Op-Ed on ICD-10: ‘We As an Industry Need to Look at Our Preparedness’

Op-Ed on ICD-10 'We As an Industry Need to Look at Our Preparedness'The following is an exclusive guest contributed post for MHW from Karen England, revenue cycle consultant for Ingenious Med.

I’m hosting a series of webinars on ICD-10 and, believe it or not, something I get asked a lot is, “Why?”

Given the delays and rumors circulating around U.S. adoption of the international classification standard, it’s a fair question. However this year, key members of the health subcommittee have said they see no reason for further delay, and the recent end-to-end test completed by Medicare was a great success. So this might finally be it, which makes now the best time to review your processes, determine what will be impacted, and make improvements.

We as an industry need to look at our preparedness, what hospitals need to do, what vendors need to do, and what readiness even looks like. Is it just a matter of having a procedure in place? Is it extensive testing? Is it additional education? Success isn’t just about adopting the new standard, it’s about continuing to succeed, even flourish under it.

So much of what people are focusing on involves capturing charges and getting them out the door. Which causes concern that elements like obtaining orders for procedures, prescriptions and supplies are being left under-assessed.

I suppose that’s “why.” I want to reach everyone; practice admins, billers, coders, physicians, executive leadership, mid-levels, even other vendors. I want the spectrum of possible impact covered so providers are ready for as seamless a transition as possible and the industry, both as a business and as a source of care and relief, can start right and only get stronger.

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