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New Book Explores ‘What’s Wrong’ with American Healthcare

book-coverA new book is picking apart what’s wrong with American healthcare.

And the tome is turning heads along with pages, as the book’s author — former hospital CEO Dr. Josh Luke — reveals the “forces changing healthcare” and helps readers prepare for these shifts.

“In the fee-for-service era, doctors learned quickly that the financial fruits of over-admitting and over-utilizing (extending patient’s length of stay in facilities) were plentiful. This led to what has turned into a broken system,” Luke is quoted in a media statement released Tuesday.

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Digital Healthcare Solutions Offer Massive Savings

Digital Healthcare Solutions Offer Massive SavingsWith all the buzz generating around whether or not insurance companies will reimburse for digital healthcare services, it is easy to forget the cost-saving benefits of digital health for both healthcare providers and patients.

Digital healthcare is more efficient, and more and more studies are showing that it is often more effective. This means a decreased need for emergency services, improved diagnostics, and an increased level of patient empowerment, which many patients are sincerely searching for today.

Both efficiency and effectiveness will save money when it comes to general healthcare costs, emergency healthcare costs, and the scope of healthcare services required, which stands to save both patients and the healthcare facilities up to $100 billion dollars over the next 4 years in the United States alone, reports Business Because.

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Will London be the Brightest Star on the Digital Healthcare Landscape?

Will London be the Brightest Star on the Digital Healthcare LandscapeAccording to Digital By Default News, a report by the London Health Commission claims that London “has the potential to lead the way in the new digital healthcare landscape.”

“The final report laid out 60 recommendations – including that NHS England should establish a single ‘London-wide online platform to encourage and inform people’ about how people can take greater control over their care, and providing them with the right digital tools to achieve this,” the report reads.

People should be able to access data held within their health records 24/7; they should be able to provide consent and filter sharing of their information; and as a result they should be able to be true partners in care delivery, contributing to clinical conversations and taking greater responsibility for their own care.

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More Chileans Seeking Health Information Online

More Chileans Seeking Healthcare Information OnlineAround the world today, the Internet is being used at an accelerated rate as a trusted tool for people to find health-related information. And according to the latest data from eMarketer, the people of Chile seem to be taking advantage of this practice as well.

In January 2014, a study conducted by TrenDigital found that more than nine out of ten Internet users in Chile had searched for healthcare information at least once.

Two-thirds of respondents said they searched monthly.

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The Digital Health Coalition Gets JUICEd

The Digital Health Coalition Gets JUICEdAnother powerful partnership was forged this week in realm of digital healthcare and related services.

The Digital Health Coalition and JUICE Pharma Worldwide have teamed up in order to “evaluate the current landscape of mobile by pharmaceutical companies across 75 of the top brands today.”

According to a joint announcement issued this week, beyond evaluating the brand mobile experience, the firms will also highlight the companies, brands, and teams they believe represent the €œbest-in-class€ thinking today.

“The motivation behind the project is simple in theory. €œWe know a lot of digital projects ultimately get approved and funded because someone else was successful in their approach,” explains Joe Farris, co-founder of Digital Health Coalition. “€œBy providing this resource to the industry we believe we can help the innovators out there demonstrate the world of digital health is moving forward, €”one project at a time. Within five years digital and mobile business will become part of the fabric of most brands and their customer experience strategy.”

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Collaborative Health Consortium Plans eCollaboration Forum During HIMSS 2012 Conference

As many in the health IT field descend on Las Vegas for the 2012 HIMSS conference later this month, it’s been announced by the Collaborative Health Consortium that it will hold a first-ever “eCollaboration Forum” during the event.

The new forum will explore collaborative platforms as foundations for transformation to accountable care.  Through a series of keynote presentations and panel discussions, attendees will learn what a collaborative healthcare platform is and why the healthcare industry needs it, discover paths to take to effectively implement collaborative technologies, and obtain further resources to help evaluate the solutions available in the shift toward an accountable care health model.

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Novarus Mobile Turns 100 Percent Focus to Digital Health Applications, Hires Healthcare Veteran

Novarus Mobile Technologies, a mobile application development firm out of Charlotte, North Carolina, has announced a change in focus from developing apps for a variety of industries to a 100% focus on the digital health app market going forward.  In addition, the company has hired a new executive with more than 25 years experience in the healthcare space to lead its charge.

Founded in 2002, Novarus creates apps for Android, iOS and RIM devices, with more than 65 apps already in its portfolio.  The company has changed its name to Novarus Healthcare and will focus on developing mobile health apps for hospitals, health systems, physician practices and others in the healthcare field.  The change in focus comes as ABI Research projects the market for mHealth apps will top $400 million in 2016, up from $120 million in 2010.

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