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Cedars-Sinai Offering Patients a Digital, Interactive App on Apple Watch

The Cedars-Sinai app is now available on Apple Watch, MHW has learned. Its launch makes Cedars-Sinai one of only a few hospital systems to offer a digital, interactive app on the device.

“Whether patients are at one of our hospitals, medical offices or at home, our goal is to leverage technology to put their health records in their hands by meeting them where they are,” said Darren Dworkin, Cedars-Sinai Chief Information Officer.

The Cedars-Sinai app is a complete resource for managing medical records, connecting with care teams, and exploring all Cedars-Sinai has to offer. Patients and guests can locate the nearest hospital or urgent care facility, as well as get directions and call a location or provider. The app also provides a Find a Doctor tool that allows users to search for doctors by condition, procedure or the doctor’s name.

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MBLM: Study Reveals Apple Watch Falls Short and Polarizes Users

Finishing Touches Being Put on First Wave of Apple Watch AppsBad news for Apple Watch.

On Wednesday, MBLM — a Brand Intimacy Agency focused on strategy, design, creative and technology — revealed that Apple Watch is polarizing and users feel conflicted, confounded and critical.

The agency today released the final set of findings from its year-long ethnography study focused on users of Apple Watch, which also found that most of the panel felt the watch has not come close to achieving its potential, and offers less value than they had hoped for.

“Our research with the Apple Watch has resulted in rich, often contradictory data, with users ranging from fanatics to naysayers, with many confounded in the middle,” stated Mario Natarelli, MBLM’s managing partner. “Unfortunately, the Apple Watch does not measure up for most people. For the device, which Apple claimed to be its most intimate, to be successful, we believe Apple needs to reach deeper and form stronger bonds with its users.”

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The War for Wearables: HP Stepping Up to Apple Watch in 2016?

Finishing Touches Being Put on First Wave of Apple Watch AppsAccording to a wave of recent reports, a new association by HP with the world’s fifth largest watch maker “could deliver a smartwatch that is more responsive and less intrusive.”

HP Inc., it seems, is expanding its “Engineered by HP” program through a collaboration with Titan.

For HP, the goal, we’re told, “to infuse technology seamlessly into the way consumers live.”

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Apple’s Healthcare Tech Aims Have Only Just Begun

Apple's Healthcare Tech Aims Have Only Just BegunApple Watch and HealthKit may have already profoundly impacted the healthcare space, but by no means does that mean Apple is finished innovating and releasing products in this space.

According to an admission straight from Apple CEO Tim Cook, the company may soon roll out yet another product or offering for the healthcare world

That tidbit emerged from Cook’s new interview with the U.K. Telegraph when the subject of Apple Watch’s utility in the world of healthcare was broached.
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New Report Projects Apple Watch Sales

New Report Projects Apple Watch SalesAccording to the well-respected analysts and researchers at Canalys, we may finally have a somewhat accurate estimate of the number of Apple Watch units shipped so far.

Apple, of course, isn’t dishing on that data just yet. So every projection is indeed just that — a projection. And the latest is getting attention.

“The company has now shipped nearly 7 million smart watches since launch, a figure in excess of all other vendors’ combined shipments over the previous five quarters,” says the team at Canalys, an independent analyst firm that guides its clients on the future of the tech industry. “In Q3 Apple was the only smart watch vendor to ship more than 300,000 units.”
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India Set to Get Apple Watch Next Week

India Set to Get Apple Watch Next WeekApple confirmed ahead of the weekend that India will be the next major market to offer consumers Apple Watch.

The product launch, we’re told, is scheduled for next week (November 6th).

“The global roll-out of Apple Watches been slow-paced, heightening anticipation for the wearables,” reports Yahoo Finance. “Six months after its global launch, India is part of Apple’s tenth wave of releases. The previous launch was in Chile, Philippines and South Africa on October 23.”
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watchOS 2 Expected Next Week, Says Apple

watchOS 2 Expected Next Week, Says AppleDuring the company’s media event on Wednesday, Apple introduced more than just beautiful new Apple Watch cases and bands, the company also showed off what’s next for the Apple Watch’s operating platform.

“Since its release,” the smartwatch makers says, “Apple Watch has helped users receive and respond to notifications, interact by simply speaking to Siri, conveniently use Apple Pay and track their health and fitness activity. watchOS 2 arrives as a free update on September 16 and further enhances this groundbreaking experience with new features and native third-party apps.”

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