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New App Helps Keep Watch on Kids When They Stray

TwinTech LLC announced this week its full-market release of the wearable child-sensor technology, Monkey KID Sensor.

Monkey KID Sensor will debut at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January.

Monkey KID Sensor is a unique wearable sensor allowing caregivers to create a virtual bond with their children by quickly alerting them when a child wanders outside a preset safe boundary.

Founder of TwinTech LLC and creator of Monkey KID Sensor, Kim Gavin, brought Monkey KID Sensor to life after experiencing temporary loss of her two-year-old daughter at a birthday party.

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute and University of Connecticut Researchers Create App to Cut Down on Overeating

Researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and the University of Connecticut (UConn) are collaborating on a smartphone app aimed at helping users manage their overeating challenges in three key ways: by tracking eating patterns, providing interventions, and helping change behavior. The app—and its distinctive methodology—showed tremendous promise in an early pilot study.

A paper on the research was recently presented at the annual symposium for the American Medical Informatics Association, a nonprofit organization that focuses on the development of information technology to benefit healthcare. The WPI/UConn research report noted that a user study of 16 participants, all over the age of 18, overweight, and not necessarily trying to lose weight, showed positive results. At the end of the month-long pilot, nine of the participants lost an average of five pounds, three weighed the same, and four gained an average of two pounds.

The paper’s co-authors include the project’s principal investigators: Bengisu Tulu, associate professor in WPI’s Foisie Business School; Carolina Ruiz, associate professor of computer science at WPI; and Sherry Pagoto, professor of allied health sciences at the University of Connecticut and director of UConn’s Center for mHealth and Social Media.

The research team’s three-pronged approach is an important differentiator in a crowded marketplace. According to a 2017 report in the International Journal of Obesity, there are nearly 29,000 weight-related apps on the market, with most focused only on tracking physical activity, calories, and body weight. The drawback with most weight-loss apps is that they are burdensome to use and don’t focus on actually trying to change the user’s behavior.

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New App Aims to Revolutionize Personal Training

This week at the IDEA World Fitness Convention in Las Vegas, Jotega LLC is launching their highly anticipated Trainer Network app.

“Apps have helped changed the face of the health and fitness industry in recent years,” those behind the new offering tell us. “However, despite the advancements, there is still a gap between personal trainers and their clients. Trainer Network aims to change that and modernize personal training.”

The CEO of Jotega LLC explained why they have chosen to launch their app at IDEA World: “IDEA World is a giant platform for fitness companies. It provides an excellent launch pad we, as a company, need to kick start our apps. With tens of thousands of fitness professionals in one place; we hope to use IDEA World as the ultimate proving ground to gauge the effectiveness, value, and interest level of our apps.”
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Ergonomic App Launches on the App Store and Google Play

press-releasePRESS RELEASE: The WorkPose ergonomic app is designed to help people get rid of discomfort or pain at work. WorkPose guides the user through a step by step process of adjusting desk and computer position to help eliminate back, arm, shoulder and hand pain. This personalized, self-guided program promotes fitness, health, posture, work breaks and movement at one’s desk. The app was created by an expert Kinesiologist and an Ergonomist/Occupational Therapist.

How it works:

The user chooses a model (female, male or androgynous) and answers WorkPose’s 15-question Self-Assessment. The user will receive custom recommendations and product suggestions that will minimize any discomfort.

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CareMonkey Rolls Out Windows Phone App

HealthKit Comes to OneTouch Reveal App for Diabetes ManagementCareMonkey, touted as the world’s fastest growing Emergency Health and Safety platform, is now even more accessible after releasing a Windows Phone App on the Microsoft Store today.

“We are excited to announce that the CareMonkey app is now available with offline mode on Microsoft Windows Phone, Surface and PC,” said Troy Westley, CEO of CareMonkey. “CareMonkey makes it easy for authorized carers to access sensitive life saving information. Our new CareMonkey app on the Microsoft Store ensures CareMonkey is always available, even when offline, so authorized carers know exactly what to do and who to call in an emergency.”

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PointClickCare Launches Skin and Wound Smartphone App

Women's Health Education Boosted Dramatically Through MobileHave a wound or problem with your skin? There’s an app for that.

Building on what the company calls its industry leading EHR platform to advance senior care through technology and innovation, PointClickCare has just debuted its latest skin and wound smartphone app that integrates with the PointClickCare EHR platform.

Over the next two days at the AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo, PointClickCare will showcase its complete LTPAC continuum solution, with product demonstrations specifically focused on the new skin and wound smartphone app, designed to help senior care providers deliver more connected and collaborative care.

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HealthEast’s Bethesda Hospital Unveils MyChart Bedside In-Patient App

HealthEast's Bethesda Hospital Unveils MyChart Bedside In-Patient AppA new app is generating buzz and, some say, raising the bar for offerings in the realm of mHealth,

HealthEast’s Bethesda Hospital recently became the second hospital worldwide — and the first long-term acute care hospital — to go live hospital-wide with the MyChart Bedside in-patient application.

That’s according to this week’s announcement shared with mHealthWatch.
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