Online Appointments In Emergency Rooms Drastically Reduce Patient Wait Times

Online Appointments In Emergency Rooms Drastically Reduce Patient Wait TimesMany hospitals and emergency medical care facilities around the nation are adopting an online appointment scheduling system. The system is not meant for life-threatening conditions, but for less pressing concerns. While patients with true emergencies will always take precedence, online appointments can drastically reduce patient wait times.

And we mean drastically.

In fact, the latest industry data shows that emergency departments that adopt online appointments have far less patients waiting for medical attention. The appointment system also helps to ease the inevitable bottlenecks that can occur throughout the day.

Many hospitals and medical facilities also find that their medical staff feels as if they are able to provide superior care, because they have (be it fairly flexible) a schedule of sorts—and an idea of what they are treating next.

Dignity Health, for example, offers online appointments at some of their hospital emergency departments throughout California with great success and even advertises it on TV with commercial stating “Wait for the ER from home.”

Although the appointment is booked online, general information is gathered and each patient is required to confirm that they can wait for medical attention until their scheduled time.

Aside from the decreased wait times, patients reduce their exposure to germs of the ill patients around them.

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