Kaiser Permanente Launches 2014 Thrive Ads Campaign

Kaiser Permanente Launches 2014 Thrive Ads CampaignKaiser Permanente is gearing up again. As one of the nation’s largest health care providers, the company has chosen to focus its longest-running campaign on the accessibility of care online and in the doctor’s office in the latest round of Thrive advertisements.

The 2014 launch marks the 11th year of Kaiser Permanente’s Thrive ad campaign.

“In addition to three new television advertisements, the 2014 campaign features radio, print, online, and out-of-home ads that allow Kaiser Permanente to reach consumers where they spend the most time and in a targeted way,” a news release shared with mHealthWatch reads.

Now, the shift is to digital.

“In the last few years we’ve shifted our Thrive campaign much more into the digital space,” said Christine Paige, senior vice president, Marketing and Digital Services, Kaiser Permanente. “Our targeted digital strategy, along with TV, radio, and outdoor advertising, reflects the rapidly changing media landscape and how leading brands are connecting effectively with consumers.”

With geo-location capabilities, digital and mobile ads will include messages of convenience as well as feature local landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the Capitol Mall in Washington, D.C.— or even local Kaiser Permanente facilities consumers will recognize.

“Brands are going ‘glocal’,” explained Paige. “We’re combining a global message about our high-quality health care, super convenience, and digital capability with very local representations of what that means. We think that will be powerful.”

To see the newest Thrive ads, click here.

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