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AT&T, Verizon Tip Hat to Health in New Board Appointments

Verizon and AT&T – the two largest mobile operators in the Unites States, respectively – have announced new appointments to their individual boards.

And both appointments are veritable tips of the hat to health and the growing importance of technology’s fusion with healthcare, particularly in the mobile realm.

It’s a trend that MHW observed with crystal clarity at CES 2013 last month.

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Independa Gives mHealth Solutions Wider Reach

Although new smartphones, TVs, and tablets were the attention-getting centerpieces of last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, there was no shortage of important mHealth related technologies and solutions on display.

Among the mHealth-related standouts at CES was Independa, which just announced that its Independa Integrated CloudCare suite is now generally available on LG television sets and Samsung tablet computers specially designed, optimized and supported for Independa Angela.

Underscoring the increasingly important role played by technology in remote patient monitoring, Independa Integrated CloudCare is a holistic system combining the Caregiver Web Application, the Angela interface for care recipients, and an integrated suite of wireless health devices and home sensors.

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Verizon Dangles Big Payday for Big mHealth Innovation

This week at CES, Verizon stepped up to the plate on mHealth and dangled a top prize of $1 million to the best and brightest tech innovation that could benefit modern healthcare.

The catch: innovators must use Verizon’s technology to produce or sustain the innovation.

“We challenge the technology industry to come up with innovative applications, devices and solutions that take advantage of our converged mobile, video and cloud platforms to drive positive social change,” Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam said.

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mHealth Devices Targeting Youngest Users at CES 2013

Mobile innovation in the health space has never been more evident. This week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, countless leading and upstart tech makers alike displayed tomorrow’s tech wonders.

And if you thought today’s mobile device users were young, wait until you see what CES had in store this year.

A company called iBaby Labs was at CES to demonstrate a series of new, highly advanced, and definitely mobile products designed to for parents of babies that have been born… and even those who aren’t yet born.

iBaby HeartSense lets soon-to-be parents monitor their baby’s heartbeat with audio through their Apple iPhone. By placing an egg-shaped fetal doppler on the mother’s stomach, the device purportedly works to safely and effectively capture the baby’s heartbeat.

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FitBit ‘Flex’ing its Mobile Muscle at CES This Week

Stopping by the FitBit display on the convention floor of CES this week, it was a terrific reminder of how mobile technologies are being leveraged to improve our health and fitness.

Touting their forthcoming release of the FitBit Flex, company representatives in the booth were enthusiastic about how FitBit fans will react to the new product – a FitBit designed for your wrist.

As you might expect, the FitBit Flex not only monitors the steps you take, the calories you burn, and even the quality of sleep you’re getting, it now syncs to mobile devices (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth and is available in enough color options to avoid any serious fashion friction. The FitBit appliance pops into any of Flex’s colorful bands – slate, teal, tangerine, etc. In short, it’s the fitness accessory that doesn’t make fashion accessorizing impossible.

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mHealth Won’t Be Overshadowed at CES 2013

As the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show begins Tuesday in Las Vegas, some of tomorrow’s most promising technologies will take center stage. And while ample attention will befall the myriad high tech toys poised to make life more convenient and enjoyable for the modern mobile masses, a significant spotlight will also shine upon innovations in the mobile health arena.

Just this morning, Asthmapolis announced that founder and CEO David Van Sickle will discuss breakthroughs in mobile health, medical devices and the cloud in a keynote panel later this week at CES.

“2013 is going to be a turning point for digital health, so I’m delighted to join this panel to talk about the promise of mobile and cloud based technologies in healthcare,” said Van Sickle. “With a record number of medical devices and apps being showcased at CES, it’s clear that the Digital Health Summit is harnessing the momentum of this exciting movement.”

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