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dotHealth Partners with LegitScript to Monitor All .Health Domains

dotHealth LLC, the official registry of the .health domain extension, confirmed ahead of the weekend that it will partner with internet pharmacy verification and monitoring firm LegitScript to monitor all registered .health domain names for health-related content that is unsafe, illegal, or puts internet users’ health and safety at risk.

The partnership is part of dotHealth’s objective to build a credible and secure home for health online.

“At LegitScript, our focus has always been to ensure that internet pharmacies, supplement websites, and other online health resources are safe and credible,” says John Horton, CEO of LegitScript. “We are excited that dotHealth is leading the way to create a place where consumers can be empowered to make informed health decisions.”
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Empowering Health and Wellness Consumers

Validic Survey Majority of Healthcare Organizations Lagging in Digital Health StrategiesThe following is a guest contributed post by Vince Schaller, Director, Health Practice, SGK.

“Ask your doctor if it’s right for you.” That advice, familiar in the U.S. ever since direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising became legal nearly 20 years ago, is still sound. But today, consumers are increasingly asking themselves, before they even schedule a doctor’s appointment, “What are the right choices for me?”

Call it the increasing consumerism of health and wellness. Or, in the words of Kristin Hambelton, one of many CMOs who are bringing traditional marketing strategies to healthcare-oriented enterprises, call it the “Amazon Effect.” As Hambelton explains, “We want what we want, when we want it, and if we can’t get it from one place we’ll just keep looking until someone meets our needs.”1

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Can Tech Help People Make Healthier Food Choices

Smartphones May Reduce Food Allergy Exposure in 2013Can technology help Americans make healthier food choices? It looks like we are about to find out.

The gap in America’s nutrition knowledge continues to widen as consumers have little understanding of what comprises healthy, nutritious foods as well as how the body responds to various foods.

Per the results of a nationally representative Sugar Gap Study released today by Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., only 28 percent of Americans could answer all of the nutrition facts correctly.

While less than half of all Americans can identify what makes up nutritious foods, millennials possess the largest knowledge gap, with one-third (33 percent) selecting the correct nutrition components.
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‘Pay-for-Pounds’ Contests Prompting Workplace Weight Loss

The Weight Loss Industry Hopping on The Mobile BandwagonThe following is a guest contributed post from Merilee Kern, MBA

While the modern-day workplace is rife with technology and other advancements that have made it more efficient, productive and profitable from a business standpoint, it seems much of that progress is having an adverse effect on the collective waistline—and well-being in general—of America’s workforce.

According to James A. Levine, an obesity specialist at the Mayo Clinic, “… Sedentary jobs have increased 83% since 1950 and physically active jobs now make up only about 25% of our workforce, which is 50% less than in 1950.”  According to Dr. Vince Kerr, director of Health Care Management at Ford Motor Company, obesity in particular has a “devastating impact” on employees’ health and, in turn, creates a ripple effect on their employers’ bottom line.  He further explained that companies experience a loss in excess of $12 billion per year due to lowered productivity, higher healthcare rates, elevated health and disability insurance premiums, increased absenteeism and other associated weight and obesity-related conditions.

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Digital Health Thought Leadership Inbound for Key Industry Conferences This Fall

digital-health-thought-leadership-inbound-for-key-industry-conferences-this-fallmHealthWatch learned Tuesday that WellDoc, a digital health technology leader, is scheduled to participate at several upcoming conferences and industry events in the months ahead.

The company’s various team members will tackle a host of issues at an equally diverse array of events.

The following is a list of events with information on WellDoc’s scheduled presentations.

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Largest U.S. Employers Project Health Benefit Cost Increases to ‘Hold Steady’ in 2017

U.S. Employers Project Health Benefit Cost Increases to 'Hold Steady' in 2017Notwithstanding what some call skyrocketing specialty pharmacy costs, overall health care benefit cost increases at large U.S. employers are expected to hold steady at 6% again in 2017.

That’s the key finding from an survey by the National Business Group on Health, a non-profit association of 425 large employers.

The Large Employers’ 2017 Health Plan Design Survey, the industry’s first look at health benefit costs and plan design changes for 2017, also revealed that employees will not see major increases to their costs during this year’s open enrollment season.
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Innovating at the Intersection of IT and Care

Innovating at the Intersection of IT and CareThe following is a guest contributed post by Jonathan Draper, Director of Product Management of Healthcare at Calgary Scientific, and contributor to Mobile Health Matters.

Breaking down the silos between data sources and departments involves a complex blend of technology and people that, not surprisingly, can result in conflict along the way. However, the ultimate goal remains the same for all: protect the patient. Understanding the concerns of each department and encouraging communication amongst the groups can reduce this tension, allowing for innovation to take hold and enhance care throughout an organization.

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