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Bernoulli Health Expands Reach to Canada

Bernoulli Health, developer of the Bernoulli One clinical surveillance, medical device integration (MDI), and real-time data analytics platform, announced today that it is now selling its solutions in Canada.

With more than 1,200 installed systems in the U.S., the expansion into Canada is another indicator of the positive trajectory of the company’s growth.

“Given the growing interest we have seen from Canadian hospitals and health systems regarding connectivity and clinical surveillance, our expansion into the Canadian market is a natural one,” said Janet Dillione, CEO of Bernoulli Health. “Our solutions have proven to enhance clinical outcomes in hospitals across the U.S., and we are excited to bring these innovative technologies to Canadian health systems to help them improve patient safety.”

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Canada Sees First Telemedicine Program for International Students

mHealth Finally Catching On in CanadaMHW has learned that guard.me International Insurance now offers international students direct access to a doctor “at the touch of a button, anytime, anywhere, using a mobile device.”

According to the formal announcement shared, international students across Canada that are covered by guard.me can now talk to a medical professional over the phone without having to visit a clinic or wait long hours in an emergency room.

The new mobileDOCTOR by guard.me is the first and only telemedicine service of its kind to provide immediate and confidential medical attention to international students 24/7 and in over 140 languages. When unsure if they should go to a clinic or the emergency room, international students can access on-the-spot medical advice, get a referral, or obtain new prescriptions when appropriate.

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Artificial Intelligence App Changes the Game for Mobile Health in Canada

Mobile Health Coming on Strong in CanadaPress Release: Today medical artificial intelligence (AI) app Ada makes Canadian history, launching a new consumer-facing medical app that enables Canadians to assess and monitor their personal health through sophisticated AI technology. Designed to grow smarter as users engage with it, Ada’s intelligence amounts to much more than personalized health assessments for individuals – Ada supports doctors in providing more accurate assessments and through data collection and analysis, has the ability to help patients and doctors monitor health situations over time.

Developed by a team of medical doctors and scientists, Ada’s AI engine is a representation of where personal and community healthcare is headed. Since Ada’s global launch earlier this fall, the app has already climbed to no. 1 medical app in the App Store in 80 countries – more than any other iOS app in 2016.

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Canada’s Doctor Pocket Hypes Groundbreaking Medical Smartphone App Launch

Research Shows Patients with Chronic Diseases Want More Mobile Solutions“Need a doctor? Imagine having a rich network of medical specialists at your fingertips. Doctor Pocket is an iOS and Android application that enables you to communicate with specialists from the comfort of your home and on-the-go.”

That’s the enticing pitching from the Toronto-based makers of Doctor Pocket’s smartphone app.

According to those behind the offering, in the US, the average wait time to see a specialist is 29 days. “You don’t need health insurance to talk to our team,” the company says. “In Canada, everyone may have health insurance, but that doesn’t mean everyone has equal and easy access to care. Doctor Pocket changes that by connecting you with a specialist of your choice to get the medical attention you need, and deserve within 24 hours.”
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mHealth Finally Catching on in Canada

mHealth Finally Catching On in CanadaAlthough mHealth is quickly growing in the U.S. and across much of Europe, Asia, Africa and even Australia, there’s been one glaring mHealth laggard here in North America, and that’s Canada.

But that may finally be changing, according to a new report from the Financial Post.

“Historically, medicine is about the laying on of hands,” Will Falk, managing partner of the health industries practice at PwC Canada, is quoted in the piece. “When you talk to your lawyer, accountant or travel agent, you don’t make a distinction between talking to them on the phone or meeting with them in person. For the value that these professions add, we don’t have the expectation that you have to be face to face, but health care has traditionally been treated differently.”
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Voxiva Reaches Mobile Health Milestone

Voxiva Reaches Mobile Health MilestoneA leader in interactive mobile health and wellness programs, Voxiva announced today that their services have now delivered more than 100 million health messages to consumers by text message.

The company issued a press release on Monday toutingthe mHealth milestone.

If you’re not familiar with Voxiva or its solutions, the company’s Care4life portfolio of programs promote maternal & child health (Text4baby & Text4kids), adult health & wellness (Txt4health), smoking cessation (Text2quit), and diabetes self-management (Care4life Diabetes).
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Canada Counts on Mobile to Help People with Speech Disabilities

Canada Counts on Mobile to Help People with Speech DisabilitiesMyVoice Inc. announced this week that individuals in Ontario, Canada with speech disabilities can now receive the company’s TalkRocket Go communication aid app, in English or French, along with an iPad or iPod Touch at 75% off the regular price.

The discount is made possible by funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health’s Assistive Devices Program.

“As a parent of a teen with disabilities, I know how quickly the costs add up,” explains Tony Gross, MyVoice’s Community Director. “This new funding means that Ontarians with a speech disability now have access to a more affordable and accessible communication aid: TalkRocket Go.”

The makers of TalkRocket Go say their solution has already helped thousands of Canadians with speech disabilities communicate out loud.

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