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Mobile Health Meets Mobile Advertising

Mobile Health Meets Mobile Advertising   Tapjoy mobile health Mobile Devices Mobile Apps mobile applications mobile advertising mHealth partnership mHealth apps mHealth iOS Android Alpha Trainer mHealthWatch was privy to a sneak peek at a new partnership confirmed publicly this morning by the team at Tapjoy, a thriving young mobile advertising network capable of reaching as many as 435 million mobile users monthly.

Nido Labs, creator of Alpha Trainer, one of the top-grossing fitness apps available, and Tapjoy will begin offering consumers a new way to get advanced 14-week workout programs directly to their mobile device.

The goal? Help users stay in shape and on budget.

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Qualcomm Life Ramps Up Reach of New Android Health App

Qualcomm Life Ramps Up Reach of New Android Health App    Qualcomm Life mobile health mHealth MEDICA 2013 Android 2net Mobile Qualcomm Life has just raised the curtain on 2net Mobile, an Android app that lets both monitor and transmit health-related data regardless of their physical location.

The organization officially launched 2net Mobile, a 2net Platform gateway offering, for its European customers at the MEDICA 2013 medical device conference in Dusseldorf, Germany.

2net Mobile is one of the first solutions to enable seamless aggregation of clinical data from multiple medical device sensors into one unified stream on a variety of mobile phones and tablets, and transmission of that data to the secure cloud-based 2net Platform.

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New App Puts iOS vs. Android Debate to ‘Rest’

New App Puts iOS vs. Android Debate to ‘Rest’      Sleep Genius sleep app Mobile Devices iOS app Android When it comes to the intense rivalry between iOS and Android, there’s very little that’s mutually agreed upon. In fact, recent studies suggest that dedicated fans of each platform have more heated debates about iOS and Android than they do politics, sports and religion.

Although it isn’t clear what – if anything – can eventually put this debate to rest, Android users are about to catch up to their iOS counterparts in at least one respect – getting more quality sleep.

Thanks to the arrival on Thursday of Sleep Genius on Google Play, one of the most talked about mHealth apps to launch on iOS this year can now help Android users get the shut-eye they’ll need to be well rested for their debates with Apple fans.

Having earned ample praise from health experts and national coverage from prominent media outlets like NBC’s Today Show, CBS News, and ESPN, Sleep Genius has been credited with altering the landscape of modern mobile sleep apps as we’ve come to know them.

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Medivo Acquires OnTrack Diabetes

Medivo Acquires OnTrack Diabetes    OnTrack Diabetes Mobile Apps mobile applications Medivo Diabetes Android Medivo Inc. announced Thursday that it has acquired OnTrack Diabetes as part of the company’s continued focus to help physicians with patient treatment and care.

The company expects its newly acquired mobile powerhouse to be instrumental in helping physicians coordinate patient care.

In particular, the free app helps diabetics manage their diabetes by tracking various items such as blood glucose, food intake, medication, blood pressure (BP), pulse, exercise and weight.

The app even produces charts, graphs and other reports highlighting critical data.
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DoctorBase Refreshes Mobile Medical Software

DoctorBase Refreshes Mobile Medical Software   telemedicine telehealth patients Mobile Medical Software mHealth as a Service mHealth iOS DoctorBase Android DoctorBase.com, an mHealth-as-a-Service platform for medical practices, just released of the latest iteration of its cloud-based, mobile medical software.

Called Panda 6, the company says its product enters the market with integrations to 14 legacy patient portals and extensive enhancements to its HIPAA-compliant secure mobile messaging platform that achieved 12.5% patient usage in extensive beta trials.

Since the release of Stage 2 Requirements for Meaningful Use, physicians have struggled to meet the 5% patient usage requirement set forth by the EHR Incentive Program, says DoctorBase Chief Medical Officer Zach Landman. “Our task was to cross that threshold, and our tool was the smartphone.”

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Ottawa Mental Health Center Trusts Mobile to Help Veterans

Ottawa Mental Health Center Trusts Mobile to Help Veterans   The Royal Mental Health Centre of Ottawa iPhone Canadian Operational Stress Injury BlackBerry Android On Tuesday, the Royal Mental Health Center of Ottawa released a bi-lingual, multi-platform mobile application for veterans, their families and their health practitioners.

Put forward on behalf of the Canadian Operational Stress Injury (OSI) Clinic Network, the formal announcement out of Ottawa indicates that the OSI Connect mobile application will help veterans, military and RCMP recognize and help seek treatment for mental health issues.

The app is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices. A mobile optimized website was also launched for veterans, Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP, their families and their family doctors to understand the top mental health issues facing veterans, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety and sleep issues.

The OSI Connect application has a series of assessment surveys that allows veterans to privately and discreetly determine the type of referral they may need to discuss with their health care practitioner, and where they might be able to find those clinics in their region.

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Groundbreaking mHealth App Designed for Persons with Bipolar, Mood Disorders

Groundbreaking mHealth App Designed for Persons with Bipolar, Mood Disorders   World Health Organization Mood Watch mood disorder mobile health application mobile health Mobile Apps mHealth mental health Kimberly Knox iOS International Bipolar Foundation Ditty Labs depression crowd funding campaign Bipolar apps App Store Android Marketplace Android A bipolar patient has created an innovative new mobile health application designed to empower individuals with mood disorders.

Kimberly Knox, the app creator, recalls a time where she was sitting in the art room of a psychiatric hospital at about 4:00 a.m. thinking about her diagnosis and what she could do about it.

With the hope that she would one day better understand how her mind was working, Ms. Knox began consistently tracking her moods, sleeping patterns, medication adherence and blood pressure on paper.

“Charting all of this information three times each day took an enormous amount of time and energy,” Knox said in a public statement. “I knew there had to be an easier way.”

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