we’re told, it’s a comeback opportunity for the old-fashioned house call.

While telemedicine connections using video or Skype have been conducted before, this is the first time a remote connection between patient and physician has enabled the physician to receive and analyze diagnostic information from an array of professional medical devices in real-time.

Equipped with best-in-class professional grade medical devices secured inside a sturdy carry-on sized suitcase that fits in a car trunk, a nurse or medical assistant can easily visit a patient in the comfort of their home.

From the patient’s home, the clinician can conduct more than 70 diagnostic tests and procedures ranging from cardiovascular, to ophthalmology, to respiratory while a physician directs from his/her office and engages the patient via a live face-to-face connection. The physician controls the medical devices and receives diagnostic information – heart rate, blood pressure, live scope examination, and more – in real-time, allowing the physician to immediately diagnose and prescribe treatment.

Jack Tawil, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Medpod, Inc., said: “While telemedicine has been present for a number of years, Medpod is ushering in a new era in medical care delivery. It is enabling the physician and patient to connect like never before and conduct a personal examination, diagnose and treat, saving time and money both for patient and doctor.”

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