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Yoti and LedgerState Talk Personal Data in Davos

This morning in Davos, Switzerland, Yoti and LedgerState showcased to the World Economic Forum how governments and other organizations can capitalize on evolutions in blockchain technology to store personal data of their citizens and customers.

Yoti, the digital identity platform, lets people create verified digital identities through their free smartphone app. The app uses facial recognition technology and a security team to match facial biometrics to approved photo IDs.

These digital identities can then be written to a private ledger using an evolution of blockchain technology called Hashgraph. Hashgraph uses an asynchronous process, meaning it is not reliant on the proof of work systems required by a synchronous solution like public blockchain solutions.

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Deeper Insights: Care Innovations Combines Daily Living and Vital Sign Data

computer-1149148_960_720MHW today learned that Care Innovations, a pioneer in connecting the care continuum to the home, is “further increasing the value of remote patient management” by adding Home Sensing to Care Innovations Health Harmony, the company’s 4th generation remote care management platform. 

Home Sensing is the next generation of smart sensor care management that monitors, collects and interprets data points of key activities of daily living (ADL).

Through the Health Harmony platform, vital sign data is transmitted daily to clinicians. Interactive health sessions generate qualitative data points typical of those collected during an in-office visit, and algorithms monitor changes in existing patterns and alert clinicians to potential issues to be addressed.

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Infographic: The Cost of Healthcare Security Breaches

Infographic The Cost of Healthcare Security BreachesAn alarming new infographic created by Privacy Analytics and shared by HIT Consultant showcases just how costly the growing epidemic of healthcare security breaches has become.

“While the news frequently reports the number of data breaches in the health care industry, few may realize that the estimated cost for HIPAA breaches since 2009 has reached over 31 billion dollars,” the report notes.
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Walgreens Pharmacy Website Gets Data Upgrade

Walgreens Pharmacy website Gets Data UpgradeThe team at PatientsLikeMe says they are now working with Walgreens to help make it easier for people to understand how the medications they take may affect them.

“Now anyone researching a medication or filling a prescription on Walgreens.com can access a simple snapshot that shows how their prescribed medication has impacted other patients on the therapy including medication side effects as reported by PatientsLikeMe members,” the company announced.

If you’re not familiar, PatientsLikeMe is an online network where patients living with chronic conditions can track their health connect with others and contribute data for research.
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Health Hacks Could Be As Brutal as Those in Hollywood; Biggest Threat Still Employee Mistakes

Health Hacks Could Be As Brutal as Those in Hollywood Biggest Threat Still Employee MistakesWhat can the recent hack on Sony Pictures teach us about the healthcare sector?

Actually, among the privileged Sony information bits that were compromised were not just nasty emails about Hollywood stars, but also employee healthcare data and other personal information.

So says Michael Bruemmer of Experian Data Breach Resolution, who believes the primary lesson to be learned is “that any organization that handles health information is vulnerable to hacking, regardless of whether it’s a healthcare provider, a business associate that processes the data, or an employer, such as Sony, that communicates about workers’ healthcare.”

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Doing Health Care Better Will Involve Using Data Better

Doing Health Care Better Will Involve Using Data BetterHuge changes are ahead in healthcare. From the Affordable Care Act to new service models to advances in health and fitness technology, the field is definitely in a growth and change mode.

One critical dynamic involves what is known as “big data.” Unlike the smaller bits and pieces of information healthcare providers have always amassed on patients and outcomes, big data has the potential to aggregate the kinds of information that can be truly informative for all stakeholders: consumers, physicians, healthcare companies, and businesses.

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Glooko Gets Props for Latest Integration

Glooko Gets Props for Latest IntegrationGlooko Inc. has just announced the integration of activity, weight, and blood pressure data from leading wearable activity and biometric monitors such as Fitbit, iHealth, Jawbone, Moves, RunKeeper, Strava, and Withings,  into its mobile, software service diabetes remote monitoring and population management platform.

Data can be “correlated and visualized against the verified blood glucose readings that Glooko currently liberates from more than 30 popular blood glucose meters using its MeterSync Blue technology.”

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