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ScriptSave Rolls Out Mobile App to Aid Prescription Savings

ScriptSave Rolls Out Mobile App to Aid Prescription SavingsScriptSave, a provider of prescription savings solutions, recently briefed mHealthWatch on their new mobile health application, ScriptSave WellRx.

The impetus for the app, we’re told, is to put prescription savings directly into the hands of consumers.

“Rising costs for prescription medications combined with the increasing number of health benefit designs that include higher out of pocket spend have placed a bigger financial burden on the patient,” said Dr. Marcus Sredzinski, COO and Executive Vice President of ScriptSave. “This financial hardship can in turn lead to poor medication adherence and compliance. We are excited to offer ScriptSave WellRx as a tool to help consumers stay on their medication therapy for better health outcomes.”
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St. Joseph Hoag Health, Hart Team Up to Launch Health App

St. Joseph Hoag Health, Hart Team Up to Launch Health AppmHealthWatch has learned that St. Joseph Hoag Health has partnered with Hart, Inc. to launch a new mobile app for the healthcare industry.

The app, we’re told, is designed to “safely and securely” manage health and wellness online or with a smartphone.

This new app enables St. Joseph Hoag Health’s wide network of providers, patients and employees to easily manage their health on-the-go by allowing real-time access to medical records, lab results, post-visit instructions, pill reminders and much more.

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Getting Under Your Skin: One Medical Group’s Health App Now Includes Digital Dermatology

Getting Under Your Skin One Medical Group’s Health App Now Includes Digital DermatologyOne Medical Group, a leader in technology-enabled primary care, has announced a new release to its digital health app that aims to further extend the company’s primary care service beyond its office walls.

Members can now use One Medical’s mobile app to obtain expert evaluation and treatment for common dermatological issues without an appointment.

What’s more, we’re told that members can use the app to receive treatment for ailments such as seasonal allergies and UTIs, schedule same-day appointments, and request speedy prescription renewals.
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Hospitals Begin Posting Doctor Ratings Online

Hospitals Begin Posting Doctor Ratings OnlineIn a move that has been met with some confusion, the University of Utah Health Care Hospital has begun to post reviews of their doctors online.

This began, however, as a way to augment bad reviews which are commonly found online. Because more people will go online to leave a bad review than to leave a good one, the hospital found that the ratings of many of their doctors were skewed negatively, when they knew that individual interactions with doctors were positive on the whole.

To counteract the bad reviews, the hospital has revealed the results of patient satisfaction surveys. “We knew our patient satisfaction scores were really strong and we had a good story to share with our patients,” said Brian Gresh, the Senior Director of Marketing at University of Utah Health Care.

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Mobile Image Sharing App Prescribed for Doctors

Mobile Image Sharing App Prescribed for DoctorsWhile Instagram continues to dominate the consumer image sharing space, a new image sharing app called Figure 1 is quickly gaining popularity in the field of medicine.

This new app works almost in the same way, but it allows doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers to share images related to medical conditions.

The app helps doctors build a comprehensive database of pictures that can help other doctors when forming diagnoses. When physicians enter the database, they can type in a specific disease, an area of the body, or a kind of illness and find a range of pictures to help them in providing care or diagnoses.

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CyberDoctor Touts Breakthrough Clinical Trial Results for PatientPartner

CyberDoctor Touts Breakthrough Clinical Trial Results for PatientPartnerOn Wednesday, “breakthrough clinical trial results” were celebrated by the team at CyberDoctor.

According to information provided to mHealthWatch today, trial results related to PatientPartner – a new mobile game application designed by scientists and researchers at CyberDoctor – document for the first time the effectiveness of a story-driven game in changing health behavior and biomarkers.

Results of the clinical trial demonstrating increased adherence among patients with diabetes were announced at the Health 2.0 Conference, October 2nd, in Santa Clara, CA.  The unique, universal, non-disease specific approach allows PatientPartner to be effective in improving adherence in all patient populations.

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New App Introduces Fun, Non-Traditional Exercise Tools

The developers of QuantiaMD, the largest mobile and online physician community, have released DailyCoach, a free exercise application that focuses on introducing people with, or at risk for, diabetes; patients living with cardiovascular conditions or obesity; and adults who would benefit from increased exercise levels to fun, innovative ways to complete their recommended 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity a week.

By partnering with Diabetes Educator Gary Scheiner, Quantia has created DailyCoach’s simple mobile viewing format by providing short voice, text, and graphic suggestions and interactive questions for users. These one to three minute segments also teach users about goal setting, exercise safety, progress tracking, and self-rewarding. Some specific features include a weight diary, BMI tracker, pharmacy and physician locator, and the ability to fax or email results and reports to a specified physician.

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