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SEERS AI Enters China and Hong Kong Medical Imaging Market

SEERS AI, a leader in algorithm based image enhancement has entered the digital healthcare market in a partnership with several Hong Kong and China based telehealth providers to bring direct to consumer medical image AI tool for the Hong Kong and China region.

“MD Tokens Ltd, is investing in the use of the SEERS AI technology with their healthcare clients,” a provided statement explains. “Telehealth services is growing rapidly across the Asia Pacific region. AI technology will enable scaling of these services to reach more consumers quicker.”

SEERS AI software once integrated to the digital health platforms, will enable healthcare professionals to make faster decisions on diagnosis and follow up of patient images. This has wide implications in dermatology and diagnostic radiology imaging services.

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Personal Connected Health Alliance Launches China Work Group

USARAD Teams with China's Leading Mobile Health BrandThe Personal Connected Health Alliance has launched its China Work Group to help cultivate the ecosystem of personal connected health technologies in the Chinese market.

We’re told that Professor Daidi Zhong of Chongqing University will serve as Chair of the Work Group, and Lisson Zhang of Philips will serve as Vice Chair.

According to a provided statement, the PCHAlliance Council voted to approve the China Work Group on October 4th.

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Hospitals in China Adopting Watson for Oncology

ATA Supporting Second China International Telemedicine SummitIBM and healthcare services organization Hangzhou CognitiveCare today announced 21 hospitals across China plan to adopt Watson for Oncology.

If you’re not familiar, the offering is billed as being a cognitive computing platform for physicians to help them deliver personalized, evidence-based cancer treatment options.

“The initial 21-hospital introduction is part of a far-reaching, multi-year partnership through which Hangzhou CognitiveCare will introduce Watson for Oncology to hospitals across China,” the morning’s announcement reads.
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ATA Supporting Second China International Telemedicine Summit

ATA Supporting Second China International Telemedicine SummitSignaling the rapid world-wide growth of telemedicine, the American Telemedicine Association announced Thursday that it will co-host the Second China International Telemedicine Summit at the Beijing Capital Hotel in China (Oct. 31- Nov 1, 2015).

So what’s on tap for the occasion? According to a news release to the media from the ATA, thought leaders, companies, and leading institutions are expected to attend this years telemedicine conference.
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USARAD Teams with China’s Leading Mobile Health Brand

USARAD Teams with China's Leading Mobile Health BrandUSARAD Holdings Inc, a U.S. Joint Commission Accredited telemedicine and radiology services solutions provider, says it has teamed up with Chunyu, the largest mobile health platform in China.

“This agreement comes at a critical time as China is in the midst of healthcare reform aimed at delivering high-quality healthcare to the Chinese population,” a provided statement reads.

Telemedicine, teleradiology and mobile health are viewed as efficient and cost effective methods to provide state-of-the-art healthcare to the nation. To assist China in attaining its vision quickly, Chunyu has partnered with USARAD to bring thousands of American board-certified physicians in all specialties and subspecialties to more than 70 million Chunyu customers at the touch of a finger.

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Telemedicine Stands To Drastically Improve Healthcare In China

Telemedicine Stands To Drastically Improve Healthcare In ChinaWhile rural healthcare facilities certainly exist in China, many who live in remote areas wait until their health condition worsens then travel to Beijing or Shanghai to receive medical care. The reasons that many forgo their rural healthcare facilities are many; some question the quality of care, while politics plays a role in the reason for others.

What this means is that hospitals in China are severely overcrowded, which is one of the areas telemedicine stands to improve healthcare. Another area of improvement is to treat the patient before it progresses to a need for emergency care or a hospital stay.

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Google Making mHealth Progress in China

Google Making mHealth Progress in ChinaU.S. based companies and tech behemoths like Google and Facebook may not be universally welcomed with open arms… but progress is being made.

In China, Google’s fitness application – Google Fit — has made an enormous splash, securing China as its most-successful market since being released, according to a recent report from Bloomberg.

In June, Google unveiled its “Google Fit Platform,” a software suite that connects compatible apps and Android Wear devices, allowing a user to track activity and fitness data. Google Fit tracks activity, collects data from other apps and external hardware, and connects to health-monitoring devices.

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