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Livongo Health, Liaison Technologies Team Up to Fight Diabetes

Livongo Health, Liaison Technologies Team Up to Fight DiabetesLiaison Technologies, a formidable leader in cloud-based integration and data management offerings, tells mHealthWatch that its ALLOY Health platform has been tapped by Livongo Health.

The reason, we’re told, is “to  speed adoption of Livongo’s chronic condition health management program.”

All told, Liaison’s ALLOY Health platform will help integrate and normalize the exchange of patient information between Livongo and client health systems, making implementation easier and faster.
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FDA Green Lights Marketing of Sentrian Remote Patient Intelligence Solution

FDA Green Lights Marketing of Sentrian Remote Patient Intelligence SolutionFDA clearance — it’s not easy to get, but when you manage to get it, it’s a major accomplishment and a critical component in modern healthcare tech marketing.

Sentrian, a Remote Patient Intelligence company, says it has received confirmation from the Food & Drug Administration that its Remote Patient Intelligence solution reportedly meets the definition of a “medical device” for which the FDA intends to exercise “Enforcement Discretion.”

The designation identifies medical devices that “are not subject to further FDA regulatory requirements at this time” and clears the way for Sentrian to immediately begin marketing its RPI solution broadly in the U.S.
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Mobile Technology Used in a Case Study to Help Treat Brain Injuries

Mobile Technology Used in a Case Study to Help Treat Brain InjuriesBrain injuries are not something to be taken lightly. Even a mild concussion can have long-term negative effects if not treated properly. It is for this reason that a recent case study was conducted to determine the ways in which mobile technology can be used to improve communication between physicians and patients after a brain injury has occurred.

During the case study, Mobile Conference News reports, a tablet with a mobile app was placed near the patient’s bedside, allowing for two-way communication between the physician and the patient. The app is used in conjunction with diagnostic imaging, and allows the patient to provide the physician with real-time updates regarding their injury. It even allows the patient to ask questions about their health concerns. Physicians can leave up-to-date notes within the application as the patient’s condition continues to improve or advance.

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Telemedicine Stands To Drastically Improve Healthcare In China

Telemedicine Stands To Drastically Improve Healthcare In ChinaWhile rural healthcare facilities certainly exist in China, many who live in remote areas wait until their health condition worsens then travel to Beijing or Shanghai to receive medical care. The reasons that many forgo their rural healthcare facilities are many; some question the quality of care, while politics plays a role in the reason for others.

What this means is that hospitals in China are severely overcrowded, which is one of the areas telemedicine stands to improve healthcare. Another area of improvement is to treat the patient before it progresses to a need for emergency care or a hospital stay.

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Wildflower Health Expanding Mobile Platform for Maternity and Family Health

Wildflower Health Expanding Mobile platform for Naternity and Family HealthWildflower Health has just announced a $5 million investment in the company to facilitate what the organization calls its “strategic expansion.”

New investors Easton Capital and Hatteras Venture Partners led the funding round with participation by existing investors Cambia Health Solutions and HealthTechCapital.

The mission to be expanded?  The financing, we’re told, will help Wildflower expand its offerings to include new programs that help families manage their healthcare and connect them to the healthcare system in a more efficient, smarter way.
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St. Paul College Takes a Proactive Approach to The Healthcare Shortage

St. Paul College Takes A Proactive Approach To The Healthcare ShortageAs states around the nation keep a close eye on the healthcare shortage, providing education to future healthcare professionals must be a priority. It is for this reason, combined with the growing demand for mHealth, that St. Paul College has plans in place for a $19 million Health and Science Alliance Center.

According to Twin Cities Pioneer Press, The Health and Science Alliance Center’s primary goal is to ensure that there is no wait for students who want to complete their degrees in fields related to nursing and phlebotomy (there is currently a waitlist for in the St. Paul area).

The center will also expand current curriculum to include healthcare degrees in technical certificates, and degree programs for fields such as physical therapy, medical assistants, surgical technicians, and anesthesia technicians.

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Are Wearable Technologies Fueling The Eternal Youth Fire?

Are Wearable Technologies Fueling The Eternal Youth FireWhile wearable technologies are still establishing themselves in the marketplace, wearable technology combined with health related mobile apps allow users to track and monitor all aspects of their health like never before.

And although wearables certainly have the ability to alert users to their unhealthy habits and areas of opportunities, some may also play a role in taking the quest for eternal youth to a whole new extreme.

Recent research conducted by global marketing and communication firm Havas Worldwide shows that one thing most cultures around the world have in common is thinking of their body as a source of pride, power, happiness, and pleasure. However, what differs is what a body must look like in order to elicit those feelings.

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